The Diaries of Ay'esha

The Diaries of Ay'esha tell the story of Michael Forbin's abduction and training by a member of a secret society named Ay'esha. The avowed purpose of this group of women is to bring peace to the world by training the men in the world into submission and manipulating them into doing the bidding of the group.

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The Diaries of Ayesha

Brief Encounters
Michael becomes an obscure object of desire and desires an obscure object

Rocky Mountain High

Author: Dr. Charles Forbin
©Copyright 1997

"Yes I have quite a surprise prepared for you.", I heard Mistress Angel say through the door as I lay in the darkness wondering what she was doing.

"Well you've certainly kept it a secret.", I heard another woman's voice say.

I was a bit concerned. Who was this other person?

When Mistress Minx had told me to be ready to serve someone else I expected she would be present.

Instead I was handed a letter from a woman named Mistress Angel and told to follow the instructions in the letter

I had followed her instructions: Fly to Aspen.

"I will be at the Woody Creek Inn, room 120. Be there Friday."

I had arrived, and found a note addressed to me on the door.


"There is a package waiting for you at the front desk. Use the item you find in it and then knock on the door. Do not disobey me."

I went back down to the desk clerk and asked for the package.

She smiled at me and handed me a brown paper wrapped package, and winked.

In the privacy of a stall in the men's room I opened the package and found a black hood that would cover my head entirely.

I was a little unsure of that, but decided I'd trusted her this far, so why not go all the way.

I returned to the hallway and donned the hood. Taking a deep breath I knocked on the door and waited.

The door behind me opened and I felt myself being pulled backwards into the room.

"Surprise.", a warm voice whispered into my ear. "Now get on your knees."

I knelt and waited.

"I've been waiting for this for a very long time Michael. I've been thinking about this moment. And now that I do have you, I'm not sure where to start.", she said.

I just waited.

"I think the first thing I want is to see you naked. Your pictures don't do you justice.", she decided, " Strip!"

I stood and removed my clothing and tried to fold it neatly and put it down as Mistress Minx insisted I do, to the amusement of the Mistress.

"Are you always this neat?", she asked, running a sharp fingernail down my back.

"No Mistress. I was trained to do this.", I answered softly.

I stood before her, naked and exposed, vulnerable. I shivered slightly.

"Are you frightened Michael?", I heard her breath into my ear.

"Yes, a little.", I admitted.

"You should be. I've never had a slave before, not one like you. I can do things to you that I never could to anyone else."

She slapped her hand across my ass and laughed at the sound.

"Arms behind your head, now!", she snapped.

I stood before her as ordered, and then I heard the click of a lighter and heard her intake of breath.

A moment later I felt the heat of her cigarette near my nipples.

"This is getting me very excited. Perhaps I should take some of your hair off.", she teased.

I held my breath in fear until the heat drew away.

"Don't worry. I promised Mistress Minx I wouldn't do anything to mark you like that. She is really being very generous by letting you serve me. She and I have been talking about you a lot."

Now I was even more nervous. Anytime Mistresses start comparing notes, a slave is in deep shit.

Sometimes literally.

She left me standing silently, while she touched my body softly, stroking my skin, and teasing my cock until it became erect.

"Mmmm. You do have a nice little toy there. Perhaps I'll use it to please me later. After I've tortured you with your own urges."

I felt her fasten a collar around my neck and then felt the tug of a leash as she slowly led me across the room. It was a short trip and a soft landing as she pushed me down onto what felt like a bed.

"Spread out for me Michael. I don't want you going anywhere."

I spread my arms and legs and felt her tie me down firmly to the bed, then she pulled the hood up enough to expose my mouth.

I felt her settle down on my face and for the first time tasted her salty wetness. I lapped at it like a well trained dog, sliding my tongue deep into her, probing her wet hole.

I felt her body respond and shudder with each motion of my eager mouth until she raised herself and I felt the bed move.

"I'll be back later.", she said in a throaty voice.

I heard the door click closed and laid there licking her sweet wetness off my lips. It was a long wait until I heard my Mistress outside that door, talking to another woman. What did she have in mind, I wondered.

I heard the door open and heard a gasp of surprise.

"What is this?", the new voice said in astonishment.

"This is my slave. And he's here to give us pleasure in anyway we'd like to use him.", my Mistress explained.

"Where did you find him?", the new voice asked.

"Oh, I found him on the Internet. He writes the most wonderful stories about submission. I wrote to his Mistress and she gave me permission to use him."

I felt a hand on my cock stroking it.

"Think about it. We can ride his dick all night if we want. He's just a piece of meat to be used. And it's what he really wants, isn't it slave?", she asked.

"Yes Mistress," I moaned. "I just want to give you pleasure."

"Don't worry about it, you will. And you will give Mistress Blondie your best service as well."

"Angel!", Mistress Blondie said in a shocked tone.

"You may not want to use him, but I do. He's going to eat me out, and then afterwards I'm going to make him eat his own cum out of me. Now, do you want to make use of this nice hard prick first or not?"

Mistress Angel resumed her seat upon my face and I once more tasted her hot wetness. She stroked me and I moaned into her crotch and then I felt weight on me and my cock slid into a hot wet hole and I heard a soft moan.

"You see, it's fun. A nice hard cock and you don't have to worry about him liking it."

I felt the rhythm of Mistress Blondie's muscles squeezing my engorged cock with each stroke making me lap Mistress Angel faster and faster.

I wanted to howl I was so aroused. I wanted to cum in Mistress Blondie's pussy, but I couldn't speak to ask permission. I tried to control myself. I wanted to shoot my seed like an animal, but my fear of punishment stopped me.

Then Mistress Angel shuddered and moaned , her hot cum running over my face as Mistress Blondie's body shook in orgasm.

Mistress Angel raised herself off my face and then turned and sat down again, my face in her crotch .For the first time I saw her face in person as she removed my hood.

She wore a corset and a merry smile on her face.

"It's nice to meet you Michael. And I hope it was nice to eat me.", she said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Oh yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress.", I murmured

"Did he please you Blondie?", she asked.

"No. He didn't cum.", she complained.

She leaned past Mistress Angel and I thought I was looking at a twin for a moment.

"I wanted his cum."

Mistress Angel looked down at me with disdain.

"And why didn't you cum in her?", she demanded.

"Because you said you wanted it. I wanted to save it all for you.", I said guiltily." I can only cum about three times in an hour."

There was a silence.

"Three times?", Mistress Angel demanded.

"Yes Mistress , I'm sorry.", I said sadly.

She slipped off my face and pulled Mistress Blondie off my still hard cock.

"Let him eat your cunt for awhile. I've got to feel this.", she said sliding onto my cock.

The hot wetness was almost enough to make me cum right there, but I controlled myself for a couple of minutes, but the feeling of her hot animal wetness and the smell and taste of Mistress Blondie's freshly fucked pussy drove me over the edge and I shuddered and shot my hot seed into Mistress Angel.

She clamped her pussy muscles around my semi erect cock and waited until Mistress Blondie came again.

As Mistress Blondie slipped off me, Mistress Angel once more put her wet hot slit in my face, only this time I tasted her juices and mine.

"Eat me clean, slave.", she hissed.

I could see Mistress Blondie watching from the corner of my eye as I lapped all of the cum and sperm from her most holy pussy.

When Mistress Angel slid off me she looked at her friend and asked if she wanted me again.

"No, I'd like to rest. I'll watch you though.", she said.

Mistress Angel didn't say anything, but released my legs and then retied them so my knees were raised and my asshole was exposed.

"Now, that you've fucked me, it's time for me to fuck you.", she said, walking away and taking Mistress Blondie with her.

When they returned a few minutes later, they were both wearing black strap on dildo's and Mistress Angel was carrying a container of lubricant with a nozzle on it.

"Please, " , I started to beg , and was silenced by Mistress Blondie shoving her rubber prick in my face.

Mistress Angel squirted a little lubricant out of the end of the nozzle and then slid it up me open asshole.

A quick squeeze of the lubricant bottle and I felt a warm substance fill my ass. She removed the nozzle and then slid her big black rubber dong into my waiting asshole.

She pumped my ass slowly at first, my moans being gagged by Mistress Blondie's ersatz cock.

"Yes my little whore," Mistress Angel crooned, "take my cock in your ass. I'm going to fuck you until you cum again."

She pumped me faster and faster and I became more and more aroused. I wanted it, I wanted her cock in my ass. I wanted Mistress Blondie to squat on my face and feed me her ass. I wanted to be used like a whore, to be degraded for the pleasure of these two Mistresses.

And then the pleasure was too much and I squirted my hot cum up my chest and spattered my face with it.

One final stroke and Mistress Angel thrust herself into me all the way making me want to scream and then she held me again her, bucking as my submission brought her to another orgasm.

She slid her cock out and I gasped at the sudden pain of it's removal.

"Your turn.", she said unstrapping the rubber dong.

Mistress Blondie pulled her cock from my mouth and changed positions with Mistress Angel.

Her prick slid up my asshole easily and she giggled.

"For the first time, I'm the one having sloppy seconds.", she snickered, sliding the toy deeper into my ass.

A few minutes later, she came and pulled out, then dropped the toy on the floor.

Mistress Angel untied me and ordered me to the floor.

I rolled off the bed and laid there, my face at her feet, thanking her for using me like that whore I felt I was that night.

"Oh, we're not done yet Michael. By the time this weekend is over, you'll be very well used. And we will be very well pleased. Or else.", she said.

I spend that night sleeping between the two women, occasionally being fed a nice warm nipple, and otherwise being stroked and cuddled.

I slept well and the next morning Mistress Angel untied me and led me to the bathroom.

I started to use the toilet when she grabbed my cock and squeezed it.

"Get in the tub slave.", she ordered.

I lay down as directed on the cold enamel and she turned on the shower. As soon as the hot water hit me my bladder emptied and my piss spouted like a whale blowing. As it trickled over me, she stood over my cock and spread her legs.

A hot gush of her piss spent itself on my cock and balls and was rinsed away by the torrents of hot water.

"Now let's get cleaned up and go to breakfast.", she said handing me the soap.

A few minutes later Mistress Blondie joined us in the shower and I spent a more than pleasant twenty minutes scrubbing the two women clean.

I applied the towels to both of them and dried them so they could get dressed. Myself I expected to wait in the room for them to return, but was surprised by an order to get dressed and come to breakfast with them.

Breakfast was a buffet affair served on the patio overlooking the ski slopes. I served the two women their food and waited for permission to eat myself.

Mistress Angel looked over at me with a slight smile and suggested I feed her grapes.

I reached over and plucked one for her, and did the same for Mistress Blondie.

I fed them both grapes ignoring the stares of the other people on the patio. I switched from the fruit to sausages, and watched Mistress Angel tease me as she sucked the links into her mouth.

After a few minutes, she tired of the game, and let me eat my breakfast in peace.

After breakfast it was off to the ski slopes for the two women, my job being reduced to carrying the equipment.

I had a peaceful hour watching them ski, enjoying the clean air, and unabashedly watching the snowbunnies.

The two Mistresses finished their morning skiing and I carried the equipment back to the room while they enjoyed a hot drink. When I came back they suggested we take a walk.

Our path took us towards an equipment shed off the normal path. Parked outside was an old dogsled and harness.

I could see the wheels turning in Mistress Angel's head but before I could speak she had picked up the harness and was measuring me for size.

"You've been a pig, and a fox. Now it's time for you to be a sled dog."

That afternoon I was wearing only a pair of shorts and shoes as the two Mistresses drove me across the new snow away from the tourists and the onlookers.

I'd never pulled a sled before and the women were not exactly light, but I still made reasonable speed across the snow.

I was at least faster than the Postal Service.

Mistress Angel drove me on with the whip, lashing across my bare shoulders, the sting of the whip enhanced by the cold of the air. After a long slow mile we entered a secluded grove and the Mistress ordered me to stop.

I did, and stood panting in the thin air of the mountains.

She unharnessed me and ordered me to roll in the snow, which I did with pleasure, feeling the coolness on my burning skin.

I laid there looking up at the blue sky above and listened to the breeze blowing through the trees. The two women walked away and I relaxed into the sounds of nature. Their voices carried well through the thin air and I heard Mistress Blondie remark she need to go back to the resort and go to the bathroom.

"No you don't", Mistress Angel replied.

I waited, eyes closed, knowing the outcome of the conversation.

"Look up at her Michael.", I was ordered.

I looked up to see Mistress Blondie standing over me, her ski pants lowered.

"Tell her you want it. She doesn't believe me.", Mistress Angel ordered.

"I would be honored if you'd piss on me Mistress Blondie. I wish to give you pleasure.", I said softly.

She looked down at me hesitantly, and then the first trickle of her piss dribbled onto me.

I moaned at the contrast between the cold of the snow and the hot urine and the moan caused her to stop.

"No please don't stop. I want it Mistress, please.", I pleaded.

She released another trickle and then I heard her sigh as she released the contents of her bladder all over me.

Her hot piss started me peeing and soon the snow was a light yellow tint.

I started to get up, but Mistress Angel added her hot load and I laid there, bathed in the hot piss of my Mistresses.

When She ordered me up I looked down at a yellow tinted snow angel and started to giggle.

"What's so funny Michael?", Mistress Angel asked with an edge in her voice.

"I was just thinking of a song Mistress.", I said, trying not to laugh.

"Tell me."

"Watch out where the huskies go, and do not eat that yellow snow.", I sang.

I was rewarded with a fast moving handful of yellow snow from Mistress Blondie while Mistress Angel groaned.

Later as we soaked in the hot tub, the both of them snuggled against me and whispered of the nasty obscene things they had in mind for that night, touching me under the water, teasing my cock until I wanted to cum.

I served the two Mistresses dinner that night in the room, wearing my collar and kneeling to serve each course to these two beautiful women.

The meal had come to the after dinner wine stage, and I served them champagne to go with the strawberries I had located.

Mistress Angel dipped the berry in the sparkling wine and nibbled it until she reached the stem. Mistress Blondie followed her example, and soon the berries we gone, and the wine sipped away.

I cleared up the dishes and resumed kneeling before my Mistresses.

Mistress Angel ordered me to fetch her purse and I did, bringing it back in my teeth like a dog, causing Mistress Blondie to giggle.

My Mistress took it from my mouth and placed it on the table. She took a cigarette holder and cigarette case out of her purse and slowly inserted the cigarette into the holder.

With a deliberate motion she lit it with a silver plated lighter, and drew on it.

I watched her, hypnotized as always by the sensual movements of the smoke as it trickled from her lips. As she smoked she teased my cock with her boot heel, my erection growing as the cigarette burned away.

She would occasionally tip the ash onto my body in a fine rain to the watching eyes of Mistress Blondie.

When she finished the cigarette, she pushed my body backwards onto the floor and stood over me.

"Are you horny little piglet? Do you want to be fucked?", she demanded.

I whimpered in a mixture of fear and desire. I wanted to be used, to have my cock played with.

She sensed my desire and reached down and ran a finger across the head of my cock, dabbing the precum off it.

She looked at it and then at Mistress Blondie.

"Do you want him first tonight?", she asked.

Mistress Blondie shook her head.

"You got him started. You can have him first.", she demurred.

"Get on the bed slave. NOW!", I was commanded.

I lay on the bed waiting for my Mistress.

She and Mistress Blondie spoke quietly for a moment and then they both disrobed, and climbed on the bed, Mistress Blondie straddling my face, her tight white ass above my eager lips.

"Kiss my ass slave. Put your tongue up my asshole.", she hissed.

I drove my tongue deep into her ass, probing her delicate rosebud, sucking it.

As I did, I felt a hot mouth go over my cock, and my mind dissolved into a mass of pleasure, my body responding to the siren call of the two Mistresses. Their smells and tastes and touches flooded my mind.

I felt desired and wanted from the attention.

Then with a shudder I came into the hot mouth of my Mistress despite my attempts to control myself.

Mistress Blondie slid off my face and Mistress Angel grabbed my head and kissed me deeply, raping my mouth with hers and spitting the hot seed from her mouth into mine.

She slid her hot cunt against my cock and rubbed against it like a dildo and a second wave of orgasm shook me, my sperm spurting up her belly and falling in sticky drops on my body.

She released my head and then Mistress Blondie mounted me, riding my cock, while Mistress Angel fed me her hot desirable ass.

"I know what you really want slave. And perhaps someday I'll do it to you. You want to taste my hot nasty ass, devour the contents of my holy ass. Someday I will. Dream about it little pig, but for now enjoy what I give you.", she cried as I fucked her ass with my tongue.

A shuddering cry and Mistress Blondie came from my slowly wilting cock deep inside her.

She slid off me as Mistress Angel rose from my face, and then smothered me in her hot cumfilled hole as Mistress Angel laughed.

"You see. It's fun to have a sex slave. And that's what he's here for. To lick and suck and fuck, and be fucked. He's a whore for our perverted pleasure. And it's what he wants from his Mistresses. To be a FUCK TOY!" , she said.

I just laid there under the suffocating embrace of Mistress Blondie's pussy and wanted to cry in embarrassment.

It was true. I hated myself for my desires, but I did want it. Hard and nasty and twisted. To be the target of a woman's lusts, to be used in ways that Mistress Minx would never use me.

"Confess slave. Confess your sick desires!", Mistress Blondie demanded, rising from my face.

"Yes Mistress! Yes I want it, to be used as a fuck toy, a whore, a thing for a woman's pleasure! I want it!", I cried helplessly, sobbing.

"And that's how you will be used by us. Once a year we will meet, and you will be nothing more than a piece of fuck meat for us. A hole to be fucked , a cock to be ridden, a piece of flesh to be sacrificed on the alter of MY desire!", Mistress Angel declared.

"Yes!", I sobbed brokenly, destroyed by my admission of desire, desires I had tried to keep hidden from Mistress Minx as well as myself. I hated myself for having lusts and urges like an animal.

"You are an animal Michael", Mistress Angel said, as if reading my mind." And that's what I want. I don't care what Mistress Minx wants. I want your body, your lust, your cock! And I want to own that part of you, the part she denies you."

I laid there, know what she said was true. I loved Mistress Minx and I owed her my life.

But we would never have that type of relationship. I had to keep my desires under tight control when I was around her.

She and Mistress Blondie smiled at me, accepting my need to serve their sexual desires.

"You have pleased us Michael. Mistress Minx has your heart and soul, but we have you by the balls. You are pussywhipped now slave. And you will do as we desire."

I accepted my fate.

And in my secret heart, gloried in it.

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