The Diaries of Ay'esha

The Diaries of Ay'esha tell the story of Michael Forbin's abduction and training by a member of a secret society named Ay'esha. The avowed purpose of this group of women is to bring peace to the world by training the men in the world into submission and manipulating them into doing the bidding of the group.

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The Diaries of Ayesha

A Different Sort of Life
Michael learns about life on the streets and a bit about his sexuality in the process

A Night at the Opera

Author: Dr. Charles Forbin
©Copyright 1996

Miss Dawes walked into my office at the bank one morning and made a pronouncement.

"Michael, you will be attending the opera with me this evening."

Of all the orders she has ever given me, that one frightened me more than the others.

"Excuse me Miss Dawes, did you say opera?" I stammered.

"Yes. I have two tickets to the Marriage of Figaro tonight, and you will escort me to the theater."

"If it's all the same to you, Miss Dawes, I'd rather decline your kind offer." I said reluctantly.

She lowered her voice and leaned over my desk pinning me in my chair.

"No M-5, it is not all the same to me, and you WILL attend the opera with me tonight."

The no nonsense tone conveyed more than the use of my designator did.

I was going to the opera tonight.

In a more normal tone of voice, she stated that she appreciated my reluctance, as it could be considered a violation of company policy, but it was necessary that she be escorted, and would prefer to be escorted by someone trustworthy, with no ulterior motives.

Of course I didn't have any ulterior motives, but she probably did.

"Miss Dawes, the main reason I'm declining, is that to be very honest, I don't have anything to wear that would be suitable. Formal dressing has always been distasteful to me." I confessed.

She laughed quietly at that.

"Mr. Forbin, if that's the problem I can cure that in a few minutes", she said as she walked out of the room.

She returned a few moments later with a slip of paper and handed it to me.

"Go here." was all she said and walked out.

Printed on the notepad was an address, nothing more.

I logged off the computer, got my coat and left the Bank for the mysterious address.

I hailed a cab and handed the note to the driver.

He looked back at me in surprise.

"You sure dis is where you wanna go?" he asked.

"Why not?" I asked in genuine curiosity.

"Well, you don' look the type, but hey wadda I know, right?"

With that he pulled into traffic and we were on our way.

As we drove towards the address I could see why the driver was reluctant to go there. The character of the buildings changed, the streets narrowed and soon we were stuck in a maze of moving bodies and clothing racks. As we stopped in front of a storefront that was covered in peeling gray paint, the door opened as if to invite me in.

I got out and paid the driver.

"Did ya want me to wait for ya?" the driver asked.

"Well actually..", I started to say, but was cut off by the driver accelerating away from the curb, leaving me standing in a cloud of dust.

Having no other place to go, I entered the open door and found myself facing an elderly Chinese woman sitting at a desk piled high with papers.

"I was sent here by -", I begin to say.

"You are expected Mr. Forbin. We are to make a set of clothing for you, and provide you with everything you need to escort Mistress Minx to the opera." she affirmed. "Through the door at the end of the hall please and remove all of your clothing. Underwear as well."

She indicated a direction to the left and I followed the dim passage to the doorway and went through it into a small locker room. I followed the instructions given me and waited naked and slightly chilly.

I lost track of time sitting there in the gloom and started to open the door back to the hall and found that it was now locked from the outside. I tried the knob a few more times and banged on the door with no response .I sat back down to wait, feeling like a mouse trapped in a bottle. After a long nerve-wracking wait, a door in the wall slid open and light streamed into the room.

"Enter." was the one word command.

I entered the room beyond and found four young women waiting for me, all of them with measuring tapes and holding swatches of cloth. An elderly oriental man sat at a sewing machine nearby, silently smoking a long pipe. He seemed lost in thought

"You will please stand here so we may measure you." one of the women said pointing to a low pedestal.

I did as I was told and stood naked before then as they measured every part of my body. I found that all of the hands touching my body caused me an erection to the giggling amusement of the busy workers.

Then as quickly as they started, they were finished and dashed away to the old man with their notes.

There was a quick conversation in Chinese with him, and then one of them returned to me with a measuring tape in hand, while the rest of them scurried out of the room. It was soon transferred from her hand to the base of my cock and tied it less than gently.

At my gasp the old man turned in my direction and spoke softly.

"My daughters are amused at your lack of control. Obviously my eldest daughter and Mistress Minx did not feel it was important to train you in this area." he said.

"Your eldest daughter, sir?" I asked respectfully as his age dictated I should.

"Mei Ling is my eldest. Where do you think she learned her expertise with needles, my son?" he said sardonically.

Remembering Mei and the needles I shuddered. I still had not mastered my fear of needles completely and the memory of seeing myself as a human pincushion still disturbed me, although I had not been harmed physically.

"I have nothing but respect for your eldest sir." I said quietly.

"And so you should. She is worthy of your respect. Although I understand from her letters you are deserving of respect for your abilities as well. She thinks well of you."

"Uh, thank you. Sir, could you have one of your daughters untie my cock?"

He laughed.

"No. That choice is up to my daughters. I am but a venerated servant like yourself."

Two of the girls returned to the room carrying a tuxedo, a business suit and a selection of shirts.

Ignoring my erection, they proceeded to dress me from the waist up and take more measurements. I begin to understand how a steer feels at a slaughterhouse as I was chalked, pinned, tugged, pulled and tucked.

They soon retreated with the marked clothing and again discussed the fit with their father.

He fed the clothing into his sewing machine and started making the alterations quickly and expertly.

The daughter who had tied my cock pulled me off the stand and led me out of the room by the long end of the tape and into a small dressing room with a makeup mirror.

I was tied expertly and my hands were attached to a hook in the ceiling. They all stepped back to survey me as I stood there.

"I am Li .My sister has told us that you would make an excellent woman. We will see."

I struggled against my bonds as she stepped forward with a wig and set it on my head.

I started blushing as the wig slipped over my head. Another of the women approached with a makeup case.

My attempts to resist having lipstick put on me were stopped when the youngest of the women grabbed my own hair under the wig and pulled my head back sharply and painfully.

"Your attempts to resist our will are futile. We shall make you what we wish to make you, and you will have no choice." the girl said.

My cock was untied and a pouch like garment was slipped over my cock and balls, then pulled up sharply behind me, so I now had a semblance of a pubic mound. This was followed by black silk panties and a garter belt and stockings. Six-inch high heels were forced onto my feet, which actually reduced the strain on my aching arms.

From the waist down I was now female in appearance. My cock was still semierect in it's pouch, and was becoming very sensitive to movement.

"Now we will make the rest of your body female", Li said.

A black leather corset was strapped around me, making me gasp. I moaned as the laces were tightened pulling my body into a shape that was unnatural to me. The corset forced my own chest area into the shape of a woman's breast. They were small and firm under the restraint of the bindings and my nipples peeked over the top of the corset.

As the youngest retained her grip on my hair, another of her sisters proceeded to shave my face quickly and efficiently.

I was soon painted and powdered and bewigged. A full-length mirror was moved to me and I saw myself as a woman in bondage for the first time.

I felt very strange looking at myself that way. I was aroused by the sight of myself restrained and helpless and looking very female.

Li laughed at my expression as I studied myself.

"My sister was right. You are an attractive woman, and you are a most adaptable slave.

Are you enjoying the sight of yourself?" she asked.

"yes", I whispered.

A quick slap across my panty clad ass made me wince.

"Louder little girl", she instructed. "I want my sisters to hear your confession."

"Yes I like it." I repeated louder.

Her sisters laughed and I started blushing under the best makeup Max Factor had to offer.

I guess I should have felt humiliated as well, but I didn't feel that as much as I thought I would. In fact being dressed that way made me feel... slutty.  I wanted to be taken and used. I felt like. . I don't know... like a cheap fuck toy. Pay me and fuck me, that's all. In fact, forget the money just use me.

The change in my demeanor must have been obvious to the women, as they untied my hands from the ceiling.

I wobbled on the heels wildly. I haven't been too steady on my feet since I shattered a leg in an accident, so the height of the heels was causing me more that a little leg discomfort without the steadying influence of the bonds.

I started to walk forwards and was stopped by Li's hand in the middle of my now protruding bosom.

"You must be taught to walk properly. But not now. Later, you will be returned to us, and you will be taught. You will make an interesting diversion for some of our guests." she said.

Any reply to that was stopped by the appearance of the old man.

"My daughters, I know how much you like playing with a new toy, but I must finish my work or Mistress Minx will be displeased." he cautioned.

The women quickly removed my female garb leaving me naked except for the makeup.

The old man shook his head as the girls scattered out of his way.

"They are but children who have not yet learned what is important. They will have their chance to play with you, if Mistress Minx permits it. They take liberties, so I would ask that you not say anything to her." he asked.

"Of course not", I assured him.

We returned to the other room where he helped me into a new pair of pants that actually fit me perfectly.

"These are perfect! How long have you been a tailor? , I asked.

"I was taught the art when I came here from China as a child years ago. I apprenticed myself to a tailor named Eli Levy. He had no family of his own, so he adopted me. I learned well, and when he died I took over the business. My daughters will follow their own paths, as has Mei Ling.

"But now you must get dressed."

I stood there as he dressed me in my new tuxedo. I have to admit after the corset, the tux actually didn't feel too bad. I undressed and he neatly boxed the tux.

I dressed in my old clothes and Mr. Levy led me back to the main office and handed me my new outfits.

"How much do I owe you Mr. Levy?" I asked reaching for my wallet.

"Nothing. Mistress Minx has already paid me, many times over. And you will in your way repay me as well.

"Serve her and my daughter well, Mr. Forbin."

Mr. Levy escorted me out to the curb and almost as if by magic a cab appeared.

"Take this gentleman to Dawes, Jones, Mosley & Grubbs, please", he instructed.

I actually had a pleasant ride back to the bank, as the driver was not inclined to speak to me or for that matter look at me at all.

Going back into my office I received some odd looks from the people in the elevator.

I wondered why until I caught a look at myself in the reflection of the polished metal doors.

Some guys show up at the office with lipstick on their collars; Me, I had it on my lips.

Of course I continued to act as if nothing was wrong. " Ignore the man behind the curtain", was the best approach, if not the Mary Poppins approach of "I never explain anything."

I retreated into my office just before Minx came around the corner, but I couldn't escape.

She said nothing as she entered my office and sat down in my chair, leaving me standing.

"I see that you got your new suit for this evening. Any problems?" she asked.

"No, Mr. Levy was very quick and efficient. You'll see it tonight." I said

"And nothing happened while you were there?" she continued.

"No, not really." I said as casually as I could. I would have started to sweat, but I didn't have enough fluids to do it.

"M-5, you are wearing lipstick. How did it get on you?" she hissed.

"Mei Ling's sisters." I confessed, bowing my head in shame.

"And you did nothing to stop them?" she continued.

"I tried to Controller, but there were four of them. Miss Li tied a measuring tape around my balls and led me away."

"Did you ever tell them no?"

I hesitated for a moment. Thinking about it now, I actually hadn't said no in so many words.

I admitted that I actually hadn't used the N word.

"You know you can refuse an order, if I haven't specifically said you had to obey the other person. It's been said that slaves have only two brain cells, but I thought you were better than that."

I stood there and said nothing. What could I say? She was right.

"Well good, you understand that you made a mistake." she said after a few minutes of silence had passed." Not a serious one, other than embarrassing yourself. Now, we need to discuss your punishment for lying to me about it."

I still wished I could sweat.

"I have decided your punishment M-5. And you will suffer it tonight."

That night at my house as I dressed, a messenger arrived from the bank with a box and an envelope.

"Miss Dawes ordered me to deliver this to you at 6:30 tonight. Sign please."

I signed the clipboard and wished the messenger a good night, and as he left I opened the box.

Inside the box was a set of panties, a garter belt and stockings.

The envelope contained a short note ordering me to wear the clothing under my tuxedo or face the wrath of Mistress Minx.

The panties were a size too small, so squeezing into them was quite a trick, although the garter belt and stockings fit correctly.

I pulled on my dress pants over the feminine undergarments and hoped that nobody would notice the bit of nylon that peeked out under the pants cuff.

Shirt, tie, cummerbund, and at last the tailcoat.

Having worn a mock dog tail shoved into my ass hole, I'd almost rather wear that then this.  I knew better than to drive my own car wearing that outfit, so I started to call for a cab.

A honking from in front of the house thwarted this plan. Looking out I saw that a limousine was waiting for me.

I left the house carrying the bouquet of flowers I'd had the good sense to pick up on the way home, and walked up to the limo.

The driver opened the rear door and I entered and sat down across from my Mistress.

She was dressed in a black formal gown, with her hair piled high on her head, wearing a string of pearls.

"You followed my orders", she said in a tone that indicated it was not a question.

"Yes Mistress."

"Prove it."

I pulled up the pants to show the stockings to her.

She reached across the car and ran her hand across my pants to assure herself that I was wearing the garter belt, then between my legs to insure that the red silk panties tightly imprisoned my cock and balls.

"Good", was all she said sitting back in her seat.

We proceeded in silence to the city and to the Opera House.

We pulled in front of the theater and waited in line until we stopped in front of the red carpet leading up the steps to the main entrance.

The door was opened and with her usual regal poise, Mistress Minx stepped before the world and into the lights of the TV crew shooting the opening night festivities. I followed three steps behind her as was my habit in public, and tried not to think about what I was wearing. Logically I knew nobody could see what I was wearing under the tux, but emotionally I could feel the whole world watching my unconventional underwear.

Minx stopped and waited for me to catch up with her, and then put her arm in mine, so I could escort her properly. We walked up the long carpet and into the main lobby of the theater where a reception was being held.

She greeted several people without introducing me to any of them until we reached an older woman in a version of my tux, but cut for a woman.

"Madame Case, this is Michael. ", she said to her, indicating I should bow.

I bowed to her and kissed her hand.

She looked and me and then at Minx.

"Well trained isn't he? A bit impetuous, but that's all right. ", She said to her, ignoring me.

"You may get your chance to find out. I'm thinking of sending him to work for you for a while." Minx said.

"Is that so? Well, I'm sure that I could find a place for him." Madam Case mused.

"Michael, raise your trouser cuff." Minx ordered.

I raised my cuff as little as possible, while Madam Case watched. At the sight of the nylon, she smiled a cruel and evil smile.

"It's like that is it, Minx? I'd be happy to have him in my stable for a while. When can I  have him?"

"Soon, I think."

Madam Case licked her lips in anticipation, and stared at me until I started to blush.

Minx led me away and up the stairs to our seats in the balcony.

I discovered that we had the box to ourselves and Minx ordered me to sit at her right hand as the lights dimmed and the overture started.  I have always enjoyed the music, but I had never seen the opera before.

The opera proceeded and I lost myself in the beauty of Mozart's music. On occasion I would look at Minx to determine that she did not need anything from me.

She would reach over and stroke my leg at intervals, running her hand over my crotch and teasing my poor cock in it's silk bondage.

At the intermission I asked her permission to use the bathroom.

"Yes you may but..." she agreed.

I waited as the intermission crown surged around us.

"You must lower you pants fully so that everyone in the bathroom can see your panties and garter belt. You may NOT use a stall to piss in. Is that very clear?" she continued.

I started to argue, then thought better of it. I'd gotten through my workplace with lipstick on, so I should hope I could get through a trip to the bathroom without losing my composure.

I agreed and she watched me enter the men's room. I walked to the urinal at the far end of the room and lowered my pants. Glancing quickly around I started to lower the panties, but my semierect cock snagged in the fabric and delayed my action. The man standing next to me saw my panties and quickly glanced away. I had to concentrate on what I was doing in order to piss. I was a bit distracted by the man's hand sliding gently across my panty-clad ass.

I didn't resist or say anything though. It felt good in a strange way.

I finished, washed my hands, and walked out of the men's room. My new friend followed me until I rejoined Minx who was chatting with Madam Case.

"A friend of yours Michael?" Minx asked as the man nodded in passing us by.

"Uh, no, not really." I choked out.

The lights dimmed and brightened indicating the resumption of the opera.

Madam Case joined us as we returned to the box, and Minx indicated that I should sit between the two of them.

As the opera resumed I was gently assaulted by Madam Case's hand roaming up my leg.

"Your time is coming little boy. You have been promised to me." she murmured.

I tried to ignore her, with little success. After a few minutes of that treatment I finally decided I'd had enough.

The next time her hand slid towards my balls, I leaned over to her and spoke very quietly so that Minx would not hear.

"Madam, no. I am Mistress Minx's toy, not yours. If you do not remove your hand, you will never be able to lift a glass with it again. "

She withdrew her hand with a sly smile that promised trouble for me later.

The opera came to it's finale and we rose to leave the box. I trailed behind the two women as we left the box, and entered the main lobby again. There was a buffet set up and I picked up two glasses of wine for the ladies and selected a cappuccino for myself. By that time I needed the caffeine buzz very badly.

I presented the wine to the ladies and waited a discreet distance away for them to finish their conversation.

Minx signaled that I should approach and we all went outside to wait for the limo.

Madam Case took a cigarette holder and cigarette out of her bag. She started fumbling for her lighter but I offered her a light from a box of matches I carry.

She accepted it and puffed smoke towards me.

"Minx, Did I tell you what this little boy said to me?" she asked staring at the glowing ember.

"No, you didn't. What did he say to you?" Minx asked staring at me.

"He told me that if I didn't remove my hand, I'd never be able to - - how did you phrase it Michael?" she said, with an evil look, " raise a glass with it again?"

"Did he?" Minx said her eyes narrowing.

"Yes." I said boldly. "I told her no. I told her that I was not her toy, but yours."

"Were you playing with him?" she turned towards Madam Case.

"Yes, I think he's a cute little boy." she said blowing smoke towards Minx.

Minx reached out, took the cigarette from her, removed it from the holder, and crushed it out on the ground.

"Until I give you permission to do so, you are not to touch him. When I let you have him, I will have given him his instructions as to obedience. Is that very clear?" Minx said in a low dangerous tone that made Madam Case step back.

"I thought he was just a slave, like the rest Minx. I didn't realize he was special to you." she apologized.

"All of my slaves are special to me, but he is of Ay'esha, and his life is mine, freely given."

"You always speak of Ay'esha. I've never understood it Minx, and I don't suppose I ever will. He's a slave like the rest of them, nothing more."

Minx laughed at that.

"He is much more than that, as you will learn in time."

Minx smiled confidently and looked at me with pride in her eyes.

The limo pulled up at a signal from her, and as Minx entered it she turned towards Madame Case and spoke.

"You will see for yourself soon what he is."

I bowed politely to Madame Case and followed Minx into the car.

As we drove back towards my house, Minx ordered me to lie down on the floor at her feet.

I remembered a journey not so long ago that had ended in taking an oath of loyalty and obedience to her.

When we arrived at the house she told me I could remove the women's clothing as soon as I was inside, and asked me a question.

"Did you enjoy wearing those things, M-5?" she asked.

I hesitated for a moment before answering.

"Yes. They make me feel -", I hesitated, unwilling to admit to her the desire that being dressed as a woman brought out in me.

"Like a slut, M-5? Something to be used for another's pleasure?" she said harshly.

I started to weep in embarrassment at having to confess.

"Yes. I'm sorry, I know it's wrong." I said

"I have never said that it was wrong. If you wish to be used to give pleasure to others, I can arrange that. In fact, I will.

"I will have you trained to become a bitch for the pleasure of anyone that wants you. Madame Case will see to that. And when she is done with you, she will return you to me.

"You will become her bitch boy, Michelle. And I will enjoy hearing about it."

My perverse fantasies would become a reality for good or ill.

And I had no choice.

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