I awoke to a flare of light. Where was I? I tried to roll over and discovered I my hands were bound . I tried to take a deep breath and found I was gagged as well.

The last thing I remembered was stopping to help a young woman change a tire. I bent over to turn the tire wrench, then .....blackout.

I didn't have a headache so I hadn't been hit on the head..but my thoughts were fuzzy. Drugged perhaps. Why? I wasn't anyone special, not worth kidnapping, or even robbing for that matter.

I was dragged into the light and ordered to stand. The light was blinding so I could not see my captor clearly.

"Walk ahead of me. Do not turn around or you will be corrected!", was the order. Corrected? A woman's voice. The young woman with the flat tire? I was directed down a hallway and into a room and ordered to lie on a table,face down.. I started to resist and felt a sharp slash of pain across my ass. I realized for the first time that I was naked.

"Now, lie down or I will increase the pain."

I lay down on the table as I was ordered. My legs were tied to the table,then my waist was secured as well. My hands were gripped strongly and untied. I started to lash out and was promptly subjected to a further sample of pain.

My hands were tied to the table and I felt a hand run down my spine and then lower until I felt the hand touch my genitals. A gentle finger then probed my ass.

"You are here for a specific purpose. You are to be examined for your usefulness. If found useful , you will be trained to serve us. If not, you will be dispensed with."

That sounded ungood.

"You will now be tested for your pain tolerance."

I heard her walk away. There was a long wait, and I had almost dropped off to sleep again when ...THWACK !

I tried to leap up, but the restraints held firm.

"I see I have your attention ", a voice said. "Now we will proceed to test your ability to withstand pain."

I felt something like tape being placed onto parts of my body.

"The sensors will record your reaction to the pain stimulus. I will watch your reaction as well. I will decide when you have had enough. You may try to scream if you like, but the gag is quite secure, and no one will hear you."

The first whip strokes were firm, but not terribly painful. They increased and changed location. The pain increased in intensity. The pain grew as the location of the strokes changed. My breathing became more and more labored as the strokes became harder.

Suddenly they stopped. A gentle hand stroked my head and wiped the tears of pain away.

"An excellent beginning. You have done well. Rest now. We will begin again soon."

A blindfold was placed over my eyes as I passed into an exhausted sleep.

When I awoke I was still on the table, but now I was on my back, still restrained and blindfolded. My legs were raised in the air, exposing my ass. I waited,fearful of what might be next. What use could I be to this woman? Why was I chosen? Soon I heard the Voice again.

"I see you are awake now. If you will agree to remain silent until I give you permission to speak I will remove the gag. If agree to this nod your head."

I nodded as well as I could.

She removed the gag, and I gasped.

"If you would like some water, nod your head."

I nodded again, and felt the nipple of a baby bottle placed in my mouth. I sucked greedily until the nipple collapsed. It was withdrawn.

"Now , we will proceed with the next series of pain tests. I will also test your holding capacity."

Holding capacity?

The tape was applied again and the pain started as before. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my left nipple, followed by an identical pain on my right.

"These nipple clamps can be adjusted tight enough to pierce your nipples if desired. I wish to see

if the pain of your nipples will distract you from pain in other areas."

The pain of the whipping increased. The pain in my nipples was constant. I soon started drifting into a stupor from the whipping. It even started to feel pleasant in a strange way. Suddenly the pressure was released from my nipples.

The blood surged back into my nipples . I opened my mouth to scream and was gagged again, changing the scream into a gurgle.

"You were not given permission to speak. I consider screaming speaking. You will be corrected for that mistake."

There was a pause, then a burning pain on my chest that made me moan into the gag.

"You will not make that error again, will you?" I was asked.

I shook my head weakly.

The gag was removed again.

"Now we begin the holding capacity test. You will be removed to a holding pen after this test. You will find food and water there. Do you understand me? You may speak as a dog. One bark for yes and two for no."

I barked once.

"Good. Would you like the blindfold removed?"

I barked affirmative again.

"If you do well on the test, I will remove it."

There was a pause and I heard the snap of a rubber glove being pulled on. Then I felt a coldness on my ass hole, and a probing finger. I tensed, then slowly relaxed as the probing finger withdrew.

"Test begins"

I felt my ass hole widen and then felt something being shoved into it. It penetrated deeper into my bowels until I felt like I was going to explode. I felt the urge to piss from the pressure. I had never been penetrated before by something that long.

I started cramping from the pressure and the pain. The pressure continued for what seemed like an eternity, then whatever the item was, it was withdrawn slowly. The final removal caused me to gasp in pain then relief.

The blindfold was removed, and for the first time I saw my tormentor.

It was the girl from the car. She was dressed in a black corset ,studded belt,and high leather boots. Her manner was imperious, but her tone was gentle. She shook back the dark hair that had cascaded over her face, and removed the rubber gloves from her hands.

"You will be released from your bonds and I will take you to the holding pen. " She indicated the leather quirt hanging from her belt. "Any attempt to escape , and you will be corrected. Is that clear to you?"

I barked once.

I desired my freedom, but I knew that I could not escape from her. Her voice held me in it's grip, almost as tightly as the bonds did. What was happening to me? I felt as helpless as a child in her presence.

As she released the bonds, I felt uncertain, even fearful of her. But she was just a young woman.

Why the fear? Was it the torture? I was a man, I should be able to take control from her. But I found as she looked at me, my will to resist slipping away.

She knew it, and smiled, a sly knowing smile, holding only the promise of future abuse for me.

"Get up and walk ahead of me. I want your head down. Do not speak to anyone who may speak to you. Until I give you permission to speak, you are to act as if you are mute. Nod if you understand this order."

I nodded quickly.

"Good. Start walking. Through the door and turn right. Stop when I tell you to."

I walked out the door and turned right as directed. A few feet later the order to stop was given.

In front of me was a large metal cage.

"Open the door and get in."

I started to turn towards her and felt the slash of the quirt across my back, forward then back.

"Enter the pen NOW!"

I opened the door and crawled inside. The pen was just big enough to turn in, but not large enough to lie down in without curling up or to sit upright in. The floor was padded with a plastic mat ,and a large water bottle, like one used in laboratories, was mounted against the side of the cage.

The door was locked behind me, and a food dish was slid into a slot in the side of the cage next to the water bottle.

In it were scraps of meat and vegetables, a piece of bread and some fruit.

"You may eat anytime you are ready", she said. "I will return later to cover your pen for the night."

With that, she turned and left the room, leaving me caged like an animal, wondering what our next encounter might bring.

She returned some time later and placed a cover over my cage after removing the now empty food dish, not speaking to me.

I curled up in the darkness and pondered the sudden change in my life. I was caged like a lab rat. Or perhaps a canary. I had a sudden wild urge to sing "I'm only a bird in a gilded cage" , but fought it back. I had been ordered not to speak. But how would she know if I did. I couldn't be sure that she wouldn't know.

The question of why still dogged me. And the type of tests were still confusing me. Why was I being tortured? How would I be found useful? Or not useful? And trained to serve who? She had said "trained to serve us". Her? Someone else? Perhaps this was some kind of strange dream. Perhaps I has been hit by a car while helping the girl change her tire, and was in a hospital? The Wizard of Oz had nothing on this dream...if it was a dream.

Her voice came from above , startling me.

"You can't escape by clicking the heels of your ruby slippers together three times."

I must have said it out loud. She had been listening. Now what? More "correction"?

"You should sleep now. I will correct you in the morning after your feeding and your walk"

I tried to sleep, but sleep wouldn't come easily. But come it did, like fog on little cat feet, it crept over my mind leaving me in a black void.

I awoke to the feel of a stream of warm water playing over my body. My bladder emptied in response and soaked the floor of the pen with my piss. The warm water continued until the pen was clean.

I looked up to see the young woman dressed in a lab coat holding a hose.

"Your correction has been postponed. I will bring your morning ration. ", was all she said.

She returned with the food pan filled with warm oatmeal.

"Eat.", was the one word command.

I placed my face in the pan and lapped up the warm food as well as I could.

When I looked up again she was watching me. No, studying me would be a better term. I started watching her in return. She smiled at me.

"You have spirit. And you have questions. Are you afraid of me? You may speak."

I hesitated. Was I afraid of her? No, not of her, just her power over me.

"I am not afraid of you, I am afraid of what you might do to me.", I said.

"A wise answer. You may ask one question."

One question. I thought furiously. If I could ask the right question, it would provide the answer to others.

"What is the purpose of these tests you are performing on me?"

She laughed.

"The others wanted to know why they were here, or who I was. You ask me what the purpose of the testing is. How delightful. The purpose of the testing is to see if you are useful to us. That tells you no more than you knew before. But it does show a certain creativity. The other questions would have told you no more then you knew before as well.

"You should prove interesting"

With that, she turned and walked out, humming a Haydn concerto.

One question and I blew it. Or had I? Now I knew that there had been other men or perhaps women that had been subjected to her "testing". Her manner and treatment of me reminded me of ..what.? I thought about it. A zoo keeper? A psychologist? Zira from the movie Planet of the Apes. Right. "Take your filthy hands off of me you damned dirty ape," was the line.

What was the name of the tune she was humming?

I shivered. I had to escape this place. Wherever or whatever it was.

She returned, dressed in a grey uniform and short boots. In her hand was a leash and collar. Dangling from her belt was a set of leg irons and a short riding crop.. She bent over and unlocked the door to the pen.

"Crawl out. Do not stand until told. Do not speak. Do you understand these orders?"

I nodded. I had to play along and gain her confidence. As soon as she dropped her guard, I would attack and escape. I crawled out and waited. As she approached to place the collar on me,I tried to spring on her. My attempt was blocked by her booted foot kicking me in the side ,rolling me onto my back.

Her voice was cold and smoking like dry ice.

"You respond to my kindness by attacking me. You are in error ; You will be corrected."

With that she placed her boot on my cock and balls and placed her weight on them. The pressure increased until I wanted to scream. I wasn't going to give her that satisfaction.

Great intentions, bad performance. I started whimpering as the pressure became more intense. I lay gasping in pain. The pressure stopped. The leg irons were clamped onto me and the leash was used to tie my hands to the collar she placed around my neck.

"Stand up M - 5. There are tests to be run, and you have delayed us long enough"

I lay on the floor helpless to resist physically.

"That is not my name. I am Michael ...." I started to say and was cut off by the crop slashing across my thighs.

"You have no name. You are subject M - 5. Nothing more. And potentially less if you continue to resist. Is that clear to you, M - 5?"

I said nothing. I didn't even nod. I waited.

"Excellent. You may speak."

"I understand."

The crop slashed across me again.

"I understand, WHAT?", she prompted.

"I understand - - Mistress "

Another slash.

"The proper form of address is 'I understand Controller' ", I was instructed.

"I understand Controller. " , I corrected.

"Good , M - 5 . M one through M four were not entirely successful. I expect that you will be of more use than they were. Now, stand up. Do not speak. Nod if you understand these orders."

I nodded quickly and got to my feet as directed. The leg irons made walking difficult. I was ordered back into the room with the table.

This time my collar was attached to a chain hanging from a ring in the ceiling. The leg irons were locked to another ring in the floor, spreading my legs.

"This test is simple, M - 5. I am going to attach weights to your balls and see how much weight you can tolerate. I will then repeat the process with your nipples."

A leather strap with a hook was clamped around my balls. The Controller removed a set of weights from a cabinet and showed them to me.

"Each weight is one ounce. I have 64 weights here. Perhaps you will be more successful than M - 2. He could not hold more than 32 before he ... failed the test. "

She attached the first weight to the hook. It pulled the strap tighter. she attached the next,and then another. With each the pain increased. Four, five,six weights. Then a seventh and eighth weight.

She paused.

"You are doing well M - 5. Are you in pain? You may speak."

"Yes Controller."

"Only 56 more to go M - 5. Can you do it?"

"I don't know Controller.", I moaned.

"We will both find out M - 5"

Another weight, then another. Ten, eleven, twelve.

I cried out in pain. I felt a coldness touch my balls. There was a thud.

Then the pain stopped.

A gentle hand touched my face and stroked my aching balls.

I opened my eyes to see the Controller holding a knife and smiling.

" M - 2 failed the test because he did not admit to his pain. You did. If you do not confess your pain, you are of no use to us. I believe the nipple tests are unnecessary. Are you willing to be whipped as a replacement test? You may speak."

"Yes Controller. Thank you", I whispered.

"For what M - 5 ?", was the amused question.

"For giving me a choice Controller."

"You have shown you are intelligent enough to make a choice. Prepare yourself"

With that she turned and walked towards a rack of whips on the other side of the room.

She returned with three whips, one with wide straps, one with knots in the ends, and one with thin tails.

"I will use these on you. You will tell me which one I have used by saying the number one, two or three."

She held up the wide one

"Number one"

Then the thin one.

"Number two"

Lastly the knotted one.

"Number three"

As she walked behind me she continued to speak.

"If you make an error in identifying the whips , I shall start over from the beginning. You will endure ten strokes from each. If you are correct with your answers you will have taken thirty strokes.

"If not, the number could be much higher. We begin"

The first one felt like a bee sting across my ass.

"Two", I said.

The next one thudded across my back.

"One", I moaned.

The next across my shoulders.


The strokes increased and changed focus. Faster and harder they came. I chanted what I thought were the correct numbers. I soon lost count of the number of strokes. My world dissolved into the feel of the whips and my own labored chanting.

After an unknown amount of time, she stopped and stood before me.

"You are progressing well. I will release your hands."

I collapsed like a puppet who's strings had been cut at her booted feet.

"Kiss my boots M - 5. Show your appreciation for the attention I have given you.", she commanded.

I licked the slick leather of her boots and tried to organize my whirling thoughts.

The pain was becoming a drug. A strange,wonderful,terrible drug. And she became more pleased as I endured more abuse. And as the abuse increased my desire to give her pleasure increased as well.

Why? I was being hurt. But she wanted me to suffer for her. She desired my pain. This was madness. But she stroked and comforted me when the pain became too much to bear. She fed and watered me. She cleaned me.

She punished me and cared for me. I felt something in myself stir. I had always cared for others, and seldom thought of my needs and desires.

She cared about me in her own way.

I drifted into sleep with my face pressed into her boots.

I awoke crying out in the darkness. I was still chained to the ring in the floor.

Her voice came from the velvet darkness.

"Why do you cry out M - 5?"

I paused, uncertain of speaking.

"You may speak. What frightens you in the darkness?"

"I thought I was alone. I'm sorry I spoke without permission Controller."

"You lost someone you loved didn't you?", was her quiet question.

"How could you know that?", I howled.

"I know. I know your mind and your soul. You endure the pain, because you know pain. Your soul is far from peace and your spirit is in torment.

"I know your pain. When the time comes you will offer it to me. But you still have much to prove."

A light flickered in the darkness.

She approached me, illuminated by a single candle. She was wearing a sheer black robe. She gazed down at me, with pity in her eyes. After a moment she turned away from me.

"I will never leave you....."

The candle went out and I was again in darkness.

Time passed. And as time passed, so did the fear.

How strange that I should trust someone who had given me so much pain.

Through a high window I could see the darkness give way to the grey of dawn. I suppose I fell asleep again when I was again awakened by a warm stream of water. I looked up to see her standing over me, holding her robe aside, pissing on my helpless body.

She stopped when she saw me watching.

"Open your mouth M - 5. I have a gift for you."

I hesitated, perhaps too long to suit her. A cold gleam came into her eyes.

"You refuse to obey me?"

I opened my mouth, closed my eyes,and waited for the acrid stream.

It never came.

Instead I tasted apple juice,sweet and warm.

"You see M - 5 , obedience can be rewarding. Oh someday you will beg for my hot wine, but not now. You must earn that privilege."

She walked out of the room and returned in a few moments in a red bodysuit, and carrying a hood.

She quickly placed the hood over my head and secured it to my collar with a small lock.

Unlocking the floor chain she ordered me to my feet.

When the hood was removed I was in a proper bathroom with a shower and toilet. On the counter was a tray of food and an hourglass. After removing my restraints she turned the glass over .

"Eat and wash yourself. I shall return for you when the sand runs out."

The door closed and I heard a bolt slide and lock.

I ate quickly and got into the shower. There was no soap, but the hot water was plentiful. When I got out of the shower I looked in the mirror over the sink. Even allowing for the distortion caused by the unbreakable glass of the mirror, I looked a sight. I had a growth of beard at least a week old. How long had I been a captive? The hourglass was my first actual time indicator. I sat and watched it, trying to regain my sense of time.

She returned with the hood ,leash,and collar. This time she was dressed in a red dress,her hair was pulled back into a tight bun. At her hip hung a long whip.

"You will follow all of my orders. Any disobedience will be punished. Up to now, you have only been corrected. Punishment is much more severe. Do you understand M - 5 ? . Nod if you do."

I nodded, and knelt before her.

"I see that you do understand M - 5. I am pleased."

I was fitted with the hood and collar and led out of the room. A few moments later she instructed me to climb a short flight of steps and stop five paces from the top of them.

I did as I was told.

"This is subject M -5 . The subject's test results are displayed for your approval. I will now demonstrate his pain tolerance."

The first lash startled me and I had to bite the inside of the hood to keep from making any sound. The strokes continued until my knees started to buckle.

"M - 5 resume your position ," she commanded.

I struggled upright again and stood swaying, waiting for the strokes to begin again.

"As you can see, the subject has a high tolerance. This demonstration was five points over his tested rating. His ability to obey is good to excellent. I recommend this subject for advanced training"

There was a pause that seemed like an eternity.

" Subject M - 5 is to receive advanced training starting now." , she announced.

Advanced training. What was that?

I was led back to the pen where I spent my first night and ordered to kneel while the hood was removed.

There had been two changes made. There was now a small pillow in the cage, and an embossed metal sign was mounted on the door.

M - 5

"This will be your home for the duration of your training. If you perform well, you will be rewarded. Mistakes will be corrected ; Disobedience will be punished. Do you understand the difference between punishment and correction M - 5 ?"

I knelt mute before her. I was unsure as to if I should nod, reply, or bark.

"Do you understand the difference between the two M - 5 ? Speak up!"

"I think I do Controller. " I responded softly.

"I will give you an example. If you speak to me without my permission, you will be corrected. If you commit any act of overt disobedience you will be punished. Correction is unpleasant. Punishment is ... well I'll leave you to wonder. Just remember I know what is painful for you and how far I can take you without lasting physical damage. Of course your mental state ..." she mused.

I did not like the idea of what she was saying. And she knew it as well.

"You have a question for me , M - 5? You may speak", she prompted.

"How long will - - " I started to ask.

"Will you be here? ', she finished. "As long as it takes to train you to serve us properly. You will be trained to serve us in any way that might be desirable to us. And when you are trained you will no longer wish to leave."

She laughed softly at the expression on my face.

"The idea frightens you. How amusing. You fear being possessed , but you also fear being abandoned."

Stroking my head like a pet dog, she continued.

"The other fears you have, even the unspoken ones will bind you to us."

She opened the pen door and directed me inside.

"You will rest now. When next you and I meet, you will discover who we are."

She left me locked in the pen, to wait. Was she right? Was it my fears that would enslave me to her?

When she returned she was dressed in a black sheath dress and carried a silver handled cane.

"Do I need to use the leash or binders on you M - 5? Or can you be trusted to obey without question? Your failure to obey would embarrass me greatly and result in a great deal of pain for you."

"I will obey you Controller.", I assented. I wasn't sure if it was the promised pain or the fact I might cause her embarrassment that prompted my reply. For some reason I wanted her to take pride in me.

"Very well. I am going to take you to see the others in our group. You will not speak to them unless I order it. You will not speak to me other than to answer yes or no to any direct question I may ask. You will answer only yes or no, and you will be truthful in your answers.

No matter what the question you will answer it. If I find you were not truthful later, I will punish you, and if you have lied to any one else, they will punish you as well. Is that well understood?"

"Yes Controller."

She unlocked the pen and ordered me to exit it and stand up.;

She led me down a hallway and up to a large carved oak door.. Above the door was an inscription . It said one word: Ay'esha.

Ay'esha. My mind churned. Then I remembered. An old novel by H. Rider Haggard.

Ay'esha meant "She who must be obeyed".

My Controller watched me read the inscription. She smiled in delight for the first time.

"You are aware of the meaning of the word, I see. Now you understand who we are."

She opened the door and led me through it. I was now in a well furnished room , and facing me were two women. Untold, I looked down at the floor. One was older then my controller and the other seemed to be the same age. They were both dressed elegantly ,and I felt out of place in my nakedness and beard.

My Controller sat in a high backed chair and ordered me onto my hands and knees next to her, with my head up..After a pause I felt a weight set upon my back.

"Do not move M - 5 or you may be injured."

I froze into position. I could feel a warmth on my back where the weight was centered. This continued for a time until she sighed and said "That was a lovely cup of tea. " .

The weight was removed and the spot on my back slowly cooled.

She chatted for a time with the other women about a variety of things, ignoring me.

"He seems to make a very nice table, " the older woman said. "Has he ever done it before do you know?"

"Let's find out shall we. M -5 , have you ever been a table before?", the Controller asked.


"Have you ever been used as any type of furniture before now?"


"Have you ever been used as a sex toy before?"

I hesitated. And blushed.

The delay was rewarded by a stroke of the cane across my ass.

"Answer me M - 5."


"Have you ever thought of being used as a sex toy?", was a question from the older woman.

I didn't answer. It couldn't be answered as yes or no. I had thoughts of being used sexually, fantasies, dreams. But converting them to reality? After a pause my Controller dismissed the question as foolish, and turned the conversation away from me and back to other subjects.

The younger of the two women was not willing to dismiss the question so easily.

"M - 5. This is a direct question. Have you ever thought of being used as a sex toy? Answer me.", she demanded.

I stayed mute. I had been told not to respond. I would not respond. After a minute of waiting the woman stood and walked towards me. She wore a coiled whip at her belt and started uncoiling it as she approached.

"I think he's being insolent, Minx. I want an answer to my question. And I'll have one even if I have to beat it out of him!"

I held my position. I was scared. She was angry. Was my Controller going to protect me? What if she didn't? I must not panic I told myself. Do not show fear.

"Lydia ," said the older woman, "he may have a reason for not answering. What if he is following the orders of his Controller?"

Minx, my Controller, laughed.

"You always did know me Anna. You are wise indeed to have suspected that. " , she said.

Turning to the one named Lydia, she added, "He has been instructed not to speak to anyone without a direct order from me."

"So order him to answer.", Lydia insisted.

"Are you questioning my judgment Lydia?", she hissed. "I alone will control him, I alone will give his orders, and I will protect him from you, you who would punish rather than correct. You, who would destroy him rather than build him. No, he is mine to do with as I will."

Lydia turned away. I could see the hate in her eyes. Hate for me , for everything that my Controller was saying.

"I believe you should remove him from this room Minx ," Anna instructed. "It seems that he is a disruptive force."

"As you wish Anna. But he was carrying out my orders. If there was a disruption, I am responsible for it."

With that my Controller ordered me to my feet, and out of the room ahead of her. As soon as the door shut I was on my knees in front of her shaking and weeping.

"What is wrong little one? Tell me." , she instructed.

"I caused a problem for you Controller. I'm sorry I failed you.", I wept.

"You did not fail me. You obeyed your orders exactly as I gave them to you. The question was no business of Lydia's. And I already know the answer from you anyway."

"You do? ", I said through the tears.

"Of course I do. You wish to be considered desirable, all men do. The idea of becoming a sex toy is an appealing one to some people. But consider that a sex toy is used, then put away.

There is no consideration for a sex toy's feelings. A sex toy exists to serve. You exist to serve our needs. Those needs cover far more and far less than sex for our purposes. You will be a sex toy at some point, but not something to be used and thrown away.

"Now come along, it is time for your feeding."

My physical training started that very evening

My Controller, dressed in a white lab coat, led me back to the room with the table. I saw for the first time it was equipped as a medical examination room.

She placed me on a scale, adjusted it, and then frowned in displeasure.

"You are overweight M - 5. The change in your diet will remove a certain amount, but not enough to suit me.

"You will be exercised twice a day until I am satisfied with your weight."

She continued her examination with the same care as lavished on a side of beef being inspected. And actually both were for the same purpose.

The results of the blood pressure check also annoyed her.

"Your blood pressure is higher than it should be. Obviously exercise was not on your list of priorities."

"Controller , " I ventured timidly, "perhaps my blood pressure is higher in response to you."

"Perhaps it is."

She slapped me across the face.

"You were not given permission to speak. And if I want your opinion I will ask for it. Is that very clear."

I nodded, feeling the sting in my face.

"Good. You do understand. Now stand there quietly while I finish checking you."

I stood and waited while she checked my eyes and ears, then the fabled, "open your mouth and say Ahhh".

She finished taking notes and walked to a cabinet. When she turned back she was carrying a hypodermic syringe.

My knees started to buckle, and I started shaking.

"I see that I have found one of your fears M - 5. You fear needles. Interesting. However I will now take a blood sample from you. I will bind you to the table if you do not cooperate willingly. I will give you one chance only."

I stood still except for my shaking as she approached. The fear grew and only the fear of being punished kept me in place.

In one swift motion she tied the arm and slipped the needle into a vein. As she withdrew the needle, I collapsed on the floor.

She placed the sample on a counter and returned to my side. She stroked my head and held me until the shaking stopped. She wiped away my hot tears, and told me that she would help me with my fears.

After a few moments she helped me to my feet and led me to a treadmill. Attached to the side rails of the treadmill were a set of restraints on a short chain. Next to the head of the treadmill was a medical monitor and a set of medical sensors.

She ordered me onto the treadmill and attached the restraints. Working quickly she attached the sensors to my arms , legs , and torso.

"Now you will start out walking. After a short time the treadmill will speed up. Ultimately you will find yourself running. If you slow your pace I have ways to speed you up. Each day the running time will increase and the walking time will decrease. The sensors will record your performance."

Before I could react she had set the machine in motion.

At the beginning it wasn't too bad, but as the speed increased it became more and more tiring. I slowed my pace once and was rewarded by a slash across my ass with a buggy whip that I had not noticed her taking out.

The torture continued for what felt like an hour, but couldn't have been that long. Suddenly the treadmill slowed to a stop.

I stood panting and sweating, heart pounding wildly.

"A good start M - 5 . Tomorrow morning we will work a bit longer."

She freed me from the restraints and tangle of sensor wires and walked me to the bathroom and shower, locking me in again.

She returned after a few minutes and was waiting for me when I exited the shower. She toweled me dry and started rubbing an ointment into my aching legs. After a few minutes she stood up and pronounced me fit.

"I do not wish you to stiffen during the night in your pen. The ointment will prevent that from happening."

I wanted to thank her, but I remembered the slap.

She smiled at me.

"You have already thanked me M - 5. I can see it in your eyes. You must be properly taken care of. Any injury would reduce your ability to serve us."

With that she returned me to my pen and covered it for the night.

When we began again in the morning, she attached the restraints and sensors and started the treadmill again.

" I shall return in a few minutes with your morning ration."

She left me to the tender mercies of the machine. I kept up the pace then got tired. I decided to slow down.

ZAP! An electric shock ran up my leg. It threw me off balance. I staggered and felt another shock.

I picked up the pace and the shocks stopped.

The treadmill increased in speed. Another shock as I slowed. Faster it moved and faster and faster the shocks came as I failed to keep up.

The shocks stopped as the treadmill slowed to a halt.

I stood panting as my Controller returned to the room with a tray of food. A full tray of food. Bacon,eggs, toast, juice, even coffee.

She looked at me and then looked at the strip of paper that had recorded the session.

"I told you that I had ways of encouraging you to perform. You have just found one of the more unforgettable ways . There are also more enjoyable ones you may discover in time. You disobeyed and were corrected. You have however forfeited your meal for this morning. You may however watch me eat."

Releasing me from my bonds she ordered me to sit at her feet and watch her eat. She took her time, savoring every bite of it. At one point she toyed with a piece of bacon and teased me with it,waving it under my nose. Then with great deliberation, ate it.

She patted her lips with the napkin and sighed in satisfaction.

"Perhaps you will do better this afternoon. You may lick the plate clean."

And I did.

After my meal of crumbs and grease she re collared me and chained me to the floor ring. She left the room and returned a few minutes later with a leash, some items of fur, and a mask. A dog mask.

"Now M - 5 , we will find out if you are at least as intelligent as a dog. Of course you need to look the part, so I have some items to help."

She placed the mask on my face, and attached some fur booties to my hands and feet.

"Now the last touch. Dogs have tails, and you don't have one ...yet."

The last fur item was a tail. And as the root of the tail, it had a piece of plastic , rounded, and about two inches in diameter. I started to cringe away from her. Her response was to slap me across the ass.

"Bad DOG! I guess I have to teach you to heel."

She lubricated the plastic tail fitting, and started towards me .I dropped from all fours to flat on the floor. She placed the tail on the floor and started pulling on my leash to get me up. I went limp and offered no resistance. I also offered no help.

"Well , I see we have a little problem here M - 5. Are you disobeying an order from me? "

I said nothing. I guess I was actually being disobedient. But I really didn't want that shoved in my ass.

"Now what would be the best way to punish you and still get what I want?", she mused.

Then she knelt next to me and started tickling my ribs. I tried not to react, but couldn't help it. I started wiggling and thrashing. As soon as my back arched up she slapped my legs apart and with a swift motion slid the tail piece into my ass. She continued to tickle me until I begged for her to stop

"Why should I stop punishing you M - 5. You disobeyed me. Tell me why I should stop."

"Please Controller, it hurts so much. I'm sorry, please stop.", I begged.

"What hurts M - 5. The tail or the tickling? Tell me.", she demanded.

"The tickling hurts me Controller."

"Then you will wear the tail piece until I remove it if I stop tickling you?", she suggested.

By then I was in tearful agony. I would do anything for her at this point if she would only stop.

"Yes Controller, please. I will."

She stopped tickling me and stood up.

"Bark for me M - 5. I want to hear what kind of dog you sound like."

I barked.

"Higher M - 5. I want to hear a small dog"

I yipped in soprano and she laughed.

"I don't think so. Try lower. You are not a lap dog."

I barked in basso profundo.

"Much better. You will bark like that on command or when you need to attract my attention. Understood?"

I barked again.

"Much better M - 5. Now lets go for our walkies."

She unlocked the chain and let me on all fours out of the room. She led me down the hall back to my pen, then towards the main meeting room . We passed the young woman named Lydia on the way down the hallway.

"I see you have him under better control this time Minx. And what a fine dog he makes. Of course he'd be even better if you had him fixed. If fact if you like, I could do that for you."

My Controller laughed at that idea.

"Lydia, you amaze me. He hasn't even been bred yet, and you want to deprive him of siring a litter of puppies. We need to maintain the gene pool you know."

"Drain it you mean. Really Minx, what are they good for?"

"If you haven't discovered their multiple uses by now Lydia, you never will. Good day. "

She tugged on my lead and we continued our walkies.

As I shambled along as a poorly equipped dog, I wondered what had prompted such hatred in Lydia for the male of the species. Actually, I didn't know how she felt about women, so it could have been life in general she hated.

I stayed close to my Controller as we walked. I felt that the discussion with Lydia had upset her. I barked for her attention.

"What is it M - 5?"

I turned back towards where we had passed Lydia and whimpered.

"Did she frighten you M - 5?"

I barked twice.

"Then what is it M - 5?"

I whimpered at her and turned towards the spot again.

"Did she upset me? Is that it?"

I barked once.

"No M - 5, she didn't upset me. She is who she is, as I am who I am."

I nuzzled her leg

"Yes M - 5, I know. Her hatred frightens me at times as well. But I will protect you."

She led me back to the room when my pen was and removed the leash.

"Now, let's see if you know any tricks that would amuse me. Sit!"

I got up on my knees and held my position. The tail probed deeper into me.

"Roll over!"

I dropped to my side and did a roll.

"Play dead!"

I rolled onto my back and stiffened up. I held my position as she walked towards me. I was totally exposed and the tail was painfully compressed under me.

She reached down and scratched my belly. How did dogs react? I started thrashing one leg. She moved lower and started scratching my balls. I started becoming erect.

"Good dog!," she laughed, as I flailed my leg faster in response to her touch. " Horny puppy dog. That pleases me."

She took her hand away and I stopped moving my leg.

"Perhaps we need to find a bitch for you to fuck. Would you like that M - 5? A nice hot bitch to put your seed into? That might be amusing to watch."

My erection started getting harder

"You are a little pervert aren't you? Thinking about fucking a bitch. Perhaps being fucked yourself?"

My erection started collapsing.

"That doesn't interest you? Well, perhaps you won't be given a choice. If I want to take your sorry ass and give it to a bitch or a stud I will. I control what you do and who or what you do it with. Remember that. You are here to give pleasure at my whim. And I will train you to give it in all ways. Even if you do not enjoy them , you will give pleasure to others."

She reattached the leash and ordered me onto all fours again. I rolled onto my hands and knees My tail bobbed with the motion. I started becoming unaware of it, it started being a natural part of me. But my bladder was getting to be a problem.

I whimpered and pulled at the lead.

"Do you have a problem M - 5?"

I whimpered again and strained towards a corner of the room.

"Do you need to pee M - 5?"

I barked an affirmative.

"Sit! Stay! I will be back."

She dropped the lead and left the room. She returned with a small tree in a pot.

"Now M-5, you may pee on the tree like a good dog."

I started to rise and she yanked my lead.

"Lift your leg on it, like a real dog. And you'd better not make a mess, or you'll clean it up....with your tongue."

I moved to the tree and raised a leg. I will tell you now, I don't understand how dogs aim for anything , let alone a tree. I did the best I could but some of it dribbled onto the floor.

She dragged me around and forced my face into the wetness on the floor. My beard started soaking up the urine puddle.

"Now lick your lips. I want you to taste yourself.!"

She said it so fiercely I did it without thinking. It was bitter and salty.

"Good dog. Now back in your pen and I'll feed you."

She led me back to the pen and unhooked the lead. I crawled inside and started sucking at the water bottle to remove the taste from my mouth.

"You will learn to enjoy it M -5. In fact you will beg to taste mine."

My meal was beef chunks in gravy. It looked like dog food, but tasted ambrosial after missing a meal. Eating with the dog mask on was a fact I started thinking my beard caught more food than my mouth.

All during my meal my Controller watched me eat. I wondered what she was thinking about.

I soon found out.

After I finished with my meal, she removed the food pan, placed it on a counter and then unlocked my pen.

"Crawl out M -5." , she instructed.

I crawled out and waited as she removed the fake dog paws from my hands and feet. She removed the mask then walked behind me to study my tail.

"Perhaps I should leave it in you to remind you of your place as a dog , but I think the collar will do for now."

She removed the tail from my aching ass hole and placed it on the counter as well. Reattaching the lead, she ordered me to follow, only this time on my feet instead of as a dog..

She led me back to the examining room and ordered me to lay face up on the table. I knew better than to fail to comply with her orders in this matter. I lay down and she strapped my arms and legs so I could not move them.

After strapping me in she waled out of my vision and then returned holding a can of shaving cream ,a basin of water and a razor. A straight edge razor that glinted in the light. I cringed upon seeing it.

"Now M -5, I did notice your beard was becoming a bit of a problem, so I am going to shave you. After all, you need to stay neat. I shave as well. Perhaps you noticed that. Perhaps not. Lie still and you won't be hurt."

She proceeded to lather my face.

"Let's see how still you can lie. I haven't shaved a man's pubic area in a long time, and I might cut you if you move too much."

She started on my face. Quickly she removed the growth of beard, then started on my chest.

"Not much hair there. I'll try not to cut off a nipple by accident."

I held even more still after that comment.

She progressed lower. Almost lovingly she applied shaving cream to my pubic area and slowly held the razor over my balls. As she started to shave them , her handling of them started my erection again."

"Be very careful not to get too aroused or I might do as Lydia suggested by accident."

The razor moved out of my line of sight and I felt the blade skimming across my skin, back and forth the blade went until she raised it into my line of sight covered with hair and cream.

She wiped it and then took a hold on my cock. Skillfully she ran the blade down my cock, peeling away the hair matting the base of it. I felt a slight pull and heard her mutter.

"Almost had an accident M -5. I wouldn't want to remove a mole you know."

I was both aroused and in fear. The blade could slip and I would be singing in soprano.

She concentrated on her work and soon put the razor down and wiped away the cream with a damp towel.

"Now you look like a little boy again. A hairless little boy."

She stroked my still erect cock.

"Such an interesting piece of meat. It enlarges, or contracts. It shows emotional states. and it makes such a divine torture device. A man will do almost anything to have it touched. But the touch can be torture as well. Can't it M - 5? You want me to make you shoot your seed , and I have no interest in doing that at all.

"I just like to tease them and make my toys beg..I like using their desires to drive them into submission to my will. As you are becoming more aroused you are becoming more receptive to my orders. You would do anything I order you to do, if I were to give you release."

I moaned as she teased the tip of my cock with her fingernails. She was right. I would do anything for release at that point. I hated it. I hated being controlled by my lust. I was not an animal. But I had been made one, reduced to thinking with my glands.

"Yes you are an animal now. M - 5. If I were to free your restraints you would seize me and rape me. This is what you are inside. An animal maddened by lust.

"You will learn to control it again M -5. You will be trained to unleash it as we desire."

With that she poured ice water on my erect cock and watched it collapse as I screamed in shock.

She left me there tied and helpless for a long time. I could see the daylight fade into darkness through the window set high in the wall.

When she returned she was dressed in a red silk sheath dress, slit up one side. With her was a young Asian girl dressed in a red kimono and carrying a small box.

"Are you awake M -5? You may speak."

"Yes Controller, I am awake."

"Good. M - 5, this is Mei Ling. She is going to help you with your fears. She is very good at what she does M - 5, and you will refer to her as Master if she chooses to speak to you. Is that understood?"

"Yes Controller. She is to be referred to as Master."

"Very good. Mei Ling, please show M -5 what you have in the box.", she said turning to the other woman.

"Yes Controller Minx, I would be pleased to do so.", was her warm response.

She opened the box and showed the contents to me. Needles. Needles of all lengths and sizes.

"Please Controller, No.", I begged.

"Why not M -5? What will you do to avoid the needles? Tell me"

I couldn't think. The sight of the needles had caused my mind to go blank.

My Controller laughed.

"He wants to avoid the needles Mei Ling, but can't think of anyway to do it. Perhaps we should insert a few and see if that starts him thinking."

"The use of the needles in some places does stimulate brain function Controller Minx. Perhaps I should start?", the Master said.

"Not just yet. Perhaps I should give him some suggestions. M -5, would you kiss my feet to avoid the needles?"

"Yes Controller."

"Would you kiss my ass to avoid the needles?"


"Would you kiss Lydia's ass to avoid the needles?"



"No Controller. But I would do it."

"Good boy. You are being truthful. You will serve Lydia sometime, and you will do so willingly. But I will not force it upon you now. But you will face the needles if you do not give me a reason not to."

Perhaps now was the time she had warned me of.

"I will drink your piss Controller."

She laughed at that.

"My piss is a sacrament, not a punishment M - 5. I should punish you for that error, but you are a dumb animal after all, so I will overlook it. Mei Ling, you may prepare the needles."

My Controller stepped to the head of the table and strapped my head down. I could no longer see the Master and the needles. But I knew she was there and the fear grew in me. My Controller had promised to help. Had she decided to change her mind? I closed my eyes and waited.

I felt a pressure on my body, then my Controller ordered me to open my eyes.

I opened them to see my Controller squatting over my face. She had the most perfect ass and pussy I had ever seen.

"I thought you might enjoy being gagged in this way, smothered under my ass rather than a hard rubber ball. Do you like that idea better, M -5 "

"Oh yes Controller. Thank you Controller."

"When we are through, you will thank the Master in any way that might please her. You will thank her for giving you pain, or pleasure, whatever she demands or desires."

"Yes Controller."

She settled her ass on my face. I could still breath, but not deeply. Her smell entranced me. Her woman musk, the smell of her ass. It had been too long since I smelled the scent of a woman.

"You may begin Mei Ling."

I waited for the stab of pain. It never came. I felt a burst of warmth in my leg, then nothing.

The same in my arm. My chest. Each time a burst of warmth, then nothing. Or something. I begin to feel very relaxed again almost floating. I soon no longer cared. My world was one of woman scent and warmth. My mind became fuzzy.

After an unknown amount of time, my Controller got off me, and stood next to my head.

"Do you hear me M - 5?" , she said gently. Her voice sounded a million miles away.

"Yes Controller.", I whispered.

"Do you feel pain M - 5?"

"No Controller"

She picked up a mirror and held it so I could see my body.

I was a human pincushion. Needles were inserted all over my body. But there was no pain, no blood. Just warmth.


"The Master is a master of acupuncture. She inserted the needles into the places on your body that can make you feel pleasure. Needles can not harm you ; ignorance can. Your mind controls your body M - 5. Soon you will be able to block out pain and find only pleasure in it."

She ordered the Master to start withdrawing the needles. As she did the warmth decreased, but the pain never came.

When she was done she joined my Controller at the head of the table.

"Do you have anything to say to me M -5?", she asked.

"Thank you Master. Thank you for giving me pleasure."

She reached out and touched my face gently.

"I remove pain and fear from those who truly need it removed. But the pain in your soul can not be touched by my talents. Offer it to the Goddess of All." , she said softly.

"I am in your debt Mei Ling", my Controller said. " How shall I repay you for this service."

"You own me nothing. But I charge him with the debt. He shall serve you long and well."

"And for you personally Mei Ling? What shall I give you?"

I saw the Master smile and reach out to stroke the face of my Controller.

"I desire your lovemaking Controller Minx. Nothing more than that."

"And you shall have it. But what of M - 5. Should I return him to his pen for the night?"

There was a long thoughtful silence.

"No, bring him, gagged and tethered. He should see what passions his pain stirs in us."

I was hooded ,and gagged before being released from the table. Releasing the bonds from the table, they quickly used a rope to tie my hands behind my back. I heard the snap of the leash and was led off.

I was pushed into something soft and rolled over. The hood was stripped off and I saw I was in a bedroom. The lighting was subdued and there was the scent of incense in the air. The bed was wide and looked soft. The sheets looked like silk the way they glimmered in the light.

My Controller and the Master looked at me and they both smiled.

"Now my little toy, see what your pain has brought us.", my Controller said.

She removed her dress as the Master dropped her kimono to the floor. I noticed for the first time that my Controller's nipples were pierced. The Master had a tattoo of a dragon across her upper arm.

They embraced and kissed passionately. They stroked each other gently. I could see my Controller's nipples erect as the Master nibbled at them. She pulled at them with her teeth stretching them. My Controller shivered in pleasure. The Controller bit the Masters nipples. She spasmed

"Now M - 5, watch us. Do not turn away" I was commanded

They lay down on the bed together. She placed her hand between the Master's thighs and grabbed her pussy. There was a soft moan that the Controller smothered with a kiss. They continued stroking and touching.

I could smell the musk of these two women as they made passionate love. I could no longer think of them as Master and Controller. They became Minx and Mei Ling, to be cherished. To be watched in their joy and pleasure. Had I really been the catalyst for this? I found myself becoming aroused , more that I had been in many years. I wanted to join them in their joy. I read once that shared pain is lessened; and shared joy is increased. I felt honored to witness their love making.

I moaned into my gag as Minx buried her face in Mei Ling's wetness. She turned so the Mei Ling could pleasure her with her mouth as well. The moaning and breathing became more rapid. There was a pause, then I could see them both orgasm. Watching them was like staring into the heart of an exploding star. Their joy and beauty was blinding and pure as the first light of creation. I wept. I had not felt such love between two people since - - I blotted out the thought. That time was in my past, not to be recaptured.

This was a sharing of life, a celebration.

They broke from their embrace and looked towards me. As I watched their faces I saw in them a love I had not seen in years, and they saw the tears of joy in my eyes.

"You see M - 5, the love you lost does still exist. It has not gone from this world. ", Minx, my Controller said gently.

"Listen to her M -5. In time and with our help, it will find you again. ", Mei Ling, the Master, advised.

"Would you like some small part of our joy M - 5?", Minx asked kindly.

I nodded. She rolled off the bed and looked at Mei Ling. Mei Ling nodded. The gag was removed and Minx reached between Mei Ling's legs and stroked her wetness. She took her gleaming fingers and placed them in my mouth. I sucked on them greedily. I savored the taste of her like a fine wine. Mei Ling stroked her fingers between Minx's legs and offered them to me. They tasted sweet,where her juices had tasted spicy.

They took me from the chair and attached my lead to the foot of the bed.

"You will sleep at our feet tonight M -5. And tomorrow , you will serve us both."

With that, Mei Ling turned out the light, and I was left in warm darkness, with the sweet and spicy tastes of these two women on my lips, and the image of their lovemaking in my mind.

I was awakened the next morning by a soft kiss on the forehead. I opened my eyes to see Minx smiling at me.

"Good morning M - 5. The Master is still sleeping so speak quietly. Did you enjoy yourself last night?"

"Yes Controller I did." I whispered.

"Mei Ling was pleased with your reaction as was I. You watched as instructed and did not distract us. And yes, I did see how aroused you were. Would you like to see more?"

I blushed at that.

"I'm sorry Controller."

"I didn't ask if you were sorry. I asked if you would like to see more.", she hissed

"Oh yes Controller.", I whispered in response.

"You will have to pay for it with your pain again. Do you understand?"

I thought about it. Was the pain I knew she could inflict worth it? Was the joy I witnessed worth it?

"Yes Controller. I understand."

"Why do you wish to suffer the pain, M - 5?"

"Because it gives you pleasure."

"Does pain give you pleasure M - 5?", she pressed quietly.

"No Controller. But - -". It struck me suddenly. I didn't like pain, but I wanted to please her.

"But what M -5? Tell me."

"I just want to please you Controller."

"I will accept that for now. But you will give me a proper reason soon."

Mei Ling woke up at that point stretched and sat up. She kissed Minx softly before addressing me.

"Good morning M -5. I trust you slept well?"

"Very well Master. May I enquire as to your rest?"

"I slept well. You pleased me greatly with your behavior. You will be rewarded."

"Thank you Master, but I wish no reward for following instructions. I was following orders."

"I understand that, but you followed them very well."

She turned back to Minx.

"How long have you had him in your pens Minx?, she asked.

"I have only had him for ... well less time that you might think. He seems to have a natural talent, a bit unrefined, but there is potential.", Minx replied.

"M - 5 , can you cook?', was the next question from the Master.

"Yes Master, I can cook."

"Good. Go through the door at the far end of the room. You will find a small kitchen. You will fix us both some breakfast, and bring it to us. Show me how creative you can be. Go."

I started to get up but was pulled back down by the lead attached to the bed.

"Well, I will say he follows orders well Minx, " she laughed. "Perhaps you should release him."

Minx released the lead, and untied me.


I went through the indicated door and found a small well stocked kitchen. I also found something I had not seen in awhile. A window. It looked out into a courtyard with a fountain, splashing quietly . I could see the sky for the first time in days. And flowers, beautiful red flowers. There was also a door. Escape!

I started towards the door, then stopped. Where was I going to go? I was naked, no money, no real idea where I was.

And then I thought about it. Did I really want to escape? I was being treated like an animal, I was being tortured and abused. And I was being cared for, even...loved. Some people use the expression "A dog's life".

And really, what's wrong with a dog's life? They're fed, cared for, and all they give in return is devotion and service.

I turned away from the door and started fixing breakfast, refreshed by the view of life in the outside world.

Breakfast wasn't fancy, just scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee. I placed them on a tray and reentered the bedroom.

Both of the women were gone. I placed the tray onto a table and kneeled next to it to wait.

After a short time,both Minx and Mei Ling returned. For some reason they were carrying animal capture poles, poles with a noose on the end. I guess for me, if I had escaped.

"Breakfast is ready Master, Controller," I said careful not to show any reaction.

They stood transfixed for a moment then both begin laughing in delight.

"Potential Minx? I think you have underestimated him and yourself", Mei Ling laughed.

"Why didn't you escape M - 5? You had a chance." , Minx asked in wonder.

"I didn't want to. It would have been wrong. I belong here."

"Why do you say that M - 5?"

"I want to stay with you."

She smiled.

"Do you M -5? Do you really want to stay with me?"

"Yes Controller."

"Then offer me your pain."

"I don't understand. I will accept the pain you give me."

" I want more from you M - 5."

Mei Ling bowed and left the room, but not without a smile at the both of us.

"Tell me. I wish to please you Controller. How can I show you my love, my need for you?"

"Who was the woman you loved, the one you lost?" , Minx asked.

I paused and took a deep breath.

"She was my wife."

"What happened Michael?"

"She died trying to have a baby. My baby. She wanted to give me a child, because she felt I was the most important person in the world. She died for me."

"And the child?", Minx asked softly.

"Died. She was five months premature. And it was my fault."

"Why was it your fault? What did you do?"

"I didn't stop my wife from drinking. She had a problem with alcohol. She hid it from me until it was too late."

"Was she your slave? Did you own her?", Minx asked.

"No. She was free to choose. I couldn't make her stop. It would have been wrong!", I protested.

"Then it wasn't your fault. You loved her enough to let her be free to choose. You can't make a person stop drinking, or using drugs, or smoking. They have to want to stop."

"I just didn't love her enough. If I had she might have stopped !", I cried out.

"She loved you Michael. She knew the risk, she chose the risk. She was wrong. Not you."

"I failed. She died because I didn't stop her."

"Michael, listen to me", Minx instructed. " You are forgiven. No one is blaming you. Just yourself. You are worthy of being loved."

"Am I", I said crying.

"Yes, Michael you are. And you will be loved."

I looked up at her through the tears. She was smiling at me, love in her face.

"I love you."

"I know.", was her sweet reply.

My confession of love didn't change things very much. I was still put through my exercises on the treadmill, I still slept in my little pen, and I was still hooded and collared, not allowed to roam free.

But once a week I was led to Mei Ling's quarters and allowed to prepare dinner.

I lived for those nights. I was permitted to look out the window at the sky, and after dinner Minx and sometimes Mei Ling would play with me.

She encouraged me to tell her my fantasies. She listened to my stories, she even encouraged me to sing for her. And then would come the playtime.

I learned to love being spanked by her, to take a hard whipping until my skin felt hot, to worship her feet. I wanted to do more for her. I wanted to be anything she desired me to be.

I wanted to worship her whole body. I wanted to worship her breasts, her ass, her pussy.

I wanted to suck her woman juices from her, not just lap it from her fingers. It was becoming maddening. I couldn't think of a way to say anything like that to her. It would have been insulting at a minimum.

Think of your dog saying he wants to be intimate with you, and you can get the picture.

Then came the night at Sin.

It was after I had served dinner to her one night. She had just requested a goblet of juice, and I had brought it to her. She ordered me to sit at her feet.

"M - 5 , would you like to go out with me ?"

I wasn't sure I had heard her correctly.

"Go where Controller?", I asked.

"Out. I am going to a club and I thought you might like to come with me."

"I would be honored Controller. "

"You should be. I rarely take a pet out with me to Sin."

"Sin, Controller?"

"Yes," she smiled, "the name of the club is Sin."

It was a few nights later that I was dressed by Minx in a dark pair of pants, a white shirt, a jockstrap made of leather,and a new type of collar. This one had flashing lights and small metal studs.

"Now M - 5, listen to me very carefully. If you try to escape you will be stopped by the collar. It is designed to shock you if you get more than thirty feet from me. Is that understood?", she explained.

"Yes Controller."

"You will not speak to anyone or allow anyone to speak to you. You will act as if you are deaf and dumb unless I give you permission to speak."

With that she hooded me, attached a leash, and led me out.

The drive took some time, but ultimately we arrived at our destination. The hood was removed and I found myself looking at the world again.

People everywhere, noise,colors. I was actually disoriented after all the time in relative solitude. Minx led me out of the car and I saw that we had been in a limo. She led me past the doorman , who bowed deeply, and into the club.

We were engulfed by people and loud music. I almost panicked, but the steady pressure of the leash kept me three paces behind Minx through the main club. She led me to a door and knocked in a pattern. The door opened and Minx led me into the room beyond.

A bondage frame was mounted on a stage at the far end of the room, and a rack of whips hung next to it.

"On stage M - 5, and remove your clothes. Keep your strap on.", I was instructed.

I did as I was told, and she secured me to the frame, face towards the back wall.

"Wait here. Do not move or speak"

She left and a few minutes later I could hear people entering the room. The lights dimmed and I hear the noise die down.

Then I heard a whip crack behind me. I jumped as well as I could being tied. The next time ,the whip cracked about my shoulder. I gasped. The strokes continued. Back, ass, legs. I could hear the people reacting to my pain. Some of them wanted me to be hit harder. But who was wielding the whip? It didn't feel like Minx's work. My tormentor stepped into my field of vision.

It was Lydia, with an evil grin on her face. She stepped closer.

"You should see your back, piglet. It looks like someone used a rake on it. This is the price you pay for not answering me. Remember that? You refused an order from me. You will never refuse my orders again, now will you?" , she hissed in my ear.

"I obey my Controller. If she orders me to answer, I will. ", I murmured.

She stepped away and I closed me eyes,waiting for the next blow to fall.

It never did. I heard Minx whispering in my ear, asking if I was all right.

"I think so Controller, but I am really hurting."

"Do you wish to stop?"

"No Controller. I want to make you proud of me."

"I am Michael. So very proud."

I heard her address the crowd.

"Now you have seen my slave take this whipping. He will tell you why he did it."

She turned back to me.

"Tell them why you did it Michael."

"I wanted to please you."

"Louder Michael", she demanded with a stinging slap on my ass.

"I wanted to give you pleasure!", I fairly shouted.

There was a sound of applause that built into a roar of approval.

Minx turned back to me and whispered," You have honored me Michael. What reward would you choose?"

"I want to lick your pussy until you cum, Controller. I want to give you physical pleasure."

"You will be granted this desire later. I promise you that. Now I am going to untie you. You will turn, face the crowd, and bow respectfully to them. Then you will get dressed and kneel at my feet."

"Yes Controller."

I did as I was told and looked at the crowd. Some of the people were admiring me, some seemed to pity me. I left the stage ,dressed, and located Minx sitting at a table near the back of the room.

I made my way to her and knelt before her. She pulled my head into her lap and stroked it gently. I could smell her womanly juices through her dress, and breathed deeply of them.

I stayed there for a long time, not paying any attention to the rest of the things going on around me. They were unimportant; Minx was all important and I wanted to bathe in her nearness.

Minx was complimented many times on my performance, and she accepted the praise gracefully.

All too soon the night ended and we made our way back to the limo.

I expected to be hooded again, but was instead ordered to lay down on the floor in the back, face up.

I did and was rewarded by Minx squatting over my face.

"Now Michael, it is time for your reward. I will give you ten minutes to make me cum. If you can not by that time, you will stop."

Without another word she lowered her sweet wetness onto my face. My tongue darted to her clit. I nibbled it gently, and sucked on it. I slid my tongue into her wet hole and lapped just under her clit, trying to find her G- spot,

She trembled. I had found it. I concentrated on it. My wife had always said my oral performance was my one true talent; I hoped she was right. Minx became wetter and wetter. The cum started flowing out of her, then a sudden jerking and a moan. An orgasm. I changed my focus and slowed down for a minute, then renewed my lapping. A second orgasm, this time larger.

Then it was over. She stopped me, and ordered me to lay under her, soaking the juices into my face.

I could only smell her, couldn't see her. But I thought I could hear a cat like purr from her.

I hoped I was right.

The ride back to, well I guess you could call it home , seemed all too short after all of the excitement. I spent most of the ride on my back facing up. All I could see was the roof of the car and Minx sitting, enjoying the ride.

We came to a stop and I expected to be hooded and led out of the car. Instead Minx looked down at me , removed the collar,and ordered me to get up, get out of the car and walk forward ten paces

I did as I was told. Above were the stars in a cold black sky and in front of me the sea of light that marked a city.

I turned and saw Minx standing by the limo, a goblet in her hand, looking at me.

"This place is special to me M - 5. I brought my first lover here and made him my slave. I have had many slaves since then but you are the only other I have brought here."

"Why did you bring me here Controller?"

"Because you will be my finest creation. And you will be my last creation. "

I was flattered and startled at the same time. Her last creation?

"Your last creation Controller?" , I asked.

"Yes M - 5. You will be the last slave I train."

I knelt before her.

"But why?"

She hesitated, unsure of reveling something that perhaps I should not know.

"I have other obligations I must attend to that make it impossible to continue."

She said it with a certain sadness, like a child who is told it is time to come in from playing in the warm twilight of summer.

"Minx, my Controller."

"Yes Michael?"

"I will be your finest creation. I will show the world your skills"

I indicated the goblet in her hand.

"It's empty. Would you fill it for me?" I asked.

"With what Michael?"

"I wish to drink your hot wine. Will you give me that blessing?"

Her face reflected the city neon and starlight. She removed her dress and stood clad in her garter belt ,stockings,and high heels and placed the goblet on the ground below her.

Facing the stars above she murmured some words I couldn't hear clearly and started pissing.

Her hot liquid filled the goblet and splashed upon the ground. She stopped.

"When you drink this , you will be committed to my service in all ways. I will no longer bind you, unless it pleases me to do so. You will obey all of my commands willingly from this day forward. Do you accept this Michael?"

I took the goblet and drank from it. It tasted bittersweet, not at all what I expected. I said nothing when I finished it, waiting for some sign from her.

She motioned me forwards and placed my face between her legs.

"Clean me Michael."

I lapped the last traces of urine from her and withdrew.

She dressed and motioned me back into the car, saying nothing in words, but everything in her stride.

I lay down at her feet again and waited. She placed her heels upon my chest and motioned the still unseen driver to proceed with our journey. We sat in silence for the rest of the trip, myself wondering if I pleased her, and Minx thinking of things dark and unknown to me.

When we arrived I was hooded and collared again. I was led through the night air in what seemed to be a different direction than I had traveled before. We entered a building and stopped.

The hood was removed and I saw that I was now in a small cell with a cot. There was a basin and toilet in the cell, and a window was set into the wall.

"You will be kept here for a time Michael. When I return, you will either be returned to your pen, or you will become my body servant." was all she said.

"Yes Controller." , was all I could say.

"And Michael", she continued, " if you become my body servant, you may call me Mistress Minx."

And she left me after locking the door of the cell.

I took advantage of the basin and washed and using the toilet was a luxury that had been denied me for some time. I stretched out on the cot to relax and fell asleep

I was awakened by the sound of a tray sliding through the slot in the otherwise solid cell door. I ate the food and lay down again to continue my vigil. Another meal came, and then a third. Had I been waiting a full day? Under the food dish of the third meal was a note.

"It is being decided xxx M."

Who was deciding what though? Didn't Minx have free choice in her slaves, or was there a power over her. Perhaps the same power that had said that I would be her last?

I heard a key click in the lock of the cell door. Without thinking I ate the note. If there was a higher authority involved, I did not wish harm to come to Minx.

When the door opened I found Lydia standing there. Her leather boots were polished and gleaming, and she wore a studded corset. In her hand was a gun. Not a normal gun, but a TASER.

The TASER fires two fishhook shaped barbs into a target then sends a high voltage current into it.

"Out!", she commanded

I stepped out and knelt before her.

"You seem to be quite a troublemaker, piglet. I'm tempted to say you tried to escape, just so I can shoot you. But I won't ...YET!"

She pulled a hood from her belt and tossed it at me.

"Take all of your clothes off and put the hood on. Quickly!"

I obeyed her, keeping a watchful eye on her gun hand. When hooded, she dragged me to my feet and ordered me to walk ahead of her.

I was led back to the Chamber of Ay'esha , where the hood was removed,and I was pushed through the door roughly.

The room now resembled a throne room. At one end of the room was an ornately decorated chair, with lesser chairs on each side. The room was now candle lit, and music was being played softly. I could see people in the shadows watching me. Who were they I wondered and what was this?

"Kneel here. Do not move until ordered to.", Lydia ordered. She stalked away into the shadows. I waited trying not to look around. I focused my attention on the big chair.

The music changed, became harsher. It was "Mars, God of War" from the Planets, by Holst. As it reached the finale a voice called out clearly for all to hear.

"The Matriarchs of Ay'esha approach! All bow and reflect on their glory!"

I averted my eyes from the dais in respect. I was going to be in the presence of the leaders of the group, the ones who even Minx obeyed.

A voice called out to me.

"You are the subject known as M - 5. Speak!"

"I am.", I replied.

"We have been petitioned to allow your service to the woman you know as the Controller, Minx. Before we decide this, we will ask you to answer our questions with truth. Look upon us!"

I raised my eyes to seen Anna in the main chair, splendid in a purple robe. On her right side sat Minx and on her left, Lydia. I looked at the other women sitting on the dais. I knew some of these women from the news. There was the Wife of a President of the United States. Next to her was the Actress who became the owner of a major studio. The Owner of a newspaper chain. There were others I did not know.

"M - 5 , you see before you the Matriarchs of Ay'esha. For 100 years we have controlled the world in subtle ways. We have great power and great responsibilities. If we decide to allow your service, you will be in service to all of us. Any one of us may need to command you, and you will obey. Is that understood?"

"Yes. If I am permitted to enter into the service of Ay'esha, I will serve as needed." , I said.

"These services may not be of your liking M - 5. You may be asked to do things that are distasteful to you. You will obey even those orders?", Anna asked.

"I will obey those orders as well."

"Even if the order is to kill someone?", Lydia demanded.

I hesitated.

"No! I will not kill in cold blood."

"If they are a threat to us, you must kill them.", Lydia pressed.

"You have stayed hidden from the eyes of the world for many years. Have you ever had to kill to protect your secret?", I challenged.

There was a long silence in the room. It was broken by Minx.

"No. Even those who failed were not killed. They were returned to the outside world."

"And no one ever talked?" , I asked.

"The world believes what it wishes to believe M - 5. Those who talked were dismissed as having perverse fantasies.", was Anna's reply.

"Why do you wish to join in our service M - 5?", the Actress asked.

"I am in love with the Controller and wish to serve her interests."

"Love is not a reason; it is a hormone problem.", was the scathing reply from the Owner.

"The Controller taught me to forgive myself for the death of my wife and child. She laid to rest the ghosts of my soul. I owe her my service for returning my life to me."

" It is not a debt to be repaid.", said the Wife. "It is something that can not be repaid."

"And that is why I wish to enter her service. I will give everything I can as a token."

"M - 5, you know that the Controller will leave someday. She has told me of your fear of being abandoned again. She will leave eventually, and this can not be changed.", Anna said.

" I will be hers for the time I have with her. I learned that from my wife. We had six and a half years. I will cherish the time I have with the Controller. And perhaps when she leaves, she will give me to another who wishes a well trained pet. "

There was a silence that seemed to be eternal. I waited for the next question.

"M - 5 , crawl to us and kneel before the Controller", Anna ordered.

I crawled across the room, head down. When I reached Minx I placed my head at her feet.

"Controller Minx, you have heard the answers from this person. Do you wish to accept him into your service?", Anna intoned.

I felt Minx's hand on my bowed head,and then she raised my head so I could see her face.

"I accept the service of Michael for as long as time permits. He is mine!"

"Michael, do you enter into this service of your own accord , with perfect love and perfect trust?", Anna continued.

"With perfect love..and perfect trust.", I said softly.

"By the powers of Ay'esha and Astoreth, I declare this slave as bonded. So mote it be!"

I was led to Minx's living quarters for the first time. Her rooms were much like Mei Ling's rooms, with the exception of the bed and a piano The bed was a masterpiece of art. It was a wrought iron four poster bed. At the corner posts were rings suitable for binding hands and feet in place. It was overhung by a silk canopy that seemed almost too female in comparison to the black iron of the bed. the pillows were black silk and so were the sheets.

"Michael, you will sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed. You will find a pillow and quilt in the closet. You will find the kitchen is identical to the one in Mei Ling's quarters. You may use the courtyard in the morning and evening for your exercise program.

"I will prepare a copy of my schedule and you will follow the instructions on it. When I am not here you will stay in these rooms. You may listen to music or if you will tell me what you like to read, I will give you one book a week.

"You will collect my laundry and place it in the bin in the bathroom by noon. Clean clothes and linens will be returned by six.. I will give you a pair of shorts, and a shirt to start with. As needed you will be given more clothing. You will keep them in the cabinet marked for your use.

"Do you have any questions?"

My head was spinning from the events that had just taken place.

"Yes Mistress. Should I eat with you or by myself?" , was the only question I could think of.

"If I am going to be out , you should eat without me. You will stay on your diet until I say otherwise. If I am here you will serve me, then wait for permission to eat. I will tell you if you are to eat in the kitchen or with me. I will want a shopping list from you on Sundays.

"You will be paid for your service to me. I will keep track of the amount you have earned. Those funds may be used to purchase items for your personal pleasure.

"And one other thing. You will not masturbate without my permission or outside of my presence. You will perform for me alone. Is that clearly understood?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good. Now go into the kitchen and fix a meal for me. I shall expect your best effort Michael."

Her kitchen was well supplied so fixing a good meal wasn't a problem. My problem was a good dessert. I had to do something special. I served the main portion of her meal and asked permission to return to the kitchen to fix dessert.

"What kind of dessert Michael?"

"I don't know yet Mistress. I need to know what you like."

"I like fruit, I like chocolate. I like most sweet things."

"Thank you Mistress. I have an idea now. May I proceed?

"Yes. Amaze me."

Sweet, chocolate, fruit. What did I have to work with? I found cocoa powder and sugar. Then I spotted a basket of strawberries in the refrigerator.

A few minutes later I presented Minx with chocolate dipped strawberries.

She got up from her chair and moved to lay on the divan.

"Feed me your gift Michael."

I sat next to the divan and held a strawberry over her mouth so she could nibble at it. She nibbled it up to the stem and sucked the chocolate from my fingers.


She nibbled the fruit away again, sucking on my fingers. Each time I felt myself become more aroused by the sucking. I became more and more erect. She paid no attention to my growing erection and demanded another berry. I fed it to her.

By the time the six berries were consumed I was in painful arousal.

She glanced down at my hard prick and casually mentioned that it was somewhat impressive that way.

"Perhaps I should tie it so that it stays that way. " she speculated.

"Please..", I begged.

"Please what Michael?"

"Please let me cum Mistress.", I stammered.

"No I don't think so. Not yet. I have something special in mind for you tonight."

She got up from the divan and stood over me.

"You know tonight is our wedding night in a way. I think we need to make it something to remember.", she said. " Go into the kitchen and wait until I call you. If you have not eaten yet, please do so. I will be some little time."

I followed her orders and ate my dinner. I had just finished cleaning up when she called for me.

I entered the room to find it lit by candle light. A Mozart concerto was playing softly. I could see a shape in the shadows near the bathroom door.

She stepped into the light and I saw her clearly.

She was dressed in a white satin corset, a white garter belt and stockings, and white high heels. Her hair flowed over her shoulders and her lips were painted bright red.

And hanging between her legs was a dildo.

" I'm going to take your ass cherry tonight Michael. Will you give it to me," her voice hardened," or must I take it from you?"

I was apprehensive. I feared I could not take that size dildo in me. I didn't wish to disappoint her. I swore my obedience and I keep my word.

"It is yours to take Mistress", I said.

"On the bed Michael and lay on your back. I want you to see my cock slide into you."

I did as ordered and lay back waiting for her. She stepped towards the bed, and placed cushions under my ass to raise it. She then straddled my chest and placed her cock in my face.

"Kiss it Michael. Tell me how much you want to be fucked by me. Beg for it my slave"

I ran my tongue over the head of the cock that would soon be entering me. I took it into my mouth for a moment.

"I want your cock Mistress. I want you to use me for your pleasure. " , I begged.

"Do you want me to fuck you? Tell me. Say the words."

"Fuck me Mistress. Please take my virgin ass for your pleasure. Make me your slut!"

"Why would I want to fuck a slut like you? Tell me that.", she demanded.

"Because I can please you Mistress. I'll be a good fuck toy for you."

"Suck my cock slut!"

She shoved it deeper in my mouth. It tasted like her juices. I sucked on it and took it deeply into my throat.

"Oh yes throat my dick, bitch boy!" , she moaned.

After a few more minutes she pulled it out of my mouth and to the foot of the bed. She lubricated the dildo and mounted me.

"Now my pussy boy, you will please your mistress."

She slid the dildo into my ass. I felt her slide it in all the way up to the base. It didn't hurt like the dog tail had. She humped up against me, I felt the base of my cock get wet from her juices. My cock became hard again. The pain faded as she pumped up against me. I became more aroused than I had been earlier. I could see the pleasure grow in her. We became one mass of pleasure. Then she came, shuddering against me and collapsed on my chest, gasping in relief. After a moment she withdrew her cock from my steaming ass and unstrapped it. She dropped it on the floor and mounted me again, rubbing her wet pussy against my hard cock.

My cock sent its contents spewing up her belly and onto my chest.

She looked down at the cum on her belly and pointed at it.

"Lick it off me slave."

She moved to straddle my chest. I licked the sticky mass off her belly and lapped gently at her navel.

"That's enough. Now roll over on your side and put your hands over your head."

She got off me as I rolled over and with a silken cord bound my hands and attached them to a bed ring.

"Good night Michael", was all she said as she snuggled into my back, her arms around me.

"Good night Mistress."

I awoke near sunrise, with Minx still curled up against my back. It was a feeling I had not experienced in years. When you have lived alone for many years without the comfort of a partner,even being touched has a special meaning.

She stirred slightly and snuggled in closer to me. I closed my eyes and returned to sleep, thinking of the luck that had brought her to me.

When I awoke the next time ,she was no longer in bed with me, and my hands had been untied. I quickly got up and went into the kitchen to make her breakfast..

I found a note taped to the stove.

"Slave. I will be out today and will return this evening. You will prepare a meal for me to be served at 7:30. You will be checked at noon by one of the other Mistresses. Be prepared to serve her as she desires.


I looked at the clock. It was almost noon. I hurried through my chores and made the bed with fresh sheets. I had just finished putting the clothes in the laundry basket when the door was unlocked and opened.

A short black woman entered the room. She was dressed in leather pants and a white silk top. Her boots clicked on the hardwood of the floor as she walked towards me holding a short crop.

I dropped to my knees and lowered my head in respect.

"Well," she said in a musical voice," at least you know how to show respect for your betters. I was sent to check on you by Mistress Minx. I am Master Melody, and you will serve me today. Do you understand?"

Keeping my head down I answered , "Yes Mistress"

She swung the crop across my back, leaving a searing pain behind.

"You will address me as Master, slave."

"Yes Master."

Another swing of the crop, this time the other way.

"Master Melody SIR!", she barked.

"Yes Master Melody SIR!", I repeated.

She walked away a few paces and turned back to me.

"Well boy, keep up with me. Heel!", she ordered.

I scrambled to her side on all fours, and followed,being careful to match her pace. She led me around the room a few times then indicated I should follow her out the door into thepassageway.

The passageway floor was a mosaic of stone that made it difficult to stay in step without cutting my hands and knees. She led me to another door and through it.

The room was well decorated with African paintings and carvings. There was a low bed in one corner with ornate wood carvings decorating the frame. Next to it was short table and a stool.

"Get on the bed, boy!", was her next order.

I laid down on the bed as directed and waited.

She sat down on the stool and open a drawer inset into the table. From it she took a cock ring, a package of cigarettes and a cigarette holder.

"Play with yourself boy, and when you're hard, put the cock ring on."

I did as I was told, although getting an erection under her steady gaze was difficult at best.

When I was aroused enough to suit her I put the cock ring on and waited.

"Put your arms over your head and keep them there. If you move them I'll have to punish you. And I'd enjoy that, but you wouldn't." she directed.

I raised my arms exposing my armpits and chest for her.

"Hmmm, not much hair on that chest, but more than enough for my purposes elsewhere.", she commented.

She place a cigarette in the holder and lit it. Taking a puff, she removed the holder from her mouth and moved the glowing tip of the cigarette towards me. I held as still as I could. She moved it closer to my chest and then placing the hot tip on my few chest hairs she burned them off.

The hair sizzled from the heat. I held my breath trying to avoid the same sort of sizzle from my bare flesh.

She withdrew the holder and took another puff of smoke, heating it up again. Slowly she moved it towards my armpits. I could see the hot ash moving towards me. It moved out of my sight and I felt the heat as more hair was singed from my body. I started quivering from the fear.

"Making you nervous boy? I'm very good at this. In fact, I do all of the branding here. Perhaps I should suggest to your Mistress that you be branded.", she teased.

Another puff, and the process was repeated on the other side.

Then she moved towards my cock and balls. My erection tried to collapse, but the ring held it firm.

"Don't move boy, or I might do some damage that would annoy your Mistress. And you can be sure that I'd blame you for it!"

She moved the point of flame towards my balls. I could feel the heat radiating from it. I could see the intent look on her face as she moved it closer to my cock. I felt a slight stinging as she singed the hair regrowing around the base of it.

"Tell me what you'd do to keep me from putting it on your cock? I'd love to touch it to the tip of your dick. Convince me not to.", she suggested.

"Please," I begged. "I'd do anything you wanted. I'd lick your boots, kiss your feet. Worship your ass."

"You'd like that too much. I'll bet you would even eat my shit if I wanted you to. Wouldn't YOU!", she demanded.

"Yes I'd eat your shit", I groveled. "Please don't burn me Master Melody SIR!"

"Well I don't have any shit right now, but the day will come when I do and you'll eat it right from my ass hole. You'll be my little shit eater. My little honky toilet. Yes, I will do that to you the next time Mistress Minx lets me borrow you. But for now, I think I'd like you to suck my hard black dick."

She ordered me to kneel in front of the stool. Removing a black dildo from the drawer ,she placed it between her legs. Lighting another cigarette, she forced my mouth over the hard rubber.

"Suck my dick!"

I sucked on it and licked it as she smoked. I took it down my throat as I had the night before. I tried to be a slut for Master Melody. She just watched my pathetic efforts to behave as a whore, and smoked silently.

When she finished she pulled my head away from the dildo.

"You are useless as a cocksucker. You'd better improve before we turn you out. The first client you give that bad a blow job to will kick your ass. Then your Mistress will kick it again when you come back without any money. You are going to be a whore for us boy. Remember that."

She slapped my still erect cock with her hand.

"You keep that cock ring on until your Mistress removes it. Now follow me!"

The return trip was worse with my aching erection slapping on the rock of the floor every tow or three feet.

Master Melody led me back to Minx's room ordered me inside and locked the door behind me.

I was left with an aching cock, scraped knees, and a sense of foreboding for my next encounter with Master Melody.

It seemed a longer day than it was by the time Mistress Minx returned to our rooms.

I had prepared eggplant parmesan for her dinner and served it to her with some pasta. She picked at her food and she seemed distracted by something.

I finally summoned up the courage to ask her if I could be of any assistance.

"No Michael. It is nothing that your abilities can resolve." she said.

She got up from the table and ordered me to clear the dishes away.

When I returned to the room she was sitting at her desk writing. I knelt near the kitchen door and waited so as not to distract her from her task.

She turned and saw me waiting and ordered me to kneel next to her. I moved to her side and knelt again. Time passed and I had almost nodded off in my kneeling position when she spoke to me.

"Michael, perhaps you can be of assistance to me in this matter. Are you willing to try?"

"Yes Mistress. Whatever I can do to help."

She frowned then warned me that her request might prove somewhat dangerous to me.

"I will not order you to do me this service, but if you are willing to help, despite some risk to yourself, I would be pleased."

"Mistress, I want to make you happy. What must I do to help?"

She stood and started pacing the room.

"There are many aspects of Ay'esha that you know little about. There are forces internal to us that disagree with the methods of the Matriarchs. There are forces that believe that men should be eliminated, rather than trained to do our bidding."

"Mistress Lydia has given me that impression, Mistress.", I said quietly.

She turned to face me and stopped.

"You are not in any position to venture an opinion M - 5. Remember that! " , she commanded. " Nevertheless, you are correct. She does represent a faction that has very little use for men other than breeding stock."

"What can I do to help Controller?"

She waited for a moment and then told me what she desired of me.

" I would like you to serve Lydia tonight Michael. In any way she might wish you to serve."

I was taken aback. Serve Lydia? Lydia had made it clear that I was on her shit list, possibly even literally.

" If you please ,Controller,might I ask why? "

"Without going into detail, she has suffered a personal loss. As you have also suffered the loss of a loved one, you may be able to help her at this time."

I weighed the pros and cons in my mind. If I could make Lydia a friend, it would be to my good, and apparently the good of the whole. The other side of course was the possibility of permanent physical damage. I was still aching from Master Melody's treatment. Well, I've never been known for being sensible about things like this anyway.

"Mistress , the needs of the many outweigh then needs of the few or the one. Tis' a far ,far better thing I do, than I have even done before."

"The Dickens quote is unnecessary, although I am pleased to find you literate. Just remember the last part of the line please. "

The last part of the line is " Tis' a far better resting place than I have ever known before.".

I was led hooded and tied to Lydia's quarters. The cock ring was still in place from earlier so I was displayed somewhat more than usual.

I could hear my Mistress speaking to Lydia in quiet tones before Lydia spoke to me.

"You wish to serve me piglet?", she demanded.

"Yes Mistress I do. I wish to give you pleasure", I assured her.

"I am in a very bad mood piglet. You know how much I want to hurt you; do you still want to serve me?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Were you ordered to serve me piglet?"

"No Mistress. I am doing this willingly" , I answered.

She spoke to Minx quietly, and then Minx spoke to me.

"Michael, you will obey Lydia as you obey me. And you will keep our discussion of Dickens in your mind. Lydia will return you when she is through with you."

I heard Minx walk away, leaving me to my fate. I could hear nothing from Lydia. I stood, cloaked in darkness, the apprehension growing every second that passed.

Then the slash of a whip down my spine. I felt the warm trickle of blood running down my back. Another lash across the shoulders driving me to my knees. I could her Lydia breathing. I could feel her anger and hate radiating like a furnace scorching me. Another blow across my exposed ass.

I felt another trickle of blood on me. Or was it blood? Another blow and yet another. The pain was becoming extreme. My fear grew into full bloom. I rolled on the floor trying to escape her fury. She was a raging inferno. Then the blows seemed to reduce in force they dropped off. I could feel the wetness on my skin again.

The sound of her breathing became more labored until I knew what caused it. The wetness was her tears as she cried in anger. But not with anger at me, but the universe that had hurt her.

I fought back my pain. She was hurting far worse than I was. I knew her pain, the pain of grievous loss.

"Mistress Lydia, please let me help you", I said through shaking lips.

"Help me?", she screamed. "What presumption! I don't need your help! I don't need anything from you other than your blood!"

"Then take it", I offered." I am here to please you.."

I rolled onto my hands and knees with my ass up and waited for the next blows. I knew I couldn't take much more, I could only hope that I would pass out.

The next blow never came.

For the first time when she spoke to me, the hatred was gone from her voice leaving only the anger.

"You are willing to let me beat you bloody?"

"I am not willing, but I will do it to please you.", I said respectfully.

"Why? You are a fool if you do that."

" I was asked by my Mistress if I was willing to serve you, and I said yes. She said I might be hurt, and I said yes."

"Why would you do that?", she demanded.

"Because you needed someone ."

"What do you know of need?", she demanded.

"You have suffered a loss of some kind today. I wished to help."

There was a thoughtful silence

"If you know that, then you know too much."

Mistress Minx had said it might be dangerous; not lethal!

There was another silence, Then the hood was removed and she looked at me with puzzlement in her eyes..

"You wish to help me? You know how much I hate you and your kind, and yet you want to help me. How amusing.", she said coldly. "I don't want your help or your pity. Get out of my sight before I decide to do something about your insolence. Go into the kitchen and remain there until your Mistress comes for you."

I did as I was bidden and a short time later Minx came into the kitchen. She stopped when she saw the welts and blood on my body. For the first time I saw hatred in her eyes.

"You permitted Lydia to do this to you Michael?", she demanded.

"I was not given a choice Mistress. She left me tied as you see me here."

"We will speak of this later. For now I am taking you back to your pen. Perhaps a night in a cage again will remind you that you must not be injured or you will be unable to serve us."

She took a hood from a pocket, and placed it over my head. As she led me out I heard her ask Lydia if I had been entertaining enough for her.

"He was insolent, so I punished him. I don't need or want his help. Or yours. Now get out!"

Minx said nothing and led me out of the room and back to the cage I had first been confined in. I crawled into the cage and collapsed on the padding exhausted from my ordeal.

"You will spend the night here Michael. In the morning I will treat your wounds. I must see Anna right now. I will lock the door so you will not be disturbed."

She left the room after locking the cage, and I heard the door to the room lock. I was again in darkness, both physically and mentally. What had I done wrong? Why was Minx angry, and why did she need to see Anna?

Was Minx going to get rid of me? I wept in my pain and misery. I didn't want to go away. I didn't mean to disappoint her. I fell asleep with a heavy heart.

I awoke to Minx's voice.

"You see how much damage was done to him? "

"He agreed to serve Lydia. The choice was his. And if she wished to beat him, it was her choice", said Anna's voice.

"It is not her right to damage my property to the point of being unusable. He agreed to do this for a reason beyond pleasing me."

"Oh and what might that reason be?", Anna asked.

I stirred and turned as best as I could in my cage towards the voices.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.", I murmured.

There was a startled silence.

"Repeat yourself Michael", Anna commanded.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.", I repeated louder.

"Then you did this for Ay'esha , not your Mistress?", Anna pressed.

"I serve both by serving either. I agreed to serve in order to be with Mistress Minx. I will pay the price demanded"

There was another silence.

"Take him to the examining room Minx. Have Mei Ling start the treatment for his pain. I will send Ruth to tend to his wounds. When Ruth arrives you will join me in my chambers. I wish to discuss this matter in private."

I was released from my cage and unbound. My Mistress led me back to the examining room and removed the hood. She assisted me onto the table as Mei Ling arrived with her box.

"He is to be relieved of his pain Mei Ling. Please proceed quickly.", Minx said.

"I'm a patient patient", I said.

That earned a look of dismay from the both of them.

"Please make sure that Ruth examines him for brain damage.", Minx said.

Mei Ling shook her head at that suggestion.

"If he is aware enough to make a pun than bad, then his brain is fine. His mind is another matter.

"Now Michael, I am going to start inserting the needles. Close your eyes and breath as I tell you", she instructed. " Now, in deeply."

There was the sting, then the warm glow.

"Breath out all the way."

Again the sting, then the warmth.

My mind started drifting as the pain flowed away. Time slowed down.

I only dimly noticed another person entering the room. It didn't seem to matter much.

From a far off distance I could hear Minx and Mei Ling speaking to the newcomer. The distance became shorter as I felt the pain return in short bursts until I was back to earth.

"Michael, this is Ruth. She is a doctor and will attend to your wounds. I must go now.", Minx said. She turned and left me.

I saw Ruth was an older woman. She had a twinkle in her eye as she examined me.

"Well, I see that you have been playing too rough . Moderation is the key to success my boy. Remember that the next time.", she said in a soft English accent.

"If I have a choice Doctor, I will avoid excess.", I said politely.

"You were not given a choice about this. That is not good."

"Well I was in a way. Did you ever watch cartoons when you were young, Doctor?", I asked.

She chuckled softly.

"Young man I am a aunt. I have watched more cartoons with my nieces and nephews than you have ever seen."

"If you're afraid you'll have to overlook it; besides you knew the job was dangerous when you took it."

She laughed at that.

"You will have a large number of bruises and you have some whip marks that I shall have to sew up. But over all , you will recover in a reasonable amount of time. I would say a week and you will be as good as new."

"A week? I need to be able to serve my Mistress, Doctor. Is there anyway to speed up my recovery?"

"I believe you said 'I'm a patient patient' earlier. Things do heal in time. And after treatment this severe , rest is my prescription. I will also prescribe some pain medication."

"No Doctor. I would prefer not to use them." I said firmly.

She looked at me sternly.

"You are refusing my treatment? Remember what you are. Doctors orders , my boy"

Mei Ling interrupted at that point.

"With all due respect Doctor, I will treat him for pain. He is strong willed for a slave. If he feels that drugs would interfere then he should not use them. My methods are not addictive. I have some herbal's that will provide relief without interfering with his mind."

Ruth snorted at that.

"Witch doctors , stuff and nonsense. I still don't understand why you persist in using potions like some old hag."

Mei Ling smiled at that.

"Doctor, please remember that my ancestors were decadent while yours were still staining themselves blue.", she observed.

Ruth re summoned her dignity and nodded curtly to me.

"Roll over so that I can start on your back. Mei Ling, if you would assist me, I can finish quicker."

The doctor was fast and precise. Despite her insulted attitude, she was gentle as she could be with my wounds.

"If you will take care of yourself, you won't even be able to tell you were beaten after a month.", she said as she finished.

"I shall report his condition to Anna and Minx. You will see to his care from this point on?", she said to Mei Ling

"I shall take responsibility for him Doctor."

"Doctor," I called." Thank you for your help. I hope I may do you a service at some time."

She turned back and a smile crossed her face.

"Grow strong and serve your Mistress. That's reward enough for me."

She departed leaving me with Mei Ling.

"She is right you know. Pain interferes with healing. My potions will not give you the same level of relief that her medicines will.", she advised.

"I would prefer to try and control the pain in other ways. I have never liked drugs."

"You fear having your mind tampered with? You have never been drunk?" she asked.

"I was medicated for a kidney stone once. I was very uncomfortable with the results."

"What medicine was used."

"They used Demerol. But they gave it to me after a dye injection to locate the stone."

"I understand. The medicine had no time to be absorbed, but traveled to your brain instantly"

"It was like being hit with an iron bar. One moment I was in moderate pain, the next, you could have shot me and I wouldn't have cared. It scared me losing that much control. I don't drink, smoke or use drugs. It's just the way I am. My profession required clear thinking."

"What did you do before Minx brought you to us?", she asked curiously.

"I was a computerman. I programmed computers, fixed them and taught computer skills for a large company." I said. " I was just wondering if anyone has even noticed my absence."

"Perhaps they have. Perhaps not. Roll onto your back again. I will be back in a few minutes with some medicine for you.", she said.

She left the room and I laid there thinking about my life. Did anybody even know I was gone? It occurred to me that my house was sitting abandoned. For the first time I started regretting my choice to stay.

Mei Ling returned with a goblet of liquid and helped me to sit up so I could drink. It was like a tea, but a little more bitter. She watched me as I drank it all., then smiled.

"You will feel lightheaded at first, but the effect will soon pass.", she warned.

She was right, it felt like my head was detaching then everything sharpened into a clear focus. Things became more colorful and the sound of her voice seemed to change. I felt very good. Too good. I realized too late that there was something in the tea.

I tried to get up and found that I couldn't move. I tried to speak and found myself unable to do so.

"I have been wanting to try this mixture on someone for quite a while now. I formulated it myself. It is designed to cause a temporary paralysis in the nervous system. You can still hear and see, but you can't move. "

She noticed my cock ring and removed it. The area around my balls was purple from trapped blood.

"If you were not in this state you would be screaming in agony as the blood returned."

She was right. The pain was like creeping fire up my groin. I could only sit helpless as the feeling slowly burned itself out.

She watched carefully as the blood returned to my swollen groin.

"We used something like this to capture you, with a compound to render you unconscious.", she said. "It has proven useful on many occasions."

She sat and watched me, checking my pulse at intervals. After a time I started feeling a tingling sensation. Slowly I returned to normal,except the pain was absent. I felt normal again.

"Did your test give you pleasure Master?", I asked as soon as my voice returned.

"Yes it did Michael. You are not angry about being tricked?", she asked.

"Yes, I am. But you did say you would relieve my pain. Your potion did do that as it wore off. I feel much better now."

"Very good. We will repeat this treatment as needed. For now, I will return you to your room to await your Mistress."

Mei Ling returned me to Minx's quarters and removed the hood. My ordeal must have lasted for hours because I could see daylight through the half open kitchen door.

I asked her if I could serve her breakfast and she assented.

I returned to the main room with the food and found that Minx had returned.

There was fire in her eye and anger in her voice when she saw me.

"Kneel NOW!" she demanded.

I dropped the tray with a clatter and knelt where I was. Minx walked towards me with deliberate steps., a crop in her hand .It was like being stalked by a cat and I was for sure the mouse.

She stood over me and looked down.

"You are undoubtedly the stupidest slave I have ever owned! Don't you have any instinct for self preservation at all? You might have been killed you fool! You just wait until you heal, because after you do I'm going to beat your sorry ass until it's bruised again!"

I listened, head down, as the storm continued to rage.

"I have devoted time and effort in you, too much to see you throw it away.

"Do you see yourself as that much of an object? Answer me!"

"I was just trying to follow my orders.", I stammered.

"Your orders and your oath of obedience do not require that you die. When you have reached your limits, beg for mercy. Even Lydia will listen at that point shit for brains!"

She turned to Mei Ling.

"Take him into the bathroom and chain him face down in the tub. And don't be gentle about it!" , she directed.

Mei Ling grabbed my arm, twisted it behind me , lifted me to my feet,and marched me into the bathroom.

The bathtub was a sunken tub of black marble, twice the width of a normal tub. Inset into the corners were restraint rings.

She pushed me face down into the tub and stood on my neck as she attached chains to my wrists and legs. I felt the cold marble on my body as my face was pressed into the stone.

I heard Minx's voice from above me.

"Now slave, let's see if you have learned anything." she said.

The water started flowing. It slowly crept up towards my face. I tried to raise my head to stay ahead of it, but the force of Mei Ling's foot held me down. The margin of space for air shrank slowly.

"Mistress, please." , I said as the water crept up.

"Please what?", came from far above me.

"Mercy ,Mistress.", I begged.

"No. You have a lesson to learn first."

The water crept over my nose forcing me to breath through my mouth as well as I could.

"Mercy ,Mistress", I burbled through the water.


I gasped a last lung full of air as the water covered my whole face. I held my breath as long as I could. The pressure on my neck lifted and I raised my head enough to breath out and suck in more air. With the pressure removed I could breath through my mouth, but that space was waning.

"Mercy, Mistress", I panted.

"Why?", she demanded.

"Please.", I begged.

"It amuses me to see you this way. Why should I stop? It might please me to drown you.", she asked.

I was submerged again before I could answer her. A strong hand pulled my head up by the hair.

"Tell me why I should stop.", she repeated.

"Because you may want to use me again. Please Mistress."

The water stopped, then started draining away.

"Good boy. But I want you to answer one question for me. Tell me the truth; Why didn't you beg for mercy from Lydia?" she asked quietly.

"Because I wanted you to be proud of me. I wanted to take it to please you. I should be able to take what is done to me. I didn't want to fail you. I'm sorry I did."

"You didn't fail me. You failed only yourself Michael. You will see many slaves do things that you physically or mentally can't do. I only ask that you try. Do not be ashamed of failure, or feel badly that you can't do something another can. Take pride in what you can do to serve me. Remember that I love you. As your wife loved you and accepted you, so do I. You must learn to trust again."

She released my head and walked away leaving me to think on the cold wet marble, the last of the water gurgling down the drain under me.

She was right of course. It would be arrogance to assume I could do everything. There was a quote that sort of summed it up."Some people God gave big brains, others he gave big muscles. Don't ask me to move furniture." . I did want her to be proud of me, but I guess I was trying too hard. I was acting half my age, trying to impress a woman. I felt myself blush. I should know better than that. What was it the doctor had said? Moderation is the key to success.

"Why are you blushing Michael?", Mei Ling asked, startling me. I had assumed she left with Minx.

"Because I just realized I am a fool, Master.", I answered.

"You are achieving wisdom Michael. You have realized that you are a fool. Now what do you propose to do about it?", she asked.

"I will try not to be foolish about things I have no control over, Master."

"Such as?"

"I will not try to be everything for my Mistress. I will just be what I can be for her, Master."

"The light dawns. She demands much, but accepts what is offered if it comes from the heart and spirit. Please to remember that in the future Michael. Be worthy of her."

She patted me on the head, and I heard her leave, closing the door behind her.

It was some time before my Mistress returned and released the chains that bound me to the tub. She said nothing as she led me back into the main room. She pointed at the tray I had dropped. I quickly picked up the scattered debris and removed it to the kitchen. I returned with cleaning solution and a towel and cleaned up the grease and syrup stains from the rug.

The silence continued all of that evening until it was time for bed. it was broken only by her direction to lie down on the floor, so that she could shackle me to the foot of the bed. After chaining me and covering me , she lit a tall candle and turned out the lights.

The room was lit by the glow of the single candle. I could see her laying in bed,her black silk gown glittering in the candlelight and reflecting on her open eyes as she looked at the canopy overhead.

I watched as the candle burned down, but her eyes never closed for more than a moment. It was as if she was watching something far away, something only she could see. I wished I could touch her, to see if there was anything I could do to help her. I could feel distress from her, not anger, but distress. About what I wondered? Had I created a problem for her? No, I had created a problem for myself, but not for her.

"Mistress," I whispered.

"Yes Michael," she replied not looking at me.

"May I be of help to you?", I asked.

"No Michael, you have been enough help for now.", was the measured reply.

"Yes Mistress. Good night.", was all I could say.

When the candle had burned almost to extinction she was still awake as was I. The pain was returning and it was keeping me awake. I rolled over and moaned softly. Almost before the sound had died away, she was at my side. She took my head into her lap and stroked my head.

"I never intended for you to suffer pain like this. I should not have asked you to try and help Lydia." , she sighed.

" I wanted to help. And I tried to do too much. I wanted to show her that a man could be something to be trusted, not hated. And I was wrong. And I'm paying for it.", I said softly.

"As am I Michael. I use pain to condition, not torture. I enjoy watching a slave being pushed to his limits, but not over them."

"I understand. May I ask what Anna had to say Mistress?"

Minx looked away from me.

"Anna feels that you should be sent away. She was not happy with you or I or Lydia. Lydia has been ordered to repay me for your loss of service to me while you heal. I have been ordered to punish you for your error. And I will be punished by Anna for trying to interfere."

"How will you be punished Mistress?", I asked in dismay.

"I am to be whipped by Anna in front of the group.", she said in a resigned voice. She hesitated before continuing.

"And your punishment will be having to watch me."

"When?", I whispered in horror.

"At dawn, in the courtyard. Anna will come for us then."

I lay, head in her lap, wishing for the darkness to be eternal, never to see daylight again rather than to see her treated like a slave.

And that is how we spent the night, what might be our last night together.

Dawn crept into the room from the kitchen, its fingers reaching out to touch us with soft light.

There was a knock on the door and Anna entered, whip coiled at her belt.

"It is time Minkin. Are you prepared for punishment?," she asked as if by ritual. Minx stood and removed her robe. Her proud body stood unmarked in the light as she spoke.

"I am prepared for the punishment ordained by my sisters.", she said , the courage of a lioness in her voice.

"And you slave. Are you also prepared for this?" , Anna asked me.

I started to reply then looked at Minx. She smiled at me and I took courage from it.

"Yes. I am prepared to face the punishment you have ordained.", I said , not taking my eyes from Minx's.

Anna unlocked the shackles from the bed and re locked them around my ankles.

"Go.", she directed.

We went through the kitchen and into the courtyard beyond. A whipping post had been erected near the fountain. Anna secured Minx to the post and locked my shackles to one of the benches.

We were joined one at a time by hooded figures until there were twenty people forming a square around the post.

"Hear me my sisters," Anna called out. "Witness the punishment meted out to our sister. Learn from her error."

Anna stepped back and uncoiled the single tail whip.

"The punishment shall be ten lashes for her misjudgment."

The first crack of the whip caused my blood to burn. Across Minx's perfect skin was a thin line of blood. The second and third lashes came. the fourth and fifth. Minx struggled to stay mute as did I.

I wanted to scream my anger and defiance at Anna, at the group. It was my fault. MINE!

I turned away and heard the crack of the whip next to my head.

"You were ordered to watch her punishment. You defy the order?", Anna asked loudly.

I looked back at the scene. Minx , my love, my Mistress,was in pain and I was the cause.

"No. I question it's fairness. I was responsible for the problem. I should be up there, not her.", I protested.

"She is responsible for you, your actions, and your mistakes. You are a dumb animal. " , she reminded me.

"And you know why I did what I did. Do the rest know why I did? ", I asked.

"Your reasons are not important."

She turned away and coiled the whip to strike again.

"The needs of the many..", I called to the hooded figures.

One of the figures stepped forward.

"Outweigh the needs ", a voice said in a clear soprano.

A second figure stepped out.

"Of the few ", continued an alto tone.

And yet a third figure who removed her hood and looked at me.


"Or the one." , she said.

"I did what I did to try and repay Ay'esha for permitting me to serve Mistress Minx. She returned my life to me. She felt Lydia's pain at her loss. I too have suffered such a loss, and she thought I might be able to help. I tried and failed. If trying to help someone in pain is to be punished , then I should be punished as well."

Lydia stared at me for a long time.

"You are a fool. It is your false sense of duty that will be your destruction." , she responded.

She turned to the group.

"This is why we must control the males or destroy them. We do not need their help. We already have control of much of the world through our puppets. We should strike now." She declared.

Anna turned to her.

"You have made your opinion quite clear in the Circle. But I am the Mother of Many. Your methods are as crude as those of the average male, Lydia. That is why we follow the plan of the First Mother of Many." she stated.

"You have your plan, and I have mine. There are others that agree with me. Time will judge which of them is right. I shall leave Ay'esha." , Lydia swore. "And you,slave. There will come a time when you will regret this meeting. I shall not kill or harm a sister, but you will pay for your foolish ways."

With a final defiant toss of her head, she marched off, followed by three of the hooded figures.

Anna turned back to me with a look of sorrow on her face. It was the look of a mother sending her only child off to war. For an instant I saw tears forming in her eyes, then the look was replaced by one of determination.

"Slave, you have caused a great disruption today. And we shall all pay the price of your folly. But what is done is done. ", Anna said walking towards me whip raised.

I knelt before her and waited for the lash to fall. I deserved it and I knew it. I closed my eyes.

"I now understand why Minx loves you. You are indeed a good and rare man."

I opened my eyes to see Anna smiling gently down at me. The smile passed as she turned back to the group.

"Shall I continue to punish our sister, or will you accept the blood of her slave?" she called out.

"BLOOD!" was the reply from all assembled.

"You will have it. The slave will take the remainder of our sisters punishment." Anna replied.

Minx was released from the whipping post and I was secured there instead. She looked at me as Anna lashed me to the post.

"He is my slave Anna. I shall administer his punishment", she said.

Anna looked at her and I, then handed Minx the whip. They walked out of my vision.

"Prepare yourself slave.", my Mistress called.

I braced for the impact on my tattered back.


"ONE!" , she called out.






I screamed as the fourth one cut across the weals of the previous night. Only one more left.



I slumped against the post sobbing. The fire of pain burned through me leaving the grey ash of numbness.


I waited for more. Surely I would now be punished for my errors.

"And what punishment shall we mete out to the slave for the trouble he has caused, my sisters.", Anna called. "Is there one who will speak for him before I determine his punishment?"

"I shall", I heard Mei Ling say.

"And I", called Ruth.

"I speak for him.", said Master Melody.

Other voices new to me spoke as well.

"It seems that you have won some converts, slave", Anna said as she walked towards me. "His punishment shall be the withholding of pain medication for his wounds. Pain makes man think, thinking makes man wise, and wisdom makes life endurable." , she called out to the group.

"This session is ended!"

As soon as the ropes were released I slumped towards the ground , only to be caught by Ruth. She helped me into Minx's quarters and lay me down on the divan.

"If you don't wish your wounds to heal, you can always roll in broken glass", she said in an aggravated tone.

"You mean this isn't covered by insurance?", I replied weakly.

She snorted at that.

"Lloyds of London wouldn't cover you with the foolish things you do.."

Minx entered at that point and Ruth turned to her.

"He will be just fine. Except of course he's still a fool. He might live longer if you put a muzzle on him", she reported.

"Thank you Ruth. I shall take it under consideration. As to you Michael, I am quite able to take my own punishment, thank you.", Minx replied. Ruth bowed and left.

I looked down at the floor at that point.

"However", she continued," I understand why you did it."

"I'm sorry Mistress. But I didn't wish to see you punished for something I did wrong.", I said.

"Michael, when it come to things like that, you are a dumb animal. You have no rights or responsibilities for anything. As your owner, I am totally in charge. I think that Anna may be right about you leaving, at least for a short while. Ay'esha owns a women's health spa on the coast, and I think it would be good for you to go there. You will learn how to perform massage,manicure, pedicure, and other talents suited to a body servant. And you will learn to be discreet because there will be women there who don't know of Ay'esha ."

"Mistress please", I begged. "Don't send me away. I love you."

"I know. And you are sworn to obey me. You will go and you will return to me. Lydia leaving will make me too busy to pay attention to you as much as I should for at least two weeks. You will leave next week after the doctor says you can travel "

"But who will take care of you while I'm gone?", I asked.

"Michael, I desire your service. I do not need it. I am quite able to take care of myself while you're gone. And when you return you will be even better suited to serve me. And I know you wish to do your best.

"Now , " she said changing the subject," I'm going to fix breakfast for both of us . I would like you to prove to you that I can take care of myself."

She winked at me, and grabbed my apron from its hook on the door.

The rest of the week went as the weeks before had gone. I cooked, and cleaned. Minx came and went as was her way and I continued to sleep at her feet on the floor.

The day before I was to leave I was instructed to prepare dinner for four to be served at eight o'clock promptly. I did as instructed and at exactly eight the door opened and Minx entered followed by Mei Ling, Ruth and Anna in their most elegant gowns .Each one carried a short riding crop.

I knelt as they entered ,with head bowed and waited for Minx to address me.

"Michael you may serve now.", was all she said to me.

I served the meal and knelt next to her as she indicated. There was very little conversation over dinner, and I was concerned that there was a problem with the meal.

After a time, I was directed to clear the table and retire to the kitchen until called for. I took the time to clean up the kitchen and make up a shopping list of basics to restock. I knew that Minx could take care of herself, but I didn't want to leave things in a mess.

"Michael, please come in here", Minx's voice called.

I returned to the room to find the four women standing waiting for me.

"Kneel in front of me Michael." she commanded.

I knelt in front of my Mistress and waited. The women closed in around me and stood looking down.

"Look at me.". I looked into her smiling face.

"You are about to be released into the outside world again. You must remember that if you wish to return to me, the world must remain ignorant of us.", Minx reminded me.

"I promise that I will tell no one. I wish to return to you Mistress.", I affirmed.

"The temptations of the world are strong Michael, and many women will find you desirable as you are trained now.", Mei Ling spoke. " You must resist them to achieve your true desire."

"I understand Master. But I know who I wish to serve for the rest of my life."

She smiled down at me.

"You are truly deserving of our attentions Michael. You will find a gift in your bag from me. Use it wisely."

"Michael, you are in good health. Your time at the spa will improve it more. Take the training that is offered, work hard. Return to us in peak condition. We have use for you", was Ruth's advice.

Anna spoke next.

"Michael, face me."

I turned towards her and waited. From a box on the table she removed a small golden medallion and placed it around my neck. On it was pictured a profile of a very handsome man.

"To those who know, this medallion indicates you are owned and part of Ay'esha. Until now, no member would harm you while you wore this. With Lydia's departure from our ranks, I would caution you to be wary of those you do not know be they male or female.

"You will be driven to your new location in the morning and when it is time to return, you will be delivered to us again."

"Thank you Mother of Many for your gift, and the gift of trust you have given me as well.", I said quietly.

"It is a trust you have earned by your words and actions Michael. Ruth is correct. We have use for your abilities."

"Michael, put your head down and raise your ass.", Minx ordered.

I assumed the position as instructed and waited.

Each woman in order swung their crops at my bare ass causing it to redden with each blow. After each one had delivered five swats I was ordered to kiss the feet of each one of Minx's guests in homage to them.

I willingly kissed the feet of these woman who loved me enough to help me become better.

They departed after kissing Minx goodnight, leaving my Mistress and I together for the night.

"Now Michael," she said turning her attention to me," we have a little time together. What would you like to do tonight?"

"I would like to make love to you tonight Mistress. Please.", I asked shyly.

She laughed softly at the request.

"Don't you think that's being a little self centered, looking for your pleasure instead of mine?".

I bowed my head in embarrassment.

"Yes Mistress. I'm sorry." , I said.

"Michael, look at me."

I looked up to see her smiling.

"There is nothing wrong in being self centered. Being selfish is wrong. Do you wish to give me pleasure or only yourself?", she continued.

"I wanted to give you pleasure.", I said

"And you would feel no pleasure yourself ?", she asked.

"I would enjoy it , yes. I like giving you pleasure."

"And you think you can give me pleasure?", she asked with the smile turning sly.

Did I? Was I actually good enough to give her the pleasure she deserved and was her right?

"Yes Mistress I do.", I said looking her in the eye.

Her reaction surprised me, for instead of the slap I expected for my insolence, she knelt and kissed me.

Now I was really confused. She could see my confusion and took me by the hand.

"Michael, you have given me pleasure. You have served me well and protected me. I took you by force from the world and reduced you to an animal. You had lost faith in your ability to love anyone. You didn't believe you could give pleasure. And now you believe in yourself again."

She was right. For the first time since the death of my wife, I wasn't filled with doubts or what if's. I wasn't such a bad guy after all, if someone like Minx , who could have any man she wanted, loved me, I must be special.

Minx saw the change as I realized what she had been trying to teach me, and stood up.

"Yes Michael, you are special.", she said as if she was reading my mind. "You are my slave. Mine and no one else's. I own you totally and that is what you desire. To be owned by me."

She took the crop from the table and toyed with it, watching my reaction.

"I will take pleasure from you tonight slave. Pleasure in your submission to my will and desires. Lie down on the floor on your back and close your eyes. Arms at your sides." , She directed.

I obeyed my Mistress and Owner, the one who loved me. She Who Must be Obeyed.

There was a momentary pause then I heard her walk away from me. My mind wandered as I waited. What new pleasure would she take from my submission? I felt a weight on my chest then something hot drip on me. It burned for a moment.

"Do not move slave. No matter what do not move." , she instructed quietly.

I laid as still as possible. There was a feather light touch on my ribs that made me flinch. The burning sensation returned, only this time in multiple locations. I held back a moan. The touch continued almost maddeningly. I wanted to cry out. She knew what pain tickling caused me. I tried to ignore it. I forced myself to think of other things, to deaden myself against the assault on my senses. The touching continues and with it the spasms that caused the burning sensation. I could smell now what caused it. The candelabra from the table was now resting on my chest, with its candles now burning low towards me.

The touching moved to my feet with no effect. Since breaking an ankle, I can't feel a light touch on my feet at all. The sensation increased in pressure, with no change in my reaction. I was dead from the feet up. Then there was a solid slap across my feet with the crop that sent the wax spattering even though I held as still as possible. I did moan at that point from the wax and the sting of the crop.

The weight of the candelabra was removed from my chest and I took in a deep breath of air.

"Open your eyes slave", Minx commanded.

I did, and from my limited viewpoint I could see wax all over my chest and belly, matting the newly regrown hair.

"Now I can remove that hair from you. I prefer you hairless.", she said taking a grip on a patch of the wax. She yanked sharply and I gasped in pain. Another patch, another yank, the pain swelling then retreating. She took her time and pleasure in the task of denuding my chest. When she was done, she ordered me onto the bed, where she restrained my hands and feet to the metal rings.

She removed her evening gown and threw it onto the divan. She stood dressed much as I had first seen her on that first night, so long ago it seemed. The black corset shimmered in the candlelight, and the boots shone in the glow.

The crop in her hand seemed less an item of torture and more a badge of honor now.

I had won the battle with myself. I loved Mistress Minx.