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The Diaries of Ay'esha tell the story of Michael Forbin's abduction and training by a member of a secret society named Ay'esha. The avowed purpose of this group of women is to bring peace to the world by training the men in the world into submission and manipulating them into doing the bidding of the group.

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Kink in The Funny Pages

Author: Dr. Charles Forbin
©Copyright 2012

Professor Tom Lerher commented many years ago that "When correctly viewed, everything is lewd." and the daily comics are no exception.

Here are a few example of daily paper and web based kink in the daily papers that you might have missed.

And before we start, All Rights are reserved to the various artists who did these drawings ...
(mumble..mumble.. good, that should keep the legal weasels out of my hair) ...

Our first example is the ever popular Dilbert. Dilbert is obviously a masochist just because of what he endures in his everyday life as a cubical rat, as well as the "support" he gets from Dogbert.

Political cartoonist Ted Rail shows us more of the depravity of Osama Bin Laden in this pre Sept 11th cartoon.

Mr. Rail just returned from Afganistan as a reporter for a number of newspapers and has gained a unique viewpoint of the situation, as he slipped away from his Pentagon handlers and actually talked to real people rather than a hand selected group.

Turning to a favorite subject of mine, to wit Goddesses, the entry in the Special Goddesses catagory is provided in the Sylvia strip.

Mistress Minx is a Scorpio .. I haven't asked if she knows the artist because I'm afraid of the answer.

Even the sports pages aren't immune to the effects of depravity as evidenced by the next strip.

Artist John McPherson checks in with two for a health spa and  someone who is obviously the real estate agent for the Addams Family...


You might notice the man in the second cartoon seems a bit ... nervous.

This cartoon features a voice from above ..and it's not saying "Attention K-Mart Shoppers..."

And how many of you Pony Boys and Girls have thought about this?

If only the last one was true...

The Web has introduced a new level of freedom for comic artists who produce daily strips for regular publication. Brooke McEldowney who does the marvelous (and occasionally kink tinged)
9 Chickweed Lane
footslave-chickweed lane.jpg
also does an online comic called Pibgorn, which features Pibgorn, a fairy, Drusilla, a succubus, and a poor human named Geoff who's caught between the two of them. The Pibgorn strip has allowed the artist to do "girl art" that the syndicate would flag as inappropiate in a second. The comments on the panel are those of the artist, not mine. But I agree.

Another of my favorite web based cartoons from a newspaper cartoonist is Kevin and Kell,by Bill Holbrook which features anthropomorphic animals in a world where humans don't exist, but the animals have human characteristics and a technological civilization.
They have also retained their preditor and prey characteristics as well which has some interesting effects.
A long running series of strips involves the dreaded disease of "domestication" and the search for a cure.

Two of the characters have this disease, Rudy a wolf cub who is well controlled by his girlfriend Fiona and Rudy's mother Kell, who married Kevin, a rabbit. I know, I know .. read the strip below and you'll understand better...

Another artist that straddles both worlds is Brad Guigar who does a regular strip on relationships called Courting Disaster which just by its nature veers into the realm of kink

(Can you say clueless? I knew you could.)
and even more so Evil Inc which being set in a world of Super Heroes and Super Villians has a twisted sense of humor as well as somewhat lax dress code for the villianesses. Brad produced this T-Shirt sometime back

Sad to say VILF has been co-opted by the True Blood people and it's meaning has been lost.
Here are some examples of the humor and the artwork from his series From Super Hero to Super Villian in 12 Easy Steps

Just for fits and grins, pronounce Phenomenal Lass out loud... she does have one.

Watch for the next article in the series, Kink in Webcomics

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