Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?

When I convinced Mistress Minx to let me put away the fox costume and be a pot bellied pig, I thought I'd finally simplified my life in some ways.

No more fur suit, no more itching and especially no more having to run from dogs, hunters, or pony girls.

Well, I was wrong.


Mistress Minx had taken time out from her work in Alexandria ,Virginia and had decided to grant me some play time in the countryside.

A quick call to Jimmy down in Lexington at his Sapiens Ranch got us invited to what I think of as an "Animal Faire" where Mistresses, Masters, and "pets" were able to perform for the enjoyment of those watching.

Indeed for the first time in many months I was able to enjoy watching the pony, puppy and cat girls and boys without having the pressure of performing hanging over my head.

That is until Mistress Minx met Mistress Venus and I became Spam in a can.


I was kneeling next to Minx, wearing a posing strap and my collar with her tag on it when a buxom woman dressed in leathers happened to stop next to us to watch two pony girls high stepping through an exercise driven on by a tall black Mistress with her long dressage whip.

"Margo has quite a talent for that I think.", the woman said to Minx with a nod.

"She is very good. Not quite as good as a friend of mine, but good nevertheless.", Minx replied. "I'm Mistress Minx."

"Mistress Venus.", the woman said shaking hands with her. " Would you be THE Mistress Minx ?"

"Well I'm A Mistress Minx.", she said with a smile.

"Diaries of Ay'esha. You're rather famous you know.", Mistress Venus continued.

"Thank you. But Michael is really the one responsible.", she demurred, stroking my head.

"Perhaps, but you are his Muse.", Mistress Venus reminded her." I'm looking forward to seeing him perform."

Minx smiled down at me and then at Mistress Venus.

"Not this trip. I've retired his fox suit and let him change animals. After all there's not much call for a pig at these functions."

"Really? Then you've never been to a county fair before.", was the reply. "Let me tell you about something."

She and Minx walked away a few paces, leaving me tethered to a post. My attention was split between watching the pony girls and keeping a wary eye on the two Mistresses.

A few minutes later Minx returned and untethered me, leading me back to the room we were sharing.

When we got there she ordered me to my hands and knees, facing away from her and I could hear her rummaging through her travel bag.

"I was saving these as a surprise for you, but now is as good a time as any to give them to you.", she said, her voice muffled by the material of the bag.

I waited wondering what she had in mind and then felt her hands on my head and a mask was slipped over my face, blocking part of my vision.

"Stay!", she said as I got used to the smell of the leather mask. It wasn't a standard mask, it had a larger space for the nose and was almost round.

Her hands slid farther down my body stroking and relaxing me, putting me into a trance with her sensual touch.

I felt wetness down the crack of my ass and knew she was lubricating it for something, and then I felt the slight friction of an object being inserted into my asshole. Whatever it was fit snugly and then I heard a metallic twanging noise and felt the object move slightly.

She suppressed a snicker and then she told me to turn around on all fours and move forward. I did until I reached the corner of the bed and she told me to turn again.

I found myself looking at a mirror, and reflected in it was a pig.

Snout, ears, eyes, the whole facial range of a razorback hog looked back at me.

I found myself smiling at the image in the mirror.

I made a pretty good looking pig. I turned and as I did I caught sight of a curly tail sticking out of my ass and started laughing.

"I thought you'd like it.", she said delightedly.

"This is wonderful Mistress, thank you! Even the tail is comfortable.", I said.

"I had the plug made especially for you. I remembered how sore you got with the fox tail.", she replied.

I nuzzled her with my snout and she reached down and stroked my head again.

"Let's go for a walk.", she said and led me outside again on all fours, my tail bobbing like a pink corkscrew behind me.

The spring loaded tail wobbled in my ass as I shambled along slowly and I made a mental note to ask Minx for knee pads if I was going to spend a lot of time in that position.

But I gotta tell you, that tail bobbing in my ass hole was one strange sensation.


Minx led me to another room and knocked on the door and Mistress Venus opened it, looked down at me, and laughed.

"He looks terrific as a pig. What's his name?", she asked.

Minx shook her head.

"Actually I hadn't thought of a name for him yet.", Minx admitted.

"If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to name him.", Mistress Venus asked.

"Of course."

Mistress Venus studied me for a long moment and then tweaked my tail making it wag.

"Hammie.", she finally said.

Hammie? , I thought cocking my head. Hammie. Why not?

" I think that's a fine name for a pig.", Minx agreed. "Michael, when you are in your pig costume you will respond to Hammie as your name."

I grunted like a pig in reply.

"Very good Hammie!", Minx exclaimed.


The two women led me outside for a promenade around the grounds to the amusement of the other guests at the event.

The farm we were at was a working farm as well and Minx and Mistress Venus led me down to the pig pen and had me grunt at my porcine bretheren. Judging from the reactions of the bacon on the hoof, I speak pig very well.

From there, they led me back towards the main house and as we walked we passed a slightly muddy area caused by a leaking sprinkler. I was sweating a bit from the mask and the exertion and tugged slightly in that direction on the leash.

Minx unsnapped the leash and I waddled into the cool muddy water and laid down in it, keeping my head raised to protect the mask.

The two Mistresses stood and watched as I let the water flow over me and soon more people gathered around to watch me as I soaked in it.

I looked at Mistress Minx and Mistress Venus as they stood there, obviously proud of my deportment.

Then a thought struck me and I started to snicker, which is not a noise a pig makes at all, and quickly suppressed it.

"Roll around like a pig Hammie, show them what a happy little piglet you are.", Mistress Venus called.

As I did, I continued to hum the song that had popped into my head.

"Mud , mud, glorious mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood

"So follow me, follow, down to the hollow , and there let us wallow in glorious mud!".


Minx finally called me out of the puddle and I came out of the mud and waited expectantly before her.

"Now you need a bath.", she said half scolding and half amused.

I grunted and squealed in agreement and she reattached the leash.

"May I give him a bath?", Mistress Venus asked.

Minx studied her face for a moment and then handed her my leash before kneeling to speak to me.

"Be a good piglet and do as you're told and you'll be rewarded.", Minx murmured into my real ear.

I followed Mistress Venus as she led me back to her room and into the bathroom.

"In the tub, Hammie.", she ordered.

I climbed into the tub and waited on the cold porcelain surface for her to turn on the water. She left the room for a moment and when she returned she was nude and then stepped onto the edges of the tub to balance herself.

A moment later a gout of hot water flowed from her pubes, yellow and bitter, splashing over my supine body.

I almost howled at the feel of her hot urine against my cold body, the contrasts in temperature sending a shock through my body.

The hot wine spattered over my body, flushing the mud from me and as she finished she stepped back onto the floor and turned on the water.

"Pigs need a little piss at times. Cuts the mud", she said as she turned the shower on and the hot water flushed the last of the mud and urine from my body and down the drain.

She ordered me to kneel and she joined me in the tub and washed my body with a firm touch, making sure I was completely clean, even in places I didn't know existed or at least had ignored up to then.

She took me from the tub and toweled me dry before leading me back to the bed and ordered me to lay down face up.


My view was somewhat limited by the mask, but I could see her private parts as she lowered herself onto my face and started rubbing herself with my snout.

It was a strange sensation feeling her rub against me wearing the mask, and the smell of her female musk mixed with the leather of the mask started arousing me despite my best efforts to control it.

"Yes my piglet, get hard for me. I want that.", she demanded, rubbing faster.

She humped my snout like an animal as I breathed the hot wet scent from her body, my tongue lapping at her.

Then startling me, I tasted a sweetness in my mouth as her clit squirted like a man's cock, sending her hot woman seed all over my face and into my mouth.

I sucked at her greedly the taste and smell filling my senses as she squirted again with a roar of pleasure.

Suddenly she leaned forward and I felt her mouth sucking my cock, devouring it, taking it deep into her throat.

With a moan I came in her mouth uncontrollably and then started weeping.

She rolled off of me and held me against her, rocking me like a small child.

"It's all right Hammie, it's what I wanted. I wanted your cum in my mouth." , she cooed.

"But I'm not supposed to cum.", I said sniffling." I'm supposed to control it."

She removed the mask and looked into my eyes.

"Your Mistress ordered you to serve me. I want that pig cum of yours. I love to make a man shoot and then tease the head of his cock until he screams.", she explained.

She gripped my balls firmly before continuing.

"I love doing cock and ball torture. I like using clamps and straps and restraints on a man, then getting him aroused. I like adding weights to a man's balls and making them stretch."

I gritted my teeth in pain as she ran a fingernail over the head of my still erect cock sending spasms across my body.

"You see, the pleasure for you is exquisite, and the pain that follows as well.", she teased.

I whimpered as she continued her gentle torment to my cock and massaged my balls.

"Is that too much attention for you slave? Do you want me to stop?", she said.

"please Mistress.", I whimpered, "please stop."

She smiled and released her grasp on me, then stroked my forehead softly.

"You are as good a slave as I've ever met. You are truly a prize for any stable.", she praised.

I blushed despite my tears as she laughed.

"That nose of yours tells the whole story.", she said. "You don't handle praise very well at all."

"I guess not Mistress. I know I'm good at what I do, but that's an internal judgment. I hear it from someone though, and I get embarrassed.", I admitted.

"Then you're going to spend a lot of time blushing later after what your Mistress and I have planned for you.", she warned.

I gulped nervously at that.

Anytime Mistress Minx and any other Mistress get together it spells some kind of trouble for me.


This time was no exception, because shortly after Mistress Venus returned me to Mistress Minx, I was led to an area that had a large plastic tarp spread across it told to kneel.

I peered through the pig mask at the scene around me and saw a number of girls wearing collars and dog masks kneeling as well, and two Mistresses I didn't know mixing something in a bucket.

Minx adjusted the mask and I grunted at her.

"Don't worry, you'll have fun this time.", she said looking down at me.


The woman who had organized the Faire walked into the center of the plastic covered area and looked at the gathered crowd.

"Ladies, gentlemen and pets ! I have the pleasure to announce the first greased pig contest ever held at an Animal Faire!", she called to the gathered crowd.

Greased pig contest. Oh no!

"Our pig for the day is the prized pet of Mistress Minx, named Hammie.", she continued.

"Move to the center of the tarp Hammie, and wait.", Minx commanded.

I blushed as I made my way to the center of the area and knelt before the Mistress of Ceremonies expectantly.

As I knelt there, I saw the other two Mistresses walk up with the bucket and then pour the contents onto me.

A slick lubricant covered my body and plastered my hair to my body, making me think of Bill Murray in Ghostbusters: "He slimed me."

As I shivered from the cold slime, the lubricant ran all over me and onto the tarp, puddling like clear gelatin.

"This contest is very simple. The puppies will attempt to grab onto Hammie and hold on to him for thirty seconds."

Sounded like old fashioned bear baiting to me, but with a somewhat more erotic cast of characters.

The Mistress of Ceremonies walked from my view and I looked around to see the girls, all three of them, being released from their leashes.

This was going to be interesting, as I'd never been into nude Jell-O wrestling before.

And I usually wrestled to lose with girls anyway.

"Puppies, take your positions.", was the call and I got ready to scramble for my theoretical life.

"GO!", the Mistress of Ceremonies shouted and we were off to the races.

I slithered across the tarp on all fours as the three girls slipped and slid across the surface leaving a slimy wake of goo behind them as they all fell in various positions.

The redheaded girl left cleavage tracks through the mess while her darkhaired companion left the trail of her butt cheeks.

The third girl , a slightly built blonde, had better balance than the other two and managed to stay upright by gliding like she was on skates on the surface.

I kept as low to the ground as possible as she slid towards me and reached over to grab my legs and as she did I slid sideways feeling like a bull dealing with a matador.

I guess I wasn't the only one who felt the same way because I heard a couple in the crowd shout "Ole!"

I spun around to face the two clumbsier girls and as they tried to duplicate the movements of the third girl, I slid towards them causing them to overshoot and fall again.

This was fun!

Then the blonde grabbed me and it was a bit less fun until she lost her grip as I spun in a circle tumbling her off the tarp and onto the grass.

The other two braced against each other for mutual support and managed to stay upright long enough to fall on top of me, pushing me off all fours and flat onto the tarp with a thump that sprayed slime everywhere.

I did my best to wiggle free, but after the blonde got back onto the tarp, it was all over and they slid me across the slippery mass , propelling me on the grass before Minx and Mistress Venus.

"Foul!", Mistress Venus called. "Illegal use of hands."

The Mistress of Ceremonies laughed and ordered me back to the middle of the area.

"Let's try this again, only one on one. Cissy Bitch, goes first. She has three minutes. GO!", she called.

The redhead slid across the tarp again as I scrambled away from her.

I managed to avoid any body contact with her at all by spinning and sliding randomly until I started getting dizzy.

That was one down , two to go.

"Susie Bitch next. GO!"

The blonde scrambled onto the surface and actually managed to leap on me while on all fours and wrapped herself around my kicking leg.

I made the appropriate pig squealing noises as I thrashed about to tremendous laughter from the group.

"Let him go Susie!", her Master called, "Good girl."

She released me and crawled on top of me before going to her Master, but not before whispering in my ear.

"I hope we meet again. This is fun.", she whispered rubbing against me as she slithered away.

I regained my footing and waited for the next round shaking my head to clear it.

"Prissy Bitch, GO!"

The dark haired girl simply could not get coordinated and all I had to do was stay ahead of her to beat her.

Her Mistress called her over sternly afterwards and struck her with a rolled up newspaper while scolding her.

"Bad dog, bad dog.", her Mistress repeated.

I felt sorry for Prissy, but I wasn't sure what kind of trouble I was in for losing anyway.

Oh well.

At least I wouldn't be the guest of honor at a luau this time.


That illusion disappeared at dinner that night as the hosts of the event gave a barbecue for everybody and we were all able to mingle together out of role.

Prissy it turned out was actually the REAL Mistress, and she had granted her slave a birthday wish to dominate her.

It was the other girl's turn to be called a bad dog as I watched amused.

"Proves that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.", Minx remarked as they passed by, Prissy leading the girl on a leash.

Susie and her Master introduced themselves to us and Susie kissed me on the cheek, causing me to blush and Minx and Susie's Master to laugh, while Mistress Venus watched and nodded knowingly.

Of course as soon as I reached for a barbecued spare rib the jokes started.

"Don't you consider that cannabilism?", one man asked.

"Hey, it wasn't a friend of mine. It's like I say when asked 'Paper or Plastic' at the store. Plastic. Save the trees. The dinosaur's dead , he won't care.", I replied.

He laughed and walked away.

I found Minx talking with a group of people and she indicated I should kneel before her.

"Are you enjoying yourself?", she asked.

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress. The pork ribs are excellent.", I said gnawing on the bone.

"A pig eating pork? I think you should atone for your sins.", she said with a glint in her eye.

"How?", I asked, dreading the answer.

"I think you should sing a song about pigs.", she replied after thinking a moment.

"Yes Mistress.", I replied. "May I stand up?"

She nodded and I stood up.

"Go ahead and sing.", she said.

"Oh who's afraid of the big bad wolf, big bad wolf, big bad wolf ...", I started to sing to the groans of the group.

"Hammie, I would suggest something else.", Mistress Venus interjected from the boundaries of the crowd.

I looked at Minx who nodded in agreement.

What other songs did I know about pigs? Old McDonald, I suppose.

" Hold it." I thought. " If you're trying to be amusing, go whole hog."

"Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner ....", I sang.


It was on the way home that Minx finally commented on the concert.
"I always knew you were a ham but really ...."