Mary Had A Little Lamb

I was digging through the stacks of comic books in the dealer's room at a comic book convention with Mistress Minx indulgently waiting for me. I was looking for the rest of the Damage Control comic series and was short only issue #1 when a young lady in a RenFaire costume bumped into me, bodice first.

When I turned, I found myself eye to cleavage with a wonderful set of breasts, the type you put your head on and sleep against.

"Excuse me," a voice said from slightly higher than where I was looking and blushing, I looked up into the face of a young woman with red hair and green eyes who wore a look of tolerant amusement.

"Sorry, didn't mean to get in your way," I apologized, conscious of Minx's watching eye.

"Not at all. I was just trying to get to that issue of X-Men," she said easily.

"He's a bit obstructive at times," Minx offered. "I'm Minx and the gentleman, using the term loosely, who was staring at you is Michael."

"I'm used to it by now. Although I have been known to wear a button that says, "YES THEY'RE REAL and in very tiny print it reads AND SO IS THE GUN POINTED AT YOUR GONADS."

I snickered and Minx grinned as she introduced herself as Marion," Also known on occasion as Maid Marion, Made Marion, and Marion the librarian. My real name is Mary, but I prefer Marion."

"What must I do my dear, to catch your ear? I love you madly madly madam librarian, Marion," I sang softly.

"OK, you made your point Michael," Minx scolded. "Forgive him, he knows not what he does."

"Actually he knows exactly what he's doing. He's flirting with me. And better than most too."

I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at the Mistress, remembering one previous time when I had done so and then had a clamp put on it making me sound like Jar Jar Binks after being zapped.

I reached out and retrieved the X-Men comic book that Marion had been reaching for and handed it to her.

She accepted it and then stepped away to pay the vendor while I dug to the bottom of the stack to get my Damage Control comic.

By the time I paid the vendor, Marion had disappeared into the crowd leaving Minx and I to our shopping.


We didn't see her again until that evening after dinner when we saw her sitting on the floor in the hotel lobby singing with a group of people. The song they were performing was one of my favorites named The Scotsman a song that deals with what a Scotsman doesn't wear beneath his kilts.

As they wrapped up the song I turned to Minx and asked why Scotsmen still wear kilts.

"Why?" she asked prepared to hear the worst.

"Because sheep can hear zippers," I replied straight-faced.

Minx groaned loudly as the song finished and Marion looked up at her startled.

"Was the singing that bad?" she asked.

"Oh no, it was his joke," Minx explained. "It was awful."

"What was it?" Marion prompted.

I repeated it to the groans from the gathered assembly.

"Well you have to feel sorry for the sheep in that case. No foreplay or anything," Marion commented rising from her seat on the floor.

"Well what did you expect? That the guy would sing, I only have eyes for ewe?" I quipped.

"Michael, one more word from you and I'll make sure you don't have anything except the word ouch to say for a very long time," Minx promised evilly.

I promptly mimed locking my mouth shut and throwing the key away to Marion's amusement.

"He seems well trained for the most part," she commented as I did my best to look innocent.

"For the most part. There are times however when he needs to be reminded about who is in charge," Minx said agreeably. "On your knees Michael."

"Not him, obviously," Marion said with interest as I knelt before Minx, head bowed.

"Not for a long time now," Minx agreed. "He's a well loved pet."

I blushed as she reached out and stroked my head.

"Tell me, do you let anybody else make use of him?" Marion asked with a thoughtful expression.

"I do on occasion. What did you have in mind?" Minx asked.

"Can we talk somewhere privately? I have an idea..." Marion said.

"Sit. Stay!" I was commanded and I watch Minx and Marion walk away from the corner of my eye.

"Eyes front and down!" Minx called knowing somehow I was peeking.

I did as ordered and waited, ignoring the people walking around me and the occasional laughter from the two women.

"Michael, come here like a good puppy," Minx called.

I flopped to the floor and hurried to her side on all fours to the amusement of most of the people watching.

"Woof?" I barked looking up at her.

"Michael, Marion and I are going out for a little while. You may stay here if you wish, or go to one of the other functions, but I want you to be at our room and kneeling outside the door at ten o'clock," Minx directed.

I cocked my head and nodded to the smile of Marion.

"Good puppy. What kind of puppy are you? A St. Bernard? A cocker spaniel? Maybe a sheepdog," she teased.

I looked up at Minx who smiled. "He's been a fox and a pig in his life. As a dog though, I have to say he's a mutt," she explained. "Lovable and loyal."

I panted in response as the two women walked out, but not before Marion scratched behind my ears lightly.


"Well, the game is afoot Watson," I said to myself, rising from the floor and pulling the convention schedule from my pocket.

I scanned it and noticed that the ConFurEnce group was hosting a showing of Road Rovers, a cartoon featuring anthropomorphic dogs. I have to admit I'm a sucker for that type of cartoon, and do try and attend conventions of Furry Fandom whenever I can.

I guess having done some of the things I've done; I can identify with them.


I had a good time at the video showing and saw a few of my old fur friends, including the one who comes to conventions with his own supply of dog bones made from gingerbread.

They're good too.

The one thing I didn't do however was fail to keep a close eye on the time. When Mistress Minx wants you at a certain place at a certain time, she does mean it. I just wasn't sure what idea Marion had proposed that Minx had agreed to.

I'd find out though. That much I was sure of.


I was in the appointed place at the appointed time, head down and waiting just at the stroke of ten.

The door opened before me and then I was told to close my eyes. I did and was soon hooded and my glasses removed for safekeeping. I felt a collar fastened around my neck and was tugged into the room for whatever awaited me.

"Stand up and strip Michael," Minx commanded," and remain standing."

I did as I was told, staggering slightly as I kicked my boots off, and feeling the steadying touch of a warm hand.

"Now hold still while we dress you," I was ordered.

I felt something furlike wrapped around my legs and then something else pulled up between my legs like a diaper. It was slightly irritating to the skin, but I pushed that from my mind, intent on deciphering the type of fabric now being entwined around my outstretched arms. It smelled slightly of baby oil, confusing me even more.

"Arms over your head," Marion ordered firmly.

I complied and felt more of the fabric slid down over my torso and then a series of tugs and snaps.

I felt my skin completly covered in this substance except for the area around my ass, my cock being trapped inside the covering.

"On all fours Michael," Minx commanded and I somewhat stiffly assumed the commanded position.

"Oh wait. On your knees, " she countermanded.

I rose onto my knees and then felt gloves being slid onto my hands, restraining my fingers from gripping.

"Now, on all fours," Minx said.

I assumed the position once again and then felt a cap of some kind slid onto my head.

"Keep your eyes closed," I was commanded.

I felt the hood pulled and then cold on my eyes and the sound of tearing cloth.

"Now open them," Minx said, and I opened them to find myself looking at the leather clad form of my Mistress standing before me and Marion sitting in a chair, wearing a plaid skirt and a green silk corset that made her even more impressive in the frontal shelf.

"Perhaps a few bars of Marisy Doats would be appropiate at this point," Marion suggested.

I wasn't quite sure what she meant until I looked down at my arms and found them wrapped in fleece.

"Baa!" I bleated sheepishly, realizing what I was wearing at least.

"Humbug," Minx replied with a laugh. "Now you can truly say you have your sheepskin."

It was hard not to laugh at that, but I knew if I did, I'd be in worse trouble.

Minx led me into the bedroom of our suite where I could see all of myself in a mirror.

She had taken two sheepskin seat covers and made a crude pair of pajamas that I was encased in, using fleece lined gloves for the hands after turning them inside out and stitching the thumb and fingers together to restrict my grip. On my head was a wool cap with little ears attached to it.

She allowed me to look at myself for a minute, then led me back into the main room where she had me stop in front of the chair that Marion was sitting in.

"I think he came out rather well," Minx said. "I would never have thought of it."

"Well we'll find out in a minute or two how well," Marion said. "He needs a name though. How about Lambert? Or Lamb Chop?"

Minx shook her head.

"Sacrificial, I think. Because that's what he's going to be for you while I watch," Minx said brightly.

I looked towards her confused. Sacrificial did not sound at all good.

Marion pushed my head back towards her and pulled up her skirt to reveal a strap on dildo.

"Now you know what a Scotswoman wears beneath her kilt as well," she said and pulled my face into her crotch.

I sucked her rubber phallus and pushed into her, taking it into my mouth and throat while Minx spanked my uncovered ass forcing me to take it further into my mouth. I could hear Marion become more aroused and the smell of her womanhood mixed with the smell of the lanolin of the sheepskin filled my senses. I felt myself becoming aroused, even more so when Minx brushed her hand lightly across my cock making it move in reaction to her touch.

"I think that's enough," Minx said pulling my head from between Marion's thighs. "Now, turn around my lamb."

I turned around and then felt my asshole being played with gently, then a warm liquid being applied to it. I moaned as I felt a finger probe me and then gritted my teeth as a larger object slid in filling me. I felt Marion hands grip my wooly skin and pull me back into her.

"Now you know how the sheep felt. At least I used a little oil on you," she said softly as she thrust herself into me further.

I bleated as she increased her rhythm, thrusting into me faster as Minx stroked my head and then releasing my head started stroking my cock.

"Must be a transsexual sheep, because it's got a cock," Minx said.

Marion half laughed as she pushed herself into me and then I felt the shudder against my body of her orgasm.

"Oh Goddess, I haven't done that in a long time," she panted. "I want more. He's so tight and the soft wool feels so good against me. You should try it."

"No, tonight he's your fuck animal. I'm enjoying watching you. I love watching another woman make love," Minx said.

"I just wish I could cum up his ass. That's the one thing you can't do very well with a dildo," Marion said, laying on top of me, the strap on slipping out of me with a wet sound.

"Oh I have a solution for that," Minx said moving away from me.

I lay on the floor, eyes closed, sore and aroused, my cock throbbing from Minx's attentions and the submission to Marion's desires.

I heard Marion giggle and Minx say "It's works for some lesbian couples you know."

"And where are you going to get the cum?" Marion asked.

"Isn't it obvious? The question is do you do it, or do I?" Minx replied.

"We could always have him do it himself," Marion suggested.

"Sheep don't masturbate," Minx observed. "He's mine though, so I'll do it. Get on all fours again my lamb."

I assumed the position and felt the firm grip on my cock of the Mistress's hand stroking me, running her thumb over the head of it as I panted in helpless lust.

"Yes my little one, cum for me. Show Marion how much cum you have from her fucking that slutty ass of yours," she teased. "There's a cup under you just waiting to be filled."

I moaned and then exploded my load, groaning as she milked every drop out of my cock.

"Good boy," she whispered. "Someday I'll use you at stud with a nice little slave bitch."

I shuddered and shot again as Marion laughed.

"What did you say to him?" she asked.

"It's a family secret," Minx said. "Now for the piece de resistance."

"That piece won't resist. Much at least," Marion said slapping my ass and running the tip of the dildo across my asshole.

I tried not to tighten up and relax, closing my eyes. I heard a sucking sound and then felt something slightly pointed slide into my asshole and then the sensation of a warm fluid filling me.

"It's not quite the same as doing it yourself, but it works," Marion said before I felt her dildo slide up me again forcing the liquid deeper inside.

"Now I think you should thank Marion for showing you what a sheep feels like in the hands of a Scotsman," Minx suggested.

"Thank you for using me for your pleasure," I bleated in my best Scots brogue.

The dildo probed deeper into me in response and which point my mind let go and I started humming.

"Mary had a little lamb... "