The Diaries of Ay'esha

The Diaries of Ay'esha tell the story of Michael Forbin's abduction and training by a member of a secret society named Ay'esha. The avowed purpose of this group of women is to bring peace to the world by training the men in the world into submission and manipulating them into doing the bidding of the group.

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The Diaries of Ayesha

A Different Sort of Life
Michael learns about life on the streets and a bit about his sexuality in the process

Ain't S/he Sweet

Author: Dr. Charles Forbin
©Copyright 1996

The fog was beginning to roll in as I made my way to the corner I'd been told to wait at.

A car passing by slowed down and then sped up again as I stopped to adjust my stockings. I guess I was showing a lot of leg, although in the skirt I was in I thought I was showing a lot more cheek.

And all because I had mentioned being in panties made me feel like a slut.

Mistress Minx was in Australia talking with an airline about a buyout offer, and I was taking a vacation from the Bank.

I was passing the time peacefully, watching some football, doing a bit of needed repairs, a bit of Internet surfing,and of course, keeping an eye on Mistress Minx's house. After all somebody needed to water the plants and take care of her pets.

And my time was almost up. Another week and it was back to the salt, or should I say gold mines for me.

Then my E-mail had an order from Minx in it.


"You will carry out these orders on receipt.

"1) You will have your housekeeper take care of my house as well for the next week

"2) You will call 606-4311 and follow the orders of the person answering.

" Controller"

I quickly called my housekeeper and asked her to tend to Minx's house and then dialed the number. 606-4311. The phone rang once.

"606-4311", said a woman's voice at the other end.

"I was directed to call this number by Mistress Minx.", I said hesitantly.

"Yes M-5. I have been waiting for your call. You should have called an hour ago."

The voice on the other end stirred up memories for me. Medium build, redheaded, and aggressive.

"I'm sorry Madam Case. I had problems contacting my housekeeper.", I replied.

There was laughter on the other end of the phone.

"I didn't think you would remember me. I of course remember you. And a promise that was made to me by your Mistress. Now the time has come to collect."

I remembered, and the thought both aroused me and frightened me.

"What are your orders Madam?", I asked.

"I want you to drive to the park next to the Bridge. Sit on a bench facing the water and do not look around. Is that understood?", she directed.

"Yes Madam."

"I want you there in half an hour."

The phone went dead, leaving me with a feeling of trepidation.

I did as I was told and sat there looking out over the water, feeling like a character in a spy novel. The resemblance to that genre became even more highlighted by a voice from behind me ordering me not to look around but to stare directly forward.

My vision was cut off after a brief pause by a hood being slipped over my head and an order to hold out my hands.

I did so and was promptly handcuffed and led for a short distance then instructed to step up. I could tell I was in a van or truck at that point. Where I was didn't seem to matter much in the short term as the van started up and I was on my way to...well wherever I was going.

The trip probably wasn't that long, but I got the impression that the unseen driver was trying to confuse my sense of direction by driving all over the City before going to our final destination.

The hood was removed and I found myself looking at an old Victorian house in an older section of town.

My escort led me up the steps and into the foyer of the house.

Madam Case was waiting for me with a look of anticipation as well as a leash and collar.

"The time has come", she said attaching the collar," to serve my desires."

I stared to back off at her more than aggressive approach.

She pulled my head back and bit my throat , sucking it with abandon. I could feel my neck muscles tense at the abuse.

"You're going to be fun to play with, you resist.", she said releasing me.

"That's because you frighten me.", I said still trying to draw back.


With that she dragged me out of the room and down a flight of stairs by my leash.

When we reached the basement she spun me around and pushed me against a wall with a chain hanging from it.

With practiced moves she locked the chain to the cuffs and stepped back to admire her handiwork.

"By the way," she said," I'll put my hands anywhere I want as long as you're here."

She walked up the stairs and flicked off the light leaving me in darkness to wait for the next encounter.

I didn't have very long to wait, and the length of chain at least let me sit down on the floor for a change. In fact, I found it strange to still be fully clothed.

The light came on and Madam Case came down the stairs carrying a waist cinching corset.

"I hope you haven't been too bored waiting for me.", she said unlocking the cuffs.

"Not at all.", I said lightly. "I tried to get one of the resident rats to diddle the lock, but they weren't interested in helping."

She laughed.

"You're a smart ass aren't you. I like that. Gives me more reason to abuse you."

"Then perhaps I should be quiet.", I said .

"Yes you should. Shut up and take off your clothes and fold them neatly.", she commanded in a tone that clearly meant business.

I did as I was told. There is a time and place for everything.

When I had finished stripping , she placed the waist cincher around me and started pulling it tight around me.

I felt like a sausage being stuffed into it's casing. The corset pushed my chest up into a set of small firm tits.

"Now you look more like what I want.", she said.

She picked the leash up and led me back up the stairs and into the main house. Our path took us into a large parlor when she sat in a large upholstered chair and lit a cigarette.

"I suppose you're wondering what I have in mind for you, M-5. Your Mistress told me about your little introduction to women's clothing. I happen to specialize in that sort of thing."

She paused and took a puff on the cigarette before continuing.

" I sell pussy boys like you to women who want to fuck them. I'm going to turn you into a whore."

I was both repelled and intrigued by the idea. It reminded me of the feeling of being dressed and touched. But the idea of being mistreated like some street girls were, disgusted me.

I started to object, then reminded myself that Mistress Minx had directed me to follow her orders.

I wasn't in any danger yet that would allow me to say NO.

"Did you want to say something?", she asked looking at me intently.

"No Madam."

"Good", was all she said.

She placed the toe of her booted foot under my balls and started nudging them gently as she continued to speak.

"I'm going to teach you how to suck cock properly first"

She finished her cigarette as she toyed with my now erect prick, glistening with precum.

"You are a nasty little boy. Didn't Minx teach you to control yourself?", she said nastily.

"Yes Madam. But Mistress Minx is not as direct in her attentions as you are."

She frowned at me.

"Are you questioning your Mistress's techniques, slave?" , she challenged.

I recoiled in horror.

"No Ma'am!", I snapped. "You use methods that she doesn't use so my reaction will be different for you than for her."

"Are my methods better? Do they give you more pleasure?"

Questions like that are the most terrifying questions you can ask a slave. As Bart Simpson puts it:"Well you're damned if you do and damned if you don't"

"Your methods are different. And as long as they give you pleasure, that's what is important to me." , I said diplomatically.

She laughed at that.

"You are a lying little sack of shit."

I didn't say anything more so after a few more minutes she tugged on my leash and led me upstairs to the second floor.

I was led into a bedroom that was furnished with a bed with a brass rail headboard, a chair and a set of dressers.

Madam Case tied my lead to the bed rail and then turned back to the dresser. From a top drawer she withdrew a small rubber dildo.

With a smooth motion, she lowered her pants and rubbed the head of the rubber prick against her pussy.

"I think I'll flavor it for you this time.", she said as she soaked the toy in her wetness.

I had to turn away embarrassed as she pushed the toy deeper into her moist hole.

I hadn't seen a woman do anything like that since I became Minx's property. I had been trained to sublimate my own desires, to serve without thinking about sexual pleasure.

Oh I was permitted to masturbate, sometimes Minx even had me do it in front of her. But watching someone touch themselves in front of me was mind boggling.

"Watch me slave!" , she demanded. "Don't look away."

I turned back to watch as ordered.

She plunged the rubber cock all the way into herself and shuddered in pleasure. She grunted as she pulled the wet toy out of herself and held the glistening plastic in front of me.


I thought about the last time I had done that and my pitiful performance with Master Melody.

I took a tentative lick from the toy, then placed it deeper into my mouth. She moved it in and out in a steady rhythm, each time putting it farther into my mouth.

I gagged after about half the length and she withdrew it from my drooling mouth.

"I can tell that I have a lot of work to do with you. Any street girl can take it deeper than that. " , she complained.

I started to apologize and was cut off by her shoving the prick back into my mouth.

"I don't want an apology, I want performance. If I have to do this to you all day, you're going to learn to take it all the way down that whore's throat of yours."

With that she plunged the dildo back into my sore throat and we started again.

I learned to breath between strokes and to disregard my gag reflex. The plastic started to wear on my tongue after a while, and my eyes were watering.

It was over an hour later before she was satisfied, at least with my performance on a small dildo.

"We're going to change to a longer and wider one tomorrow. I'm going to have you trained well enough to throat a Kielbassa when I'm done.", she advised me, with a determined expression.

I must had looked somewhat glum at the prospect because she reached out and tilted my face up towards her.

"I know you can do this. Minx has always had the best slaves I have ever seen and the most adaptable.", she said in a somewhat kinder tone of voice.

That bit of praise for my Mistress did pick up my spirits a little, although the sore throat was likely to continue. I hoped she was serious about the Kielbassa, because at least that was softer and eatable.

I was also a bit hungry.

She must have been a mind reader because she suggested that we go out to dinner.

I started to rise but was stopped by my attachment to the bed.

I spend so much time wearing a collar, it's second nature to me now.

Some guys it's a tie, me it's a collar. At least the collar is an honest admission of submission to authority.

She released my lead for the bed and led me all the way back down to the basement and removed the leash.

"Get dressed, but don't remove the collar.", she instructed.

I looked at her, feeling insulted by the order.

She watched as I got dressed in my street clothes. I started to remove the waist cincher but she stopped me.

"I want you to wear that too.", she commented.

Well it would help my diet.

She led the way out of the basement through a side door and into a garage.

There was a classic Corvette Stingray parked waiting for her. She motioned me into the passage seat and got into the drivers seat.

"Fasten your seat belt, boy", was all she said and started the car.

She revved the engine up to the red line, pressed the button on the garage door opener and floored the accelerator as the door swung up.

We shot out into the street like a shot and our tires squealed as she turned left and headed towards downtown.

Riding with Madam Case was like riding with Batman. All I could do was think about an old joke about a London bus driver.. The punchline was "He hasn't reached the fences and the water jump yet." .

When we came to a halt at last in front of an Japanese restaurant I was in no mood for sushi.

Madam Case was , however. I followed in her wake and ultimately caught up with her at a corner table away from the rest of the diners.

She ordered me to sit next to her as the waitress came up and offered her a menu. She brushed it aside, ordered a selection of sushi from memory, and then asked what I would care for.

I selected beef teriyaki and green tea to her vast amusement.

"You don't like sushi? You like other things that are fishy I understand", she said slyly.

"Well if you knew sushi, like I knew sushi ...", I replied.

She did a spit take with her ice water at that point, and I had to mop us the mess from the table.

"You're going to pay for that later, slave. ", she said sputtering.

"I expect I will. It was worth it to see your reaction.", I agreed.

"I can see why Minx keeps you around. If you're as good in bed as you are with your wit, it should be an interesting week for me."

I tried to think of an appropriate reply to that comment. I wasn't too comfortable with the idea of telling her that I didn't have sex with anybody . And most assuredly NOT with Minx.

"I think I provide sufficient amusement to Mistress Minx.", I assured her.

"Modest too. How charming", she said.

Snake charming is what I thought.

I was saved from more of the Inquisition by the arrival of the food. I started to eat and was stopped by a firm hand on my arm.

"I want you to feed me, slave.", she ordered.

I picked up the first bit of sushi and offered it to her. She nibbled it away until she reached my fingers, then nibbled gently on my fingertips.

I concentrated on selecting the next piece of sushi, and not on what else was happening.

This went on until she had finished her dinner, at which point I was permitted to eat mine.

I had finished mine when next door in the bar, I heard music start playing. Madam Case looked at me, then towards the sound.

"Come with me.", she commanded.

I followed her into the bar and found one of the most fiendish devices ever invented for public humiliation: A karoke machine.

"I want you to get on that stage and sing.", she ordered.

I looked at her with amusement and got in line.

The machine actually had a good selection of music, so I selected an Elvis tune, although I don't have his voice. His diameter maybe, but not the voice.

When my turn came, I introduced myself, and started.

The tune I'd picked was Heartbreak Hotel, but the words were a little different.

"I stepped into the Heartbreak, the room it was so small, that everytime I tried to smile my teeth would touch the wall." , I sang.

The rest of the song pretty much followed the same vein of parody until I finished.

The room applauded and Madam Case smiled as I joined her at the bar where she had been waiting. I refused the offer of a drink from an admirer and presented myself to her for approval.

"Was that sufficiently amusing for you Madam?", I asked without a trace of sarcasm.

"You didn't tell me you could sing.", she said picking up her glass of wine.

"You didn't ask. In my youth I performed on stage at the Bowl with my choral group. I still sing, mostly in the shower or the car. "

"Does your Mistress know you sing?"

"Yes, in fact we sang together once. She plays the piano beautifully.", I explained.

"You do have some interesting talents.", she complimented, raising her glass in salute to me.

"Perhaps. But I seem to make a great deal of mistakes. In fact there are some days I can't even wash dishes right. But I keep trying anyway. That's what is important to her. That I don't give up trying."

Madam Case laid a hand on my arm as I looked distractedly into the middle distance, not really seeing anything.

"You love her don't you?", she said in the softest tone I had ever heard her use.

"Yes I do.", I said.

"Does she love you?"

"Yes. In her own way.", I answered without thinking.

I dragged myself back to the present and looked at her closely.

There was a look of understanding on her face, far different from her usual look. It was a look of desire, but not sexual desire. The desire for someone to love, freely and without pretense.

I knew that look. I knew it from myself, from mornings looking in the mirror to nights looking out at the stars through the windows, reflecting my soul back to me.

I loved Mistress Minx, but I could never be what I truly desired. To be her consort, her lover, her one true protector.

I could only serve, to try and repay a debt that was in reality, unpayable.

"I have been ordered to serve you Madam. Let me give you the pleasure you desire.", I said kneeling before her.

She gulped her wine, and pulled me to my feet by my collar.

"Yes, you will."

The drive back was no less exciting, in fact, the drive back seemed like an outtake from "Bullet". Or "Road Warrior" depending on your taste in film.

I followed her out of the garage, through the basement, and upstairs to her own bedroom.

The room was decorated far more differently than I would have imagined. For a very masculine acting woman, the room was very female in character. There was a brass canopy bed with silk draperies, a tiger skin rug, and a small fireplace in one corner.

She pointed at the rug and ordered me to kneel.

I did as I was ordered and watched her as she lit a fire in the fireplace. She turned back to me with the lit tapir in her hand and ordered me to remove my shirt. I did so and folded it neatly as instructed before.

She turned away and lit candles that were placed around the room, then shut off the room lights.

The glow from the fire and the candles made a major difference in the mood and I started to relax in the warm light. She left the room and when she returned she was wearing a white gown that shimmered in the flickering firelight.

She sat next to me and stared into the fire.

"Am I less frightening now?", she said, snuggling close to me.

"A bit. But I won't forget who you are and what I am.", I said.

"And what am I to you?", she asked.

"You are the woman I am to serve until my Mistress returns."

"And how are you to serve me?"

I looked her in the eye and told her.

"In any way that gives you pleasure."

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face to hers. She forced her tongue into my mouth and I tasted the sweetness of her lipstick. She probed my mouth and the released me.

"Take off the rest of your clothes. Keep the corset on.", she commanded.

I did as I was told and knelt next to her again.

She stroked my artificially inflated breasts and teased my nipples with her nails. They erected and she placed her mouth over the right nipple and sucked gently, then withdrew, leaving a ring of lipstick around the nipple.

She repeated the action with the left nipple and I found myself becoming aroused by her touch. I wanted to fight the feeling. I felt disloyal by letting another woman arouse me. But I had been ordered to serve. My personal feelings must be put aside.

I relaxed into her arms and gave into her desires.

Then it happened. As she laid me down and mounted me, my erection collapsed. I was truly humiliated. I had failed to please either Madam Case or Mistress Minx. When she dismounted me I rolled over and tried to hide my face in the rug.

She rolled me back over and stared intently at me as I wept in embarrassment.

"Is it me, or don't you like women?", she demanded sharply.

"No, it's me. I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't know how to tell you earlier."

"Tell me WHAT?"

"That I'm really not very good in bed. At least not , well... fucking."

"Then what are you good at?", she said cruelly

"I am very skilled orally Madam, really I am", I said, looking away from her.

"Prove it!", she said pushing me down onto my back and squatting onto my face.

I concentrated on lapping her wetness and probed for her clit. When I found it I sucked on it like a baby on a nipple, making her shiver in pleasure. I drove my tongue deep into her wet hole until I found the spot that made her convulse in helpless orgasm. I sucked the wetness from her and then lapped her clit gently like a kitten with a bowl of cream.

I could see looking up at her from my position the expression change from moment to moment until she rose from my face and stood over me.

"You might be a deceitful little shit, but you aren't a liar, I'll give you that. But tomorrow, you're going to get your ass worked by me and anybody else that wants it.", she said disdainfully.

With that she grabbed my collar and returned me to my basement prison.

The next morning dawned clear and cold. Actually from my position in the basement, the Sun might well have passed on rising at all so far as I knew.

Madam Case didn't come for me herself that morning. The man who had escorted me to her the night before came down the stairs and released me. He silently indicated I should follow him upstairs. I was led upstairs and down a hallway. A left turn brought me into a kitchen where Madam Case was waiting, dressed in a bathrobe.

She dismissed my escort with a wave and surveyed me with a critical eye.

She pointed at an apron hanging on a hook.

"Put that on and cook breakfast for me. Ham and eggs,eggs scrambled, hash brown potatoes, white toast. And coffee and juice right now."

I followed her instructions quickly, anxious to make some sort of amends for my failure of the night before.

I found that I was actually getting used to the corset and it was no longer interfering with my free movement as I cooked.

To my great delight I actually got everything to come out right, including getting the eggs fluffy and light.

She wolfed her food down while I stood and waited for some comment. When she had finished all she said was "Wash everything properly. I'll check it myself when you're done."

She left the room and I started my chores. The water wasn't as hot as I would have liked, but I had a good scrubber and lots of detergent, so I set to with a will. I guess my mind went into automatic mode, because I started whistling "A spoon full of sugar" .

My impromptu concert came to an abrupt halt with the slam of a riding crop across the table. Instinctively I dropped to my knees with my head down the direction of the sound.

"Eyes UP!"

I looked up to find Madam Case dressed in full leathers and high heeled boots, with a crop in her hand and fire in her eyes.

She placed the end of the crop under my chin and tapped it firmly.

"There are a great many things you don't know slave. One is how to serve in bed properly. I will correct this ...problem in you before you leave here. ", she affirmed.

I kept silent. Perhaps I was giving way to paranoia, but the only ways I could think of to correct that problem were rather uncomfortable. For me that is.

"Now get up and follow me.", she continued.

I stood up, and delaying only to shut off the water, I followed her back to the second floor room.

She stripped the corset from me and ordered me to kneel head down facing the bed.

"Put your head down, and your ass up." , she commanded.

I obeyed and then behind me I heard the snap of a rubber glove.

"Oh shit", I thought.

I felt a finger probing my asshole. Then ...WHAM! She rammed her finger deeply into my tight ass causing me to moan in pain.

She pulled out momentarily, then I felt the pain increase as she slid two fingers in.

My asshole was burning from the abuse. I had been assfucked before, but I had been relaxed and well lubricated. The contrast was intense.

She withdrew the two fingers and I started to collapse in a heap on my face, but was rolled onto my back instead by her strong hand.

"You are filthy back there. Look at this!", she said thrusting the rubber covered fingers into my face.

I tried to shy away from the filth covered fingers but she grabbed the collar with her free hand and thrust them into my mouth. It tasted like a mouth full of black garden dirt, the kind the worms bore through.

"Suck damn you!", she shrilled. "Clean them off you pig!"

I gagged on the taste and my stomach turned over. If my stomach hadn't been empty I would have vomited.

She pulled them out of my mouth, stripped the glove off, and threw it to the floor.

"You have a real problem with personal cleanliness as well as everything else. Before anybody does that ass of yours, we're going to clean it out."

She dragged me to my feet by my collar and led me stumbling down the hall to a bathroom.

It had an old fashioned clawfoot tub with a few minor additions, like eyebolts set into the tub rim., and the toilet was an old overhead tank type with a flush chain. Not water saving, but a classic design.

She bent me over the tub and ordered me to stay put. After what I had experienced so far, I was not going anywhere. She left the room and returned a moment later with a length of rope. She lashed me to the rings and I heard water running in the sink behind me.

It wasn't very long until I heard that dread snap of the glove and the water stopped running.

She stepped around so I could see her. I wish I hadn't.

She was holding an enema bag. A four quart one.

"This should be a good beginning", she said walking out of my sight. I felt a finger probing my hole and the cool wetness of lubricant . A push and then a surge of pressure building up inside me. I felt the water creeping up and the cramps started. I hated enemas. In fact the mere threat of one had started me back on a regular routine when I was in the hospital.

The pressure built and built. There was nothing I could do. I was tied too tightly even to wiggle around to try and relieve the pressure.

I felt like a balloon about to burst from the pressure when it stopped increasing. I leaned over the tub with a gallon of water sloshing around in me at the slightest movement.

I wanted to scream but knew it would only make my problem worse. I felt if I opened my mouth I'd vomit or I'm make a noise that would get me in more trouble.

I was beginning to get dizzy when I felt the ropes loosen and was helped onto the toilet.

The nozzle was pulled and I exploded the water into the toilet like a fire hose.

She looked down at me as I sat miserable and embarrassed by my body's reaction.

The cramps subsided slowly as the pressure dropped. The smell was awful and I really didn't understand why she stayed with me.

"Now perhaps you will pay a little more attention to your personal cleanliness from here on out. You will clean yourself out every morning you are here." , she said in a clinical tone of voice. "I have high standards for my pussyboys, and I'm going to hold you to them."

I couldn't say anything because of the cramps, but I nodded.

"Good. When you are finished I want you to finish washing the dishes. Then if you would like, you may eat."

She walked out of the room giving me a bit of privacy and a lot of time to think.

It was almost an hour later before I had finished my duties and had eaten. She came back into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down.

"Are you feeling all right?", she asked, sipping the hot brew.

"For the most part Madam. I'm still cramping a bit.", I said

"You'll get used to it. Cleanliness is vital in this business. I don't want you getting ill or a client getting ill."

"I can understand that. I guess I'm still a little nervous about what I'm going to be doing. especially with my problem."

She laughed at that.

"You're going to be a whore, not a stud. So it doesn't matter to the client."

Well if that was the case, I could stop worrying. At least about that.

"In fact, ", she continued," I have someone coming to see you tonight. She likes virgins, and you qualify."

Well then, I guess I could be sacrificed to a dragon. And thinking about that, if all you had to do was lose your cherry to avoid becoming dragon chow, why didn't more girls do that?

"I hope that I please the lady.", I said.

"You'd better.", was the cryptic reply.

I spent the rest of the day on my knees practicing my sucking technique. I never did reach the Kielbassa point, but I did well enough to get a passing grade.

"Well, at least you won't embarrass me too badly tonight", was all Madam Case had to say in acknowledgment of my aching jaw and burning throat.

"Practice makes perfect Madam.", I croaked out.

"Oh don't worry,you'll get plenty of practice before I return you to your Mistress. I have a special week planned for you."

"Dare I ask?", I said after taking a sip of water from the flask she had provided for me.

"No, you may not.", she said in a sweet tone that made me think of butterscotch coated cyanide.

I must have looked disgusted because she pushed me down and spanked me hard enough to make me yelp.

"I don't like dirty looks from my pussy boys. I'll tell you what I think you need to know, when I think you need to know it.", she said , standing over me.

"Yes Madam.", I said rubbing my ass.

"And that's another thing. You will call me Mistress Tamara from this point on."

"Yes Mistress Tamara"

I heard the clock in the foyer chime five o' clock and she looked towards the sound.

"Your client will be here in about an hour. I'd better get you ready for her."

She led me back down to the bathroom and ordered me to bend over the tub. Again the snap of the glove and the probing. This time I felt a cold slick sensation enter my asshole. I was being filled with something, but what. It felt like ..Jell-O?

"Stay put.", she said and walked away.

When she came back she handed me my street clothes and told me to put them on. As I dressed I could feel the substance in my ass leaking out slightly making a damp spot in my shorts.

Walking down stairs was an interesting sensation, I'll say that much. Sort of a sliding motion between my asscheeks.

I followed her into a sitting room just off the main hallway that had been hidden by a curtain. It was well furnished as a Victorian sitting room right down to replicas of the oil lamps from the period.

Madam Case, I mean Mistress Tamara sat down in a high backed chair and directed me to sit on the sofa across from her. She took a cigarette and her cigarette holder from a box on the table next to her and waited. I lit it for her with a match from a box on the table and sat back down to wait for my first client.

There was a chime at the door and a few moments later a short haired young woman walked into the parlor. She was dressed in jeans and a muscle shirt, and short boots. Over her shoulder was a backpack.

"Is this the new girl?", she asked Mistress Tamara without preamble.


"Stand up", the girl ordered. I stood for her

The girl examined me critically. She even pried my mouth open and inspected my teeth.I was dressed, but with her examination I felt naked and unprotected.

She turned back to Mistress Tamara finally.

"And he's a virgin", she confirmed.

"His ass won't even take two fingers without him moaning.", Mistress Tamara assured her.

The girl turned back to me and grabbed my ass and squeezed.

I felt the substance in my ass leak out a little more with her hard grip.

"Let's go", was all she said, and pulled me out of the room by my ass. She didn't even release her grip when we went up the stairs.

When we got into the bedroom she pushed me face down on the bed and put a foot on the back of my neck to keep me down. I heard a zipper and some metallic sounds ,a thump of something hitting the floor, then felt the touch of cold sharp metal on my back.

"Don't move , or you'll never walk again.", she said in a deadly quiet voice.

I held my breath. The blade moved down to my waist band , then I heard and felt the cloth being ripped apart exposing my ass. She ran the blade down my ass and I could feel the blade gliding across my quivering ,cringing flesh.

I heard her walk away and then the steps approached my head. She pulled my head up by the hair and showed me the blade.

The edge was now wet with blood, my blood. The blade was so sharp I hadn't even felt it cut me.

"I love taking a little blood from virgins, before I take their cherry. It gets me hot.", she said showing her teeth.

I tried to back away from her I was so scared. I was in a room with a woman with a very sharp knife, a lust for blood, and Goddess knows what else. She sensed the fear from me. And the fear excited her even more.

She let go of my hair and pushed my head back down into the mattress. I heard the cloth tearing as she sliced the shirt off me leaving me in the tattered remnants of my clothes. She grabbed my arm and forced me onto my back , then tore the rest of the clothing off me leaving me naked.

The lust in her was terrifying. This was not a lust for sex, this was a lust for power. A lust for total control of my body with or without my consent.

Lydia had beaten me, Minx had tormented me with my desires for her, but this woman wanted to...rape me.

I actually tried to struggle against her and she only found that more exciting.

"Fight me bitch boy. I love it!", she cried.

She wedged herself between my legs and pulled down the zipper of her pants and slid them down with a free hand.

I saw strapped between her legs a hard rubber prick .

I tried to keep her from getting to my ass, to no avail.

She slid her obscene plastic toy between my asscheeks and into my slippery puckered hole.

It hurt less than I expected, despite my trying to clench. She rammed it deep and hard into me over and over again. Her face wore a look of conquest as she took my near virgin hole.

I was helpless under her and to my horror I started becoming aroused by her force. I drifted into that warm fog of pain and pleasure. Then she shuddered as she orgasmed and howled like a wolf.

She pulled the toy from me with a squishing sound and laid back against the railing at the foot of the bed.

I laid there with the lubricant dripping from my ass hole like cum and reflected on the experience. I hated it and I loved it. I had been raped, violated, taken against my will for money.

I had been sold like a piece of meat. And I had given someone pleasure. Tremendous pleasure.

My mind tumbled over itself in confusion.

"Was it good for you?", my rapist asked me in a casual , matter of fact tone.

What could I say? I didn't even know what I thought about the experience yet.

"I've never been fucked that way before.", I said honestly. Well, it was true.

My heart was still pumping like mad from the rush. I tingled all over from the sweat that had broken out on my body.

She rolled off the bed and walked over to the backpack that was laying on the floor, her rubber prick bobbing at each step. She took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter , came back to the bed and sat down next to me.

She lit one and took a deep draught of smoke and let it out slowly, then offered it to me.

I waved it off and explained that I didn't smoke.

That drew a soft laugh from her.

"Don't drink or do drugs either I'll wager.", she challenged.

"You win. Never found a need to do so.", I said.

She took another drag and blew it towards me.

"But you're a whore. God I love that idea. A clean living slut." , she chortled

I didn't know if I should be insulted or not. I considered the source, and decided not to be. I might be working as a whore, but I still had my personal pride.

She finished her smoke and then reached for my still semierect prick and toyed with it.

"I want to see you cum. Play with it for me", she ordered.

I stroked it slowly and softly. I thought of the times I had seen women masturbate for me, to tease and torture me.

I tried to be as sensual as possible to provide a show of sorts for the client. I didn't think it was possible for me to turn anybody on with my body, such as it is, but judging from her reaction I must have been more successful that I thought.

Her pupils dilated as she watched my ever stiffening member grow closer and closer to erupting. Her breathing grew shorter as she watched. I closed my eyes on the brink of cumming then had my hand slapped away.

"Don't cum.", She said sharply.

I opened my eyes to see her holding the knife again at the base of my balls.

I froze. It has been suggested I might be a better slave without them, but until necessary, I was rather inclined to keep them where they were.

She rubbed the knife gently across my ball sack, and then pricked it gently with the point.

My erection started to fall as my fear washed away the desire from my body. At any moment I expected to feel the pain as I was separated from my glands. But she withdrew the knife and put it away again.

"You have good control for a virgin. Some of the new girls squirt despite my orders. Of course I punish them for it. A few hard slaps convince them to behave."

She rolled off the bed and removed her strap on dick and put it back in the backpack. Without another look at me she pulled her pants up, picked up her bag and left the room.

I waited for what seemed like a long time before I gathered the shreds of my clothing and made my way downstairs. I crept carefully past the sitting room, trying to avoid disturbing

Mistress Tamara and the woman who were engaged in conversation.

I thought I had succeeded when I was stopped by Mistress Tamara's voice.

"Come in here right now!", she commanded.

I crept back into the room and stood with my head down, holding the rags in front of my groin.

"Drop those rags right now!", Mistress Tamara snapped.

I let them fall and stood exposed to the two women in the room. I was actually embarrassed by my exposure and my nose started turning red.

"Come in here Rudolf and kneel before us.", Tamara demanded.

I shuffled my way into the room and knelt before them, keeping my head down and eyes averted.

"Did you thank the lady for using you?", was the next question.

"No Mistress, I didn't", I said discouraged.

I could hear the disapproval in her tone when she responded.

"You are not doing very well today. Thank her now for using your services."

I started to obey, but was stopped by a stinging slap across the face.

"You will look at her when responding. Remember that."

I looked up at the woman who had raped me. I was angry and embarrassed. I wanted to lash out or run away, but I knew that to do so would dishonor Minx. I drew from her expressed confidence in me to perform properly. I was an actor on a stage.

"Thank you for choosing to use me for your pleasure. I hope you enjoyed yourself.", I said in a respectful tone.

The look of suprise on her fact was worth the effort it took me to gain my self control.

"I did, thank you very much.", she said. "You have a very nice attitude in bed and are quite responsive."

I dipped my head in respect to her.

"You may go to your room downstairs Rudolf. I wll see you when I am finished.", Mistress Tamara ordered.

I stood and backed out of the room with my head bowed and returned to my little hole in the basement.

It wasn't too much longer before Mistress Tamara came down the stairs to where I was sitting on the steps to keep myself off the concrete.

"Are you all right?", she asked with a concerned tone in her voice.

I just looked at her. I had been raped at knifepoint. What a stupid question! I felt the rage build up in me again.

"Oh I'm just fine! I had my balls threatened with a knife and my ass raped. I'm terrific, thank you very much!" , I said heatedly.

"You agreed to do it.', she pointed out patiently

"How did I agree to that?", I sputtered.

"You agreed to follow the orders your Mistress gave you, and to follow my orders as your Mistress de jour. You were perfectly safe, I've known the lady for sometime now and while she scares the hell out of the new girls, she is really very sweet. And frankly quite profitable to me.

Now do I tell your Mistress that you failed to carry out her orders and mine, or do you calm down, take a nice hot bath, and relax.", she said firmly.

Some choice. Willful disobedience was sufficient to have me punished in most painful and humiliating ways. I had been punished once for getting above my position with her and disobeying, and would not like to repeat the episode. In fact, I still woke up in the middle of the night shivering in terror.

"Bath please Mistress Tamara.", I said shivering at the memory.

"Yes it is a bit chilly down here", she said mistaking my shivering for cold chills." Come along."

She led me back upstairs and up to the bathroom with the old tub and started running the water for me and added a pine scented bath oil to the water. The fragrant steam filled the room and warmed my tired aching bones.

"In", she said and pointed to the tub.

I slipped into the hot water and almost slid under the surface as my muscles relaxed for the first time in two days. I guess she slipped out of the room while my eyes were closed, because when I looked around to thank her for her kindness she was gone.

I reflected on what had happened to me in the past months as I soaked.

I had been kidnapped, taken by force and held prisoner, broken in spirit and will by a woman who I came to love.

Through her I came to realize that I was worthy of being loved after a long period of self hatred for a failure that cost the lives of my wife and daughter.

My involvement with Mistress Minx had reopened the world to me and had indeed taken me to places I had only dreamed of before.

My adventures had also cost me some blood as well but I owed much to her and the group known as Ay'esha for my rebirth.

I had sworn to serve Mistress Minx and Ay'esha until the day she released me, and I hoped that day would be far in the future. I knew it would come, but I would enjoy being in her service until that time.

I must have drifted off to sleep in the tub, because when I awoke the water was tepid. the light had been turned off and replaced by the glow of a candle. In a chair by the door sat Mistress Tamara in her robe ,dozing, holding a towel in her lap.

I watched her napping and thought how much different she was when we were alone. The public side,the Mistress, and the person she was were two different things. I could see great compassion in the person, masked in public by a brash attitude. I could see why Minx had her as a friend. She was indeed a great lady.

The stirring of the water roused her from her sleep and she looked towards the tub as I stood up and opened the drain.

"You took a bit of a nap and I didn't want to disturb you.", she said offering me the towel.

I took it from her and drying myself quickly, I then knelt at her feet.

"Thank you Mistress", I said.

She pulled me against her knees and started scratching my head gently as if I were a well cared for dog.

"You really did do well tonight. I'm sorry you were that frightened. I thought Minx had trained you for that service.", she said as I snuggled against her.

"No Mistress. I have been ass fucked before, but not like that.", I said

"I won't have you do that any more then. You are making progress at giving head, so perhaps I can use you as a cock sucker instead. But we'll talk about that tomorrow."

She tucked a finger under my collar and led me back to her bedroom and ordered me to lay on the floor at the foot of the bed. I laid down and she attached a chain to my collar.

The room was warm from the fire and I dropped off to sleep again on the rug, unafraid for the first time since I entered her house. The fire had burned down to ash and the room was cold when I awoke. I rolled over to look at Mistress Tamara and found the bed empty. I heard the toilet flush down the hall and then saw Mistress Tamara reenter the room. She was dressed in her bathrobe and a pair of ratty looking bunny slippers.

I couldn't help myself. The sight of such an imperious Mistress wearing bunny slippers struck me as funny. The giggle was soft, but apparently not soft enough to escape her notice.

"I take it you find something amusing this morning?", she said in a quite voice that belayed her anger.

I probably should have lied, but as a rule Mistresses are to be answered truthfully.It engenders a certain level of risk if it's a trick question, but you pays your money and takes your chances.

"Yes Mistress. I like your slippers.", I said looking down to hide my emerging smile.

She stepped closer and pulled my head back. Seeing the smile she grabbed my left nipple and twisted. I opened my mouth to gasp in pain and she slipped off one of the furry shoes and crammed it into my open mouth. I tried to spit it out but she held it in place until she could tie it in my mouth with the cord for the bathrobe.

"Now tell me how much you like them now?", she said, with an angry laugh of her own.

I mumbled my distaste around the fur and dirt. I now understood what having a hairball must feel like to a cat.

"We need to adjust your attitude. You seem to have forgotten how to show respect to your superiors. Perhaps Minx has been more lenient with you, but you are mine for the time being, and you will meet MY standards. Is that UNDERSTOOD?!", she proclaimed.

I nodded quickly.

My agreement was insufficient to mollify her and she unhooked the chain and grabbing my collar she led me out of the room, down the hallway, and into a room I hadn't been in before.

It was unfurnished except for an overhead light and a chair. It was the type of chair you find in an obstetrics clinic with the addition of heavy leather straps to restrain the victim, I mean patient.

She pushed me into the chair and placed an arm across my throat to restrain me while she strapped me into the chair with her free hand. As soon as my arms were restrained, she strapped my legs down leaving me spread and exposed to her wrath.

"I really think you need to be reminded of what you are to a Mistress."

She walked out of the room leaving me naked and fearful of her return.

It was a long nauseating wait with the dirty fur of the slipper making me want to gag. When Mistress Tamara reentered the room I had even more reason to be afraid.

Lydia was with her. The woman who had pronounced a death sentence on me when we last met.

Her position in Ay'esha had been damaged by my willingness to take Minx's punishment for my misbehavior. My action ultimately caused her departure from the organization, and until that day I had not seen or heard anything of her again.

They were both dressed in gray military uniforms and wore black officers hats. Lydia carried a short riding crop and her eyes lit up when she saw me.

I tried to warn Mistress Tamara of the danger but my grunts were ignored.

"This is the slave I was telling you about", Mistress Tamara said, indicating my struggling,grunting form.

"He looks like such a good slave. Who would have thought he would misbehave?", Lydia said evilly.

I was so scared I wanted to piss myself, then in the midst of the fear a thought occurred to me. She couldn't kill me here. That thought was replaced by another. She could just make me wish I were dead.

I started weeping as Lydia approached me, crop at the ready.

"He is such a baby.", Tamara said disgusted. "It's not like you're going to kill him or anything."

I grunted louder as Lydia approached. She leaned next to my ear and spoke quietly and fiercely.

"I never thought I'd have this chance, so I'm going to make it last as long as I can. Don't worry I won't kill you here. But you may wish for death when I'm done."

She stepped away and swung the crop viciously against my exposed thighs with an explosive sounding pop. The pain lanced through me and I screamed into the dirty gag.

I closed my eyes as the tears of pain and fear welled up.

"I didn't give you permission to close your eyes! Open them!", Mistress Tamara shouted. My head was pulled back and I felt another strap restrain my head. I stared into the blinding overhead light and my eyes streamed more tears.

She reached into a drawer built into the side of the chair and removed a set of nipple clamps and showed them to me. The teeth of the clips gleamed in the light like tiny daggers.

She placed them on my nipples and adjusted them tightly. I gasped and choked on the furballs in my mouth from the shock.

"Now slave, we will discuss your lack of manners.", Mistress Tamara started. "Mistress Minx may be somewhat more lenient in her treatment of you, but you are under MY orders here.

You will follow all orders given you, without question or debate. Is that clear?"

Her question was punctuated by Lydia applying the crop to the bottoms of my feet in a staccato pattern making me squeal into the gag in pain.

"You will not speak without permission. You will raise your hand if you need to speak. Is that understood?", was Tamara's next command.

I grunted my acknowledgment into the slipper. The light was blinding and the pain in my nipples was intense as I tried to control myself.

I tried to detach my mind from the pain as Mei Ling had taught me, but my control had withered from disuse and the pain flowed as freely as my tears.

My breath became more labored as Lydia applied the crop to my thighs again and again.

I didn't know why my cock and balls had been spared so far, and I wasn't sure I wanted to find out.

The blows stopped and I heard someone leave the room after a low voiced conversation.

Mistress Tamara came back into my range of vision and I heard her fumbling in the drawer for something.

She held her new torture device in the light. It looked like a cowboy boot spur. With a swift motion she rolled it up the side of my neck. The combination of pinpricks and pressure resulted in a mixture of pain and tickling up my neck. She repeated the action on the other side and then stepped back into the blinding light, putting a welcome shadow across my eyes.

"Are you learning your lesson slave?", she asked examining my eyes with a small flashlight she removed from the drawer.

I tried to nod as best as I could against the restraint of the head strap, and she took the motion as a sign of understanding.

"Now when Lydia returns, you will receive more punishment to reinforce your lesson. She really has taken a dislike to you for some reason. "

Some reason. If I could tell Mistress Tamara why, she might end the inquisition now. But if I did tell her, I might be in more danger. She did not know of Ay'esha ,I had learned from our earlier encounter but she might support Lydia's aims instead.

All I could do was plead for mercy with my eyes. I concentrated on her face to try and send a message mentally. For an instant there was a flash of comprehension in her eyes that faded.

My hopes of release were dashed as I heard boot steps approaching.

Mistress Tamara stepped back and Lydia stepped into view.

"Now, I have something very special for you slave. Perhaps a little of this treatment will make you a better slave." , she said with a poisonous look.

I felt her start stroking my cock , teasing it to erection despite the pain in my nipples.

I didn't have any idea what she was doing. The erection was painful, but far less pain that I thought she would inflict.

I felt her tie my cock so it would stay erect and she slapped it hard, but not as hard as I knew she could.

Then I felt a burning pain on my cock and balls. Not the burn of fire, but of ice. Crushed ice was being packed around my cock and balls searing me with the cold. Then even more pain as something else was poured over the ice. Water? I couldn't tell, but my cock and balls were on fire.

"You realize that's a waste of good Polish vodka.", Mistress Tamara commented.

"I'll buy you another later. I've always wanted to make a 'cocktail' like this one.", was Lydia's casual reply.

The ice and alcohol mix was packed around my cock and balls and I felt something being slipped over my exposed parts.

"The plastic bag should keep everything in place.", she continued." Less of a mess to clean up later. Especially when he starts bleeding."

"Bleeding?", Mistress Tamara questioned.

"Oh sure. With that much ice packed in there and the vodka, he'll get frostbite of the cock and balls in no time. Then when the blood returns he'll start bleeding as the skin warms up and peels like a sunburn." She laughed. "It's almost as much fun as skinning his cock, but this way it's much slower and more painful."

Part of my mind examined her words. I had been frostbitten before as a child when I became lost in a snowstorm on the way home from school. It hurt like fire when the blood returned. The idea of something as delicate as my cock suffering the same fate was horrifying.

The numbness crept into my loins as the ice and vodka did their evil work. I had managed to block the pain of the nipple clamps until Mistress Tamara removed them. The surge of blood into my nipples made me scream into the filthy shoe.

Time passed slowly. As it passed Mistress Tamara stood silent and watched the agony on my face as my lower body temperature dropped. I pleaded with her mentally for mercy and moaned into the gag.

"I think he's had enough.", she finally said looking at the pain in my eyes.

Lydia laughed.

"I don't. He was disrespectful to you. If he were mine I would have castrated him long ago for his attitude problems. I have always said they make better pets if you have them fixed."

I thought of an old family joke.We never said we were going to have an animal fixed. We always said we had them broken because they worked too well.

Mistress Tamara stepped away from my head and I felt pressure of the cord removed from around my cock. I couldn't feel anything else but I heard a soft splat of a liquid filled bag hitting the floor, so she must have removed the ice torture.

"I do have to return him to Mistress Minx at the end of the week. And she was very specific about not doing any physical damage to him. No scars or large wounds.", she said.

The reply was short and blunt, and not unexpected.

"Fuck her. I don't care what she wants.", Lydia said. "I'm having too much fun."

Bitch, I thought. Then I cringed inside at thinking that way even for a moment.Rebellion. Bad. Evil.

"You never did care about your toys, even as a little girl.", was all Tamara had to say.

She unstrapped my head and untied the gag, removing the slipper from my mouth.

I choked and spat fur out. I will never understand how cats take a bath and not throw up as a matter of course.

Then the pain started, slowly at first, then more and more intense as the blood returned to my cock and balls.

Think of the pain of having your foot fall asleep, then increase it by a factor of ten. I was wild with the fire in my crotch, pounding with each beat of my heart. I started howling with the pain until I was gagged again, this time with a rubber ball.

The fire of returning sensation seared me then receded into a slow simmering of pain.

Lydia laughed as my agony proceeded through its various stages. Her lust for revenge on me showed in her face.

Mistress Tamara started to remove the ball gag when Lydia struck my cock with her riding crop.

There was a flash of incredible pain that overwhelmed me and I mercifully passed out.

When I woke up I was chained to the bed I had been raped in, and a warm cloth was laying on my poor half frozen cock.

I started to sit up, but was stopped by Mistress Tamara entering the room.

"Planning on leaving us?", she asked sweetly.

"Uh, no Mistress." , I said quickly.

"Good. Now, I want some answers. I want them quickly and truthfully. What did you do to that woman, that would make her want to skin your cock?", she demanded.

I hesitated. I was sworn to secrecy about the existence of Ay'esha. But she was my Mistress and I was obliged to follow her orders.

"I met her some time ago when I first met Mistress Minx. We played and she got a little rough. Mistress Minx and she had a dispute, and well, she was kicked out of the group Minx and I were members of."

Well, it was the truth in a manner of speaking.

"She said to tell you something when you woke up. She said to tell you that it's not over."

I shuddered.

Mistress Tamara noticed and quickly assured me that Lydia had left just after I had passed out.

"She'll never come here again, I'll tell you that right now,", she continued. "but I have an important question for you. Do you wish to leave? I will tell Minx what happened and release you from my service if you wish."

I thought about it for a minute. Did I wish to leave? The logical part of me said not only yes, but hell yes. But there was the part that resembled Horton the Elephant. I meant what I said and said what I meant, an elephant is faithful one hundred percent. I couldn't walk away without at least trying to meet my obligations. I'd screwed everything up so far, but I had to keep trying.

"Thank you Mistress, but I'd rather stay if you don't mind."

Her eyebrows went up a notch at that.

"Are you sure? You've been through a lot today.", she reminded me, as if I needed the reminder.

"My mouth still works, and my ass may be dragging, but it ain't dead yet. So far I feel like I've disappointed you and Mistress Minx with my performance to date. Now it's a matter of pride."

"Pride goeth before a fall", she commented wryly.

"And when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.", I replied sitting up, causing the chains to rattle like Jacob Marley's in A Christmas Carol. "Trust me, I'm a trained professional idiot."

She sighed in annoyance and shook her head.

"Idiot is right. I don't understand why Minx puts up with you at all."

"Because at times I'm exceedingly cute.", I said fluttering my eyelashes at her.

"Lay down hero. I'll be back for you later. We'll see about cute after I put you in a skirt."

I did as I was told. After all she has the whip. She wins.

It was late in the day and the sunlight through the windows was tinged in red before Mistress Tamara returned and released me from my chains. She said nothing, but led me downstairs to the kitchen where a meal was waiting for me.

"Eat first. Then we'll talk about tonight."

I ate what was set before me as Mistress Tamara watched me . It was sort of like being under a microscope. She was mentally cataloging my every move, every little motion.

I finished my dinner and waited expectantly for her pronouncement.

She finished the cigarette she was smoking and indicated I should follow her back up stairs.

We went back into her room and into a dressing room just off her bedroom with a large dressing table and mirror.

"Now, lets see what sort of a woman you make. Mei Ling.'s sisters told me you look quite nice actually."

Now that was a memory I'd care to suppress. Being tied and dressed in a corset and wig by four young women was both humiliating and arousing to me.

I sat passively as she shaved my face with an electric razor, then applied an herbal mask to my face.

"This will take a little while, but if I'm going to put makeup on you, I need your skin to be clean.", she said.

Being encased in the mask was no better and no worse than any other form of bondage I'd been in before, so I endured it easily.

What I didn't endure quite as easily was her shaving my legs and arms. The hair pulled despite her caution and it was painful in brief bursts. I couldn't say anything or the mask would crack and we'd have to start all over again.

When the time came, the mask was peeled off and my skin in the mirror looked much better than it had in years. Not exactly the fountain of youth, but better than nothing.

A base coat of makeup was applied then a light dusting of face powder. I started to fight the false eyelashes and was slapped for my trouble. That required a reapplication of power, and even more time and effort. The lashes done, eye shadow was daubed on me.

I saw my face in the mirror losing some of the pretty boy features that had been attributed to me by a young slave girl at a party.

A long black wig was placed on my head, and then a bright red shade of lipstick was applied.

Mistress Tamara surveyed her work with a critical eye and handed me a pair of high heels.

"Put them on and stand up." , she ordered.

Well I did, and wobbled like a thin reed in a high wind on them.

She shook her head disdainfully.

"That will never do. You'll have to wear boots instead. Take them off."

I removed the shoes and sat back down again.

She rummaged through the pile of shoes on the floor in a corner and pulled out a pair of flat heeled boots and tossed them to me.

"Try those on."

I slipped them on and stood up again. The wider heel helped me stabilize my position and I walked a bit more gracefully, though not a whole lot better.

"That will do. Take them off and stay standing." , she commented

I removed the footwear and stood waiting for the next indignity to my person.

It came soon enough in the form of black silk panties and a miniskirt.

"Put them on, while I get your corset and a blouse."

I did as I was told and shivered slightly at the touch of cool silk on my shaven legs and still sensitive cock. I slipped the skirt on and curtsied to myself in the mirror. I resisted the urge to start singing "I feel pretty", only because my voice doesn't go that high. Although if Lydia had been left to her own devices, I could have joined the Vienna Boys Choir.

I was preening myself and didn't notice Mistress Tamara returning until it was way too late.

"Camp suits you ", she said as she placed the corset on me and started lacing it up tightly. I felt like a toothpaste tube being squeezed by a giant hand as she laced it tighter than it had been before.

My chest pushed up into cleavage again and she handed me the blouse.

I slipped it on and buttoned it all the way up without thinking. That drew a stinging rebuke from the Mistress about my modesty.

"Leave the buttons open so your tits show. You're a slut, not a lady", she snapped, as she undid them."Now I'm going to put a garter belt and stockings on you as well before we go out."

"Uh, go out Mistress?", I stammered.

"You mean I didn't tell you? We're going out tonight and you're going to turn tricks for me. Understood?"

I didn't know if she was kidding or not. But I knew I was going to find out one way or the other.

The promised stockings and garter belt were taken from a drawer and handed to me with a look that indicated compliance would be advisable.

I put them on and replaced the boots.

She looked me over again and directed me to go downstairs and wait in the parlor for her.

I waited for what seemed like an hour. It may be a bit sexist, but it does seem to take longer for a woman than a man to get ready. After what I'd been through, I had a better understanding of the problem.

When Mistress Tamara appeared in the parlor my viewpoint really got tumbled.

She wasn't dressed as a she any more. In fact she looked more like my Uncle Max than my Aunt Joy.

She was dressed in a man's suit, a white hat ,and dark glasses. Her breasts had been flattened, and in short she looked like a very tough guy.

I had seen her in a tux before, but this?

"OK 'ho, let's go.", was all she said leading me to the car.

The ride this time was a little slower, but the destination was one hell of a lot less amusing than the last time we went out. This time we wound up in a, well , less than desirable neighborhood, as a real estate agent would say.

I'd say a slum.

The bar she led me into could be charitably described as a dive, if you were in a mood to be charitable. If not, call it a dump.

As she led me in I saw a number of women hanging around the bar, and at tables scattered around the room. The male occupants of the room were not exactly the type of folks I hung around with as a rule, but Mistress Tamara stalked through the room like a tiger , defying anybody to speak or approach.

She sat me down in a table in the corner with our backs to the wall and went back to the bar to get a couple of drinks. She came back with a couple of beers and another woman. Or at least she looked like one until she spoke to me.

"So this is your new girl, huh Jess? She's cute", the low voiced woman intoned as she sat across from me.

Cute. Cute?. Oy!

His/Her hand found it's way up my skirt and onto my upper thigh., and started stroking me just above the nylon line.

I started to move to stop her (I'll use her in deference to his assumed sex), and was stopped by Mistress Tamara's (or in deference to her assumed sex), Jess's hand.

"If she wants to play with you, you'll let her do it. You are a whore for anybody that wants to hire you. And if a client wants to sample the stuff before buying , you'll let them. Got it?", she said harshly.

"Yes sir.", I said, chastised.

"Well mannered, too", my groping new friend said.

"Yeah, she had her balls beat today. She knows better than to fuck with me."

My new friend looked at Jessie with respect.

"And she's out here tonight? You are good."

Jess lit a cigar she pulled from her jacket pocket.

"I told you. My bitches don't fuck with me."

"Is she any good?"

Jess blew smoke at me and answered "That's what I wanted to see you about."

My fondler looked at Jess with new interest.


Jess leaned towards her and said in a conspiratorial tone of voice , " I need you to show her how to put a condom on with her mouth."

I started to get up and was again restrained, this time by the hand gripping my thigh.

"You mean she . . . oh I love it!. Come along little girl, let Mama Sandy teach you what you need to know." , the "woman" said. She moved her hand of my thigh and onto my arm and led me towards the back of the bar.

When we had passed out of the view of the rest of the room, she dragged me through a doorway and pushed me to my knees. A dim light filtering in through a grimy window let me see her pull her cock out of her panties and push it into my face.

With a practiced motion she removed a condom from her handbag and stripped the wrapper off.

"Ever blow bubble gum bubbles little girl?", she asked handing me the condom.

I took it and slipped it into my mouth. It was flavored thank the Goddess. I tried to get it into position, and after a minute succeeded.

"OK now, blow into it just enough to form a bubble and move towards my cock.", was the next instruction.

That's when I started to back away and was seized by the back of the head and forced over her cock. I had just enough pressure to slide the condom on in the bubble and it slid on smoothly. The problem then was simple enough. She wasn't going to let me go.

"Suck me whore. I want to make sure you did it right. Make me cum!"

My head was released and I started to slide my mouth off her cock. As soon as the head of the cock was showing, she pushed me back again.

I tried to remember everything Mistress Tamara had taught me about cocksucking, and tried not to think of the man in woman's clothing I was servicing. I tried to separate myself from the action mentally and concentrate on giving pleasure. That was the goal. Give this person pleasure.

My feelings were unimportant. Please Mistress Tamara and Mistress Minx. It became a mantra. Give pleasure. Give pleasure. Give pleasure.

My instructor moaned and I felt the change in the rubber as she came . It bulged from the hot seed that was trapped inside it .

She pulled my head away and slipped off the condom, trapping the hot seed inside.

"Follow me."

She led me back to the table where Jess was waiting and sipping her beer.

"Well?", she demanded of Mama Sandy.

"Not bad, not great, but for a new girl, not bad."

To my embarrassment she tossed the filled condom on the table in front of me.

"She was good enough to make me cum.", Mama Sandy crowed, loud enough to attract the attention of the people at that end of the bar.

I could feel myself blush. I wanted to slide under the table and hide, but feared if I slid under the table, it might be taken as a sign. Like "Open for Business".

"Good", Jess said. She turned to me where I was crimson under the makeup, shamed by the public commentary.

"Now, little girl. That's one full one. I'm going to put you out on the street, and when I pick you up in three hours, I want four more. And I want the money. Fuck up and I'll beat the shit out of you."

She pushed me out of my chair and walked me out the back door into the alley.

I fell to my knees and begged her not to make me go out, but she laughed at my pleas and pushed a package of condoms into my hand.

"You wanted to feel like a slut. You wanted to be treated like a slut. Now baby, you are one. Get your ass out on that street corner and I'll see you here in three hours." , was her fierce response.

I walked to the end of the alley and up the hill to the street corner.

The fog was beginning to roll in as I made my way to the corner I'd been told to wait at.

A car passing by slowed down and then sped up again as I stopped to adjust my stockings. I guess I was showing a lot of leg, although in the skirt I was in I thought I was showing a lot more cheek.

And there I was, dressed to thrill with a three hour time limit and a four client minimum.

Now what? I tried to look like the other girls I could see in the area. I started walking down the hill towards the adult bookstores to see if I could chase up a little business that way.

I tried to walk casually towards the stores, taking my time so that anybody passing by could get a look. I was a nervous wreck, being in drag publicly.

A police car cruised by and I tried not to look away or react. After all, they had seen this sort of thing before. One of the cops looked right at me. I hoped I didn't impress them as an attractive nuisance.

He didn't react and the car soon pulled away in search of real criminals.

As I walked by the first bookstore, a young guy gave me a brief look and then started following me. I slowed my pace to see if he was interested, but he passed me up and entered a theater showing gay movies.

I decided that maybe I'd have better luck if I went into one of the bookstores.I entered the next store and watched the customers react to me. One black guy looked at me, glanced away, and then motioned towards his crotch.

I nodded and then followed him into the back of the store where movies were shown in small booths.

He went into one of the booths, but when I tried to follow I found the door was locked.

I went into the next booth and found a hole cut in the wall about waist high.

I peeped through the hold and saw my potential client unzipping his pants.

"Hey baby, it's not free", I muttered through the hole.

He stopped and pulled money out of his wallet and slipped it through the hole.

I tucked it into my panties and got on my knees and waited. His dick slid through the hole and I stroked it to get it hard enough to put the condom on.

I thought about sucking Master Melody's hard black rubber prick and started getting aroused. As the real man prick got harder I slipped a condom over it, and took it in my mouth.

It smelled different than Mama Sandy's and was longer, but not wider.

I took it deep into my throat, this time relaxing so that I could take the full length into my slutty mouth. I sucked and licked it, and then felt the shudder as he came after only a few minutes.

He pulled away as I removed the condom. Two down, three more to go.

I waited for him to leave the booth before I did. When I was sure he was gone I opened the door, and slipped out to find my next trick.

Number two was in an alley behind the store. All this guy wanted was a hand job, so that was cheap and easy. Three down.

The trouble came with number four. He started feeling me up in an X rated theater I was cruising and hit the bulge in my panties.

He started to say something, and I cut him off quickly.

"Look baby, you want your dick sucked. What do you care if I'm a guy or not? "

"I want a woman , not a fag boy with fake tits.", he snarled.

I started to walk away, when he hit me in the back of the head. I turned and kicked him in the balls hard enough to make my foot hurt through the boot, and left him in the back of the theater wrapped around himself.

I had to hide for a little while and get my nerve back, and well as to let my head stop ringing.

I was running out of time and it was getting colder and foggier. I bought a cup of coffee from a corner shop and started back towards the bar.

As I got to the top of the hill a little red sports car pulled up. The passenger side window rolled down and a woman's voice invited me to get in.

I didn't know the woman When I saw the man who was driving, my heart nearly stopped.

It was one of the senior VP's of the bank. Oh shit. Even Minx couldn't save me if he found out who I was.

"Like to make a quick hundred?", she said. "Get in"

I thought about trying to run, but abandoned the idea. I could always threaten to rat him out at the bank if I got caught.

The door opened and I got inside.

"Look, babe. My wife likes to get it on with another woman. I'm not into that myself, but she likes it. And she thought you looked good. How about it?", he asked.

I kept my voice low and soft.

"You want to watch us, honey?", I asked.

"No," he said shaking his head. " Just you two. You interested?"

I figured when we were alone, I could tell his wife that I wasn't what I appeared to be.

The car pulled away and we soon parked in front of a sleazy hotel. His wife got out before I did and entered the lobby, with me following her.

She walked past the desk clerk and up the stairs to the second floor. I followed her into the room and she locked the door behind me. She threw the money on the dresser and started taking her clothes off.

I just stood there, not really knowing what to do.

When she laid down on the bed and spread herself out for me, I resigned myself to the inevitable and knelt between her legs and started eating her out.

I took my time and smeared my makeup badly in the process, but eventually made her cum.

When she finished shuddering in orgasmic bliss, she reached under the skirt for my crotch. Before I could back away she discovered my little....secret, and sat up .

"Please don't say anything. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but I never had a chance to.", I stammered.

I started to leave, but she grabbed me by the panties and stopped me.

"I knew from the start. I like guys in panties, and you looked hot!"

I started blushing again. I'm built more like a chunk than a hunk, and hot is not generally a word I used in describing myself. But as they say, clothes make the man. Or in this case the woman.

Pulling the skirt off and leaving me in my panties, she started playing my cock through the panties, and despite how sore it was from the ice burns I started getting hard. The tip of my cock peeked out from the top of the pantied and she teased it with her fingernails.

I moaned in a combination of pain and pleasure as she teased it.

"Take those things off and fuck me ." , she demanded, pulling the panties off. The full condoms plopped onto the floor as she looked on.

"Trophies?", she asked sarcastically.

I picked them up blushing wildly.

"I have to bring four full condoms back to my," my mind whirred searching for the right word, and settling for , " pimp to show I've been working."

"I only see two. You need three more.", she said counting them.

"My pimp has one already. I just need two more."

"Then I guess you fuck me twice.", was her lazy reply.

I just looked down at her in amazement.

"Don't look so suprised. I'm paying you for sex. I intend to get it. "

Well, pretty hard to argue with that. I just hoped I could keep my erection given the problems I'd had earlier.

An hour later and three condoms I returned to the bar where I found Jess waiting impatiently for me at the same table as before.

"Took you long enough bitch. Show me what you've done.", she commanded.

I handed her the money first. I hadn't even counted it . My last trick had tipped me generously, and slipped me her card for the next time I needed some quick cash.

I had no intention of taking her up on it, but it's nice to be wanted.

"Not bad. And the proof?"

I pulled the condoms out of my panties and gave them to her.

She examined them critically, then ordered me to crawl under the table and put my face in her crotch.

I did as I was told, and Jess looked down at me with an evil smile.

"Now slut. Here's what you wanted."

With that she broke the condoms over my upturned face and poured the contents over my face.

I had cum in my face and my nose, and even running into the hair under the wig. When I started to wipe it away, she slapped my hand down.

"You're going to wear it ,bitch. Now, eat me until I cum all over your face as well.", she snarled, sliding her pants down.

I applied my mouth as directed and lapped her wetness , rubbing my face in her mound .

She moaned and bucked as I knelt on the dirty barroom floor giving my Mistress de jour the pleasure she demanded of me.

It was sometime later that she pushed me away and ordered me to crawl out from under the table and sit down next to her.

When I did, she took my hand and looked into my eyes.

"Are you all right. Did anybody hurt you?", she asked in a quiet, kind voice.

"Got punched in the back of the head. I kicked the guy in the balls and walked away.", I said trying to minimize the incident.

"Did you enjoy yourself?"

I had to think about it. Did I enjoy myself? I guess I had really. For a little while I wasn't me, I was someone else. I was desirable. In fact, having people pay me for sex was flattering.

Then the bad parts crept in and reminded me that parts of it weren't much fun at all.

"Sort of. Can we go home now Sir?", I asked.

She smiled and indicated yes.

The car was still intact, despite the neighbors and/or the hoods, and we drove back towards her house. Or at least that's where I thought we were going.

Instead of her house, she drove me to Minx's house. I could see from the lighting that Minx had returned home

We stopped in front of the house and Jess or by this time, Mistress Tamara, led me reluctantly inside to face my Mistress.

Mistress Minx was waiting for us at the door, and I hung my head in embarrassment as I knelt before her in the doorway.

I was left there as the two women conferred out of my hearing, and then returned.

"Mistress Tamara says you had an incident with Lydia while I was gone.", Mistress Minx said.

"Yes Mistress", I said. "I didn't do very well with her."

"I know. And Mistress Tamara has taken the responsibility for Lydia's presence. She also told me that you were less than specific about your initial meeting with Lydia."

"Yes Mistress."

I waited for the rebuke for perhaps being too cautious about things.

"I told her that she didn't need to know, and that you were following my orders on the subject."

I sighed softly in relief.

"On the other hand, ", she continued. Uh oh." she told me you showed a lack of respect to a Mistress, and that you were punished for it. I will discuss that matter with you later."

Mistress Tamara reached into her pocket and pulled out the cash I had earned that night and presented it to Minx with a flourish.

"He is good for something you know. His, I'm sorry, her first night on the street wasn't too bad."

Minx turned to her in suprise, nay, shock.

"You had him out turning tricks? What were you thinking?", she snapped angrily.

Mistress Tamara reminded Minx that I was sent to her for her use.

"I didn't intent that you put him out of the street. In the house is one thing, but he's not a street whore."

I was flattered. At least I think I was.

"You said he was mine for the week to use him as I chose. And I chose to turn him out."

I though Minx was going to explode at that point, but I saw her regain control before she spoke again.

"Of course. I wasn't specific about his limits. But he knows them, and frankly I think he was showing off a little. "

She turned her attention to me where I was still kneeling, head down.

"Look at me Michael."

I snapped my head to attention.

"If I ever find out you've been turning tricks on the street again, I'll take your collar away and banish you. You are not a street whore, and you will not demean me or yourself by behaving like one.

"If you want to work in her House, you may on occasion. But you will never be a streetwalker again.", she ordered.

This declaration was made in a tone of voice that would have caused Goliath himself to shake in his loin cloth.

She saw the scolding take it's effect on me as tears filled my eyes. Her tone softened then and a hint of a smile appeared.

"You're cute though."

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