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Kink in Advertising

Author: Dr. Charles Forbin
©Copyright 1997

Another observation from the field: Advertising is getting more and more kinky all the time and not just in the mass market either. The following example comes from a major trade journal, PC Week and was used to advertise a new UNIX product.

I discovered later that the artwork came from an Italian magazine named DIATOM.

A short while later while reading a publication for development tools for Microsoft products I ran across this ad

If you look carefully at the young lady's right breast she has neatly stenciled the words SLAVE TO PAIN. Of course IMHO anybody who is trying to use Microsoft's development tools is obviously into pain anyway.

I soon saw an advertisement for a Macromedia software tool that featured this young lady and the slogan "For those who want discipline in their work."

A slight digression from the mainstream of today's symposium regarding discipline at the work place can be found in this little tale of a submissive and his Mistress.

The submissive in question was an electronics technician and circuit designer and one day his Mistress asked to visit his work place. He of course agreed, although she had never shown the slightest interest before in his work area before.

She examined the work area and confirmed with him that the stool in front of the bench was his usual work area.

He nodded and was shocked to have his Mistress remove from her hand bag a locking collar which she promptly fastened around his neck and attached a chain to his work bench.

"What are you doing?" he hissed in shock.

"Just making sure you don't go anywhere," she replied. "I'll be back for you at five o' clock."

"What if I have to go to the bathroom?"

"I've seen you hold it longer than four hours before."

And with that she left.

The other people in the work area being aware of his relationship were amused and to a certain degree sympathetic to his plight.  He managed to focus on his work and near the end of the day had even solved a problem that had been plaguing him for a week.

All was right, well and good until a supervisor known to have no sense of humor at all entered the lab and upon seeing a technician chained to a workbench vented his amazement in a few short staccato words.

"What. The. Hell. Is. That?!" he exclaimed.

Without thinking the technician responded "Grounding strap." to the amusement of his coworkers who fell to the floor laughing.

I have no idea if the technician is still employed by that company.

To resume where we left off one of our regular list members brought two more ads to my attention, one being for a cigarette company and the other for Altoids, both published in WIRED.

WIRED has been one of the trendsetters so to speak in bringing kink to the masses, first shown by the publication of the Bass Ale advertisement which pictured a man laying on his stomach licking a pointed blue boot.

For more on the creation of this ad, click on the image

Also from the same ad agency we get the following advertisement for a gym.

The British have also checked in with a series of commercials for Pot Noodle.

 Here are a couple of examples of the other Pot Noodle commercials which raised the ire of many and probably the libido of a few more



The Swedes contribute a pair of Ikea commercials, one that hits the fringes of Furry and  the second a serious reason to clean up your toys

          Viva Rebecca designed the dominatrix outfit for this very sexy Dr. Martens ad that MTV supposedly passed on airing.

          Reputedly Filmed at Camariilo State Mental Hospital.


This commercial comes from ..


This commercial is from the National Advertising campaign to monitor what your kids watch on TV called TVBOSS ..


This little gem is for Sunsilk Shampoo ..


What's next? Only the marketing people know .... and we're all going to find out

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