The Diaries of Ay'esha

The Diaries of Ay'esha tell the story of Michael Forbin's abduction and training by a member of a secret society named Ay'esha. The avowed purpose of this group of women is to bring peace to the world by training the men in the world into submission and manipulating them into doing the bidding of the group.

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The Diaries of Ayesha

Mistress Minx explains how she became a Daughter of Ay'esha

Michael asked me once how I became involved in Ay'esha, and I declined to explain it to him. But after all this time, I think a few words of my own, rather than his are in order for the readers of his work.

I had always been adventurous as a teenager, and had like most flirted with sex and drugs.

The flirtation with sex however turned into a long engagement when I discovered S&M.

The feeling of power and satisfaction the first time I spanked one of my boyfriends aroused me, listening to him begging for it.

I watched and learned about it, sneaking looks into my girlfriend's brother's collections of "dirty" magazines. I discovered the works of De Sade and Krafft-Ebing in the library and found myself becoming enthralled with the ideas.

As I entered college, I had already trained my boyfriend to be my slave, and had even introduced another of my girlfriends into the Scene.

Cassandra was my first female lover, and slave. I used her for my pleasure,and enjoyed watching the boys try and pick her up.

If they had managed to do that, they would have discovered her labia piercings. I owned her, and she knew it.

I didn't need to worry about paying for college, but my parents did insist I earn my own pocket money. I looked for a regular job, but frankly I was bored. Then a girl I had met at a party suggested that I might be able to get a job at one of the commercial bondage houses.

"You look really hot and you have .. I don't know. Just something that makes people want to obey you."

I started to laugh and then considered her comment. Why not? , I thought.

By the end of college, I had a degree in finance and international banking and a reputation as one of the best Dominatrixes in the state.

Of course not under my real name. My family would be less than thrilled.

I took the name Minx from a children's story, as the heroine's real name had been Minkin as well

I had also been introduced to a very select group of women known as the Daughters of Ay'esha.

I learned that the Daughters of Ay'esha had existed since the 1800's and were formed to promote peace in the world, through the control of men.

"Men have their violent passions, their lust for war and death. And so do we. But women give life as well. Our ability to give life makes us more responsible for the world then they.", I was told.

I considered those words.

I did enjoy tormenting my slaves, but I did also care about them. Even the ones that paid me for my services. I liked to hurt them, but only as much as they liked or I thought they deserved.

Some people I couldn't even consider seeing as clients. I couldn't stand to hurt them as much as they liked to be hurt.

It was that concern that had attracted the attention of Ay'esha to me.

"We have watched you for some time, and we would like you to join us.", I was told by a woman who identified herself only as T.

"And why would I want to?", I asked politely, sipping my coffee and looking out into Central Park.

"Because you care about people. You have never harmed anyone, or hurt someone beyond their ability to endure. You use pain as a tool to shape people for their own good. You know your power and do not abuse it.

"You come from a background of money and power, yet you have always made your own way in the world." , I was told.

I looked into the eyes of my companion and saw nothing but honesty in them.

"Yes I have. My family may be rich, but I don't consider myself rich. And what would I gain from joining your group?", I asked tightly.

T smiled at me.

"Nothing of course. Unless you consider the peace of the world a mere trifle."

I looked at her, and then glanced down at the newspaper on the table.

The headlines were filled with stories of death, and war, and poverty, and hatred.

"I could join the Peace Corps you know.", I replied.

"Yes you could. And you might make a difference. With Ay'esha you will make a difference. Think about it Miss Dawes.", T said and stood up to leave, handing me a business card.

I took it and watched her leave the cafe and hail a cab.

The whole idea was ludricous. A secret group of women running the world from behind the scenes. It was a plot from a bad spy movie.

Then again, why not.

"Why sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.", Lewis Carroll wrote.

That night I called the number and started my initiation into the mysteries of Ay'esha.

That initiation included a trip to England to a special school to learn more about the powers of a dominant woman.

I had to be very careful while I was there to avoid friends of my family, since I'm British by birth, but normally live in America and there would be questions if I was seen.

I learned the art of the whip, how to use it to tease and arouse ,and how to strike a blow that would leave a slave in pain, without a mark being left behind.

I was taught about makeup, how to dress for a scene, without seeming to be dressed for a scene ,and even how to wear a disguise properly.

I actually had fun with that.

I went into the small town near the school almost every week in a different disguise and teased the local men at the pub. One week I'd be a redhead with an Irish accent, and the next week a dark haired temptress with a French lilt in my voice.

I found I had a gift for accents, although not many languages besides French.

It wasn't all fun and games though.

I learned judo and karate, enough to defend myself or disarm an attacker.

The instructor for the class was an older Oriental gentleman I knew only as Mr. Li.

It was said he was without a sense of humor, and without peer in teaching as he put it "Most unsuitable women" the fundamentals of self-defense.

One of the most memorable lessons was when he stood in the center of the room and called for the six of us in the class to attack him.

"All of us. You can't be serious?", one woman named Lydia challenged.

Mr. Li just smiled softly and repeated his instructions.

I suspected a trick of some kind and was the last to move towards him.

Which was just as well, because in the short space of a few seconds he had thrown the other women in three different directions and one, all the way to the padded wall near the ceiling.

Myself I tried a flying block that resulted in my being face down on the mat with him standing on me.

As the others gathered together again, he assisted me to my feet, and then looked towards the mark on the wall where the one woman had hit.

"New record.", was all he said, and proceeded to lecture us on the proper way to attack as a group.

And the classroom work wasn't easy either.

I had never really understood the need I had to dominate or the need others had to be dominated.

And my scores in the psych class showed it.

Dominance was simply as natural to me as breathing air.

Weapons training. I learned how to use a gun, although I didn't care much for it. The idea of killing someone in cold blood was repugnant to me. I knew if I was threatened, I could kill, but I couldn't just kill someone for the hell of it.

My misgivings about that resulted in a trip to the Headmistress's office.

The Headmistress listened to my concerns quietly and with every evidence of sympathy.

Then proceeded to quietly tear me apart for even thinking that I would be asked to kill anyone while in the service of Ay'esha.

"We are not assassins or hired killers. You are being taught about weapons only because you may have to use them to defend yourself.

"Many of the things you are being taught here are strange to you, and might even seem nonsensical. Your scores in the psychology courses indicate that. You're an excellent student, don't misunderstand me. But the things you take as natural, are only natural to you. Not every Daughter of Ay'esha has the natural ability to command you do.

"You have great potential with us, but you need to take everything we're trying to teach you seriously."

I was both pleased and humbled by her praise, but the question still remained.

"Doctor, have you ever killed anyone?", I asked carefully.

She smiled at me.

"No. And you will learn in time how Ay'esha acquires and tests males for usefulness to us. Even when they fail, we don't shoot them. Think of it as capture and release. We use a special method for that.

"Just concentrate on your classes, Minx. Leave the rest to the Goddess."

Law classes, basic criminal investigation, first aid, something called spycraft, and even a driving class.

I loved that. I've always driven like a race driver anyway, but the chance to actually get out on a track was a dream come true.

Three months later, I was being christened as a Daughter of Ay'esha.

"You will someday join the Matriarchs of Ay'esha ", Anna, the Mother of Many intoned. "You are worthy of that honor, and someday you will lead Ay'esha to even greater heights.

"You will go into the world, to a normal life, with one exception. You will know a secret that the rest of the world must never learn. We guide from behind. We lead by example. And we will never reveal the true extent of our powers."

"I understand.", I said clearly.

"It is well that you do. And the day will come when Ay'esha needs your services."

And that is how I became a Daughter of Ay'esha.

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